#BookBlogWriMo Day 15 - Author Buddies

Day 15 - Do you follow any authors religiously? Are there any authors who you One-Click when a new book comes out?

You know this past year one of the things on my to-do list that I never got around to was making a list of authors that I love. Ones that I will read anything they write. Not that that means I love everything they do, but even if I don't like one book I will still be just as excited for the next. So here is my list of authors that I follow, with a favorite book or two if I have them. The ones that I am always so excited to get a new book from, in no particular order.

Laura FlorandThe Chocolate Touch is definitely my favorite of hers, though I love them all. I just have a special place for Dom & Jamie in my heart. All her books make me feel like I am wrapped in this giant cocoon of warm fuzzies. Her writing, her books, are unlike anyone else.

Courtney Milan - Oh I love Courtney Milan! Her Brothers Sinister series is so much fun!! If I had to pick a favorite it would probably be The Suffragette Scandal. I mean there is a puppy cannon! Well not really, but it was so much fun!

Penny Reid - I started with Neanderthal Seeks Human, which is free on Amazon, and fell in love. Though Beauty & the Mustache is my favorite and one of my all time favorite books.

Mia Sheridan - Her books make me feel all the feels, but Kyland is my favorite. Oh that book just gets to me in a good way

Heather Lyons - I only found Heather Lyons recently when someone from book club chose The Collector's Society one month and I fell in love. I really enjoyed the whole series thus far and she went on the list of new favorite authors.

Samantha Chase - Her most recent, Made for Us was incredible and probably my favorite though all her books are great

Aly Martinez - It is hard picking a favorite here, but I think it is probably Stolen Course. I just love a tattooed guy!

Aurora Rose Reynolds 
- I love her hot alpha males, but Until Nico is probably my favorite. Like I said above I just love an amazing tattooed guy.

H.D. Gordon - I would have to say my favorite is the first book I read of hers, Joe. It is a bit intense and the ending was amazing.

Rainbow Rowell - Eleanor & Park is one of my favorite books. The innocence, but also power, of first love. Amazing.

Violet Duke - I have only read her Cactus Creek series so far, but I loved all of them!

Callie Hart - Each one I read I love more than the last so it would be hard to pick a favorite. Right now would probably be Rebel even though I am usually not a MC fan

Cora Carmack - I love her Rusk University series with All Played Out as one of my favorites.

Rachael Herron - I really enjoy all of her stories. I love the Cypress Hallow Yarn books and not sure I can pick just one as a favorite

Angela Graham - Inevitable is probably my favorite of hers just because it is the beginning of Cassandra and Logan. I love them so much!

J.M. Sevilla - Her newest book, When To Let Go was a fantastic read

Cristin Harber - Her Titan series is amazing! Super hot, tough, black ops guys and books that are just really intense. I can't pick just one as a favorite.

Mary Frame - She only has two books, but both of them are so much fun that I cannot chose between them

I think that is everyone. At least everyone I Facebook stalk for info on new books.


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