#BookBlogWriMo Day 23 - e-Reader or Paper?

Day 23 - e-Reader or Paper? – What’s your reading preference/style?

e-Reader or paper? How about both? Really I will read in whatever format the books comes in, including audio books. Well audio books have to have a good narrator or I can't get into them, but still I enjoy listening to them as I clean. I normally read ebooks for a number of reasons.

1. I get a lot of books from the library back home which means ebooks. They have a great selection of books. The libraries here have some English language books, but not a big selection so ebooks from my library are perfect.

2. There are so many free and cheap ebooks to download. An easy way to check out a new author and see if you like them. The ebooks are usually cheaper than I can get the paperbacks even if they are not free/on sale.

3. It is just easier to carry my Kindle with hundreds of books on it than multiple books. I always have it in my purse so when I am waiting for the train or traveling I always have books with me. If I feel like reading something else when I am away I have options.

4. I can read on my Kindle anywhere. In bright sunlight it is not a problem. In the dark while my husband is sleeping? Perfect. Not very bright to wake him up, but easy to read. It is much better than a paperback in the sun, or a book light at night.

So ebooks are great and I love them. I have more access to them and I can take and read them anywhere. I still love my paperbacks though. When I find books I love I buy them in paperback. Sometimes I find some at the markets for a euro, but I haven't really built my paperback collection yet. I used to have a billion books, paper books, but had to get rid of them when we moved around the world. They are just too expensive to ship so they had to go. I miss them. I love having bookshelves of books, reading actual paper. It is just really nice. Not the same looking at all of the books on my Kindle. So I love both of them, just for different reasons.


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