Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Things Liars Fake (#ThreeLittleLies #3) by Sara Ney

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What if…

Someone you barely knew asked you for a favor.

What if…

They needed you to be something you weren’t, in exchange for nothing. Unless you count a mouth full of lies and a half-broken heart. Faker. Pretender. Liar. There are worse things to be called.

So would you do it? Would you?

Daphne Winthrop did.

And you’re about to find out what happens in the end.


Phew! Daphne and Dexter we so hot together! Ah! I loved this story! After reading Things Liars Say I immediately wanted more. I had this one on my Kindle so I had to read it and it was another great read. It was a lot of fun, super cute, hilarious story.

Daphne first sees Dexter when she is out with her girlfriends at a wine bar. He is with a bunch of jerk guys, but he doesn't seem to be happy to be with them which intrigues her. Plus he is wearing a sweater vest. To a bar. On a Saturday night. Who does that? Nothing really happens, but when they both find themselves alone at the theater the next weekend things get interesting. They are both there for the same vintage Sci-Fi film and there is that awkward they say hello, they go into the same theater, do they sit together? Do they keep talking? What should you do? thing.

They both liked each other right away, but Dexter is not very confident with women. Especially not women like Daphne whom he thinks is way out of his league. She is a hot, sexy nerd, but still a nerd and so she is perfect for him. She thinks Dexter is incredibly hot with his glasses and suspenders and oh I loved them! She wants to go on a date with him, but isn't sure if he is into her like that.

When his family thinks they are dating he asks her to play along. To go to a family gather as his fake girlfriend, and she agrees even if she is a bit disappointed to have to be his fake girlfriend. He always thinks she wouldn't go for someone like him, but they are sweet. With the help of Dexters pesky twin sisters these two eventually figure everything out, but I loved watching them get there. Lot of fun shenanigans that lead to super freakin hot sexy times! These two were perfect. This story was great. A super fun, lighthearted, funny, cute read. Now to go back and read the second one that I somehow missed.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

Monday, May 29, 2017

Things Liars Say (#ThreeLittleLies #1) by Sara Ney

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Lies, lies, lies; everybody tells them....

Greyson Keller didn't intend to lie; it just came out that way. So when the object of that lie shows up on her doorstep, she is confused, shocked, and embarrassed.

Calvin Thompson is an Ivy Leaguer, attending University over an hour away, playing rugby and basically not giving a crap. So imagine his surprise when some guy named Greyson begins rumors online that they're dating -- the only logical solution is to drive an hour and confront him...

Be there when Greyson and Cal finally meet face-to-face because.
Sparks. Will. Fly.

Yes, sparks fly. That's why this book is intended for those 17+
Foul language, and sexual content.


I must say I was hesitant to start reading this book. I am going to an author event this year and the author will be there and in an effort to read something by every author this was on my list. Though I didn't think it would be for me. The synopsis just seems so...not like something I would enjoy. 

Color me surprised when I loved this story! It was sooo cute!! I really loved it right from the get go. It is a quick read, but even if it wasn't I couldn't put it down. My husband was bugging me about something and this was one where I just waved him off with a "reading" and nothing more. I couldn't be bothered to put it down as it was so much fun!! Greg and Calvin were so cute together!

So what is this all about? Well Grey's sorority sisters keep hassling her to name who she is bringing to their big soirée they are having (that Grey is planning) so she makes up a lie. She comes up with a name - Cal Thompson - based on things she sees around her. She starts tweeting to a fake Cal Thompson and thinks no harm done. Only there is a real Cal Thompson, roommate to one of her sorority sisters cousins, and said cousin brings up the fact that some guy, Grey, is tweeting about him. Maybe stalking him! So Cal makes the hour drive to go confront this guy...and finds Grey. A girl. 

From there it was so so cute! They start emailing back and forth, texting each other and they start falling for each other. Cal is a rugby player and is always a bit beat up, but Grey doesn't mind. Nobody has ever thought he was super good looking before, but Grey does. She thinks he is super sexy and hot and wonderful. It was so cute watching them flirt with each other and figure this out. That last chapter from Calvin's sisters point of view? Amazing!! Man they were adorable. A super cute, fun, quick read. Now to go find more!

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Hearts of Blue (Hearts #4) by L.H. Cosway

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She upholds the law. He breaks it.

Two blue hearts, both alike in bravery
In not-so-fair London, where we lay our scene
From gun crime to petty theft
Where family is blood and survival makes hands unclean
In this place, we find two hearts who should be foes
And yet, amidst the turmoil their love still grows
Misadventure abounds and the divide will bring them strife
But with luck, death doesn’t always mean an end to life.

Hearts of Blue is a standalone contemporary romance that tells the story of star-crossed lovers Karla Sheehan and Lee Cross, a police constable and the thief who steals her heart.


Gah! This book! Eeek!! I frickin loved it!! Seriously why did I wait so long to read it? I know I know, it is because I have been busy with other books I have to read and whatnot, but Gah!! Hearts of Blue was amazing! For reals! I don't think I have used enough exclamation marks yet!!!!

Karla is a cop. Lee is a criminal. What happens when there is an undeniable attraction there, when you start falling for each other? What happens when he won't give up on pursuing you and you are not even sure you really want him to? How can this ever work out?

I seriously loved this story. Karla is a cop so she has a duty to uphold the law. She has always wanted to be a cop to spite her father. He is one as well, but he would always go on about how women can't/shouldn't be cops. Karla has this innate goodness to her which she sure didn't get from her father. She says at one point that she doesn't hate her dad, but she doesn't love him either. She is more indifferent to him which was nice. It was nice to see someone who had not the best childhood, but who was okay despite that. That you don't have to go to hating the other person all the time. She always wanted to be a cop to help people. She sincerely just wants to help people in need. Because there are some people who don't have the resources to help themselves. She was wonderful.

Lee is a criminal. It is not like he planned it that way, but sometimes life doesn't give you very many choices. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do to survive. He is not a bad person, he will never touch drugs nor let his brothers do so, and I loved him. Sure, he is not all on the up and up, but he was so much fun to read. He liked Karla from the moment he saw her and the more he gets to know her the more he falls for her. He wasn't expecting it, especially not with a cop, but what can you do? He has always been the one to take care of his family, always by himself, but it might be nice to have someone else by his side. Someone like Karla.

These two together were incredible. They just worked. They were perfect together! Sure there are a lot of sticky situations that arise. Karla has to do her job and Lee's family does what they do and sometimes the two cross. She feels terrible when she has to arrest one of them, but what is she supposed to do? She keeps trying to push Lee away as she shouldn't want him, shouldn't be with him, no one could ever know, but it is hard. She likes him. Really likes him. But how will this ever work out?

Oh this story! It was amazing! I loved watching these two try and work everything out. Try to find a way to be together. I loved Lee so so much. He was so much fun. And Karla was such a sweetheart. It was wonderful. I can't recommend this book highly enough. Such a great read.

Rating: ★★★★1/2

Thursday, May 25, 2017

To Have and to Hold (The Wedding Belles #1) by Lauren Layne

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USA TODAY bestselling author Lauren Layne is the “queen of witty dialogue and sexy scenes” (Rachel Van Dyken)! Now, Sex and the City meets The Wedding Planner in The Wedding Belles, her sizzling brand new contemporary romance series about three ambitious wedding planners who can make any bride’s dream come true... but their own.

Discovering her fiance is an international con man just moments before they exchange vows devastates celebrity wedding planner Brooke Baldwin's business—and breaks her heart. Now a pariah in Los Angeles, she seeks a fresh start in New York City and thinks she’s found it with her first bridal client, a sweet—if slightly spoiled—hotel heiress. Then she meets the uptight businessman who’s holding the purse strings.

Seth Tyler wishes he could write a blank check and be done with his sister Maya's fancy-pants wedding. Unfortunately, micromanaging the event is his only chance at proving Maya’s fiance is a liar. Standing directly in his way is the stunning blonde wedding planner whose practiced smiles and sassy comebacks both irritate and arouse him. He needs Brooke’s help. But can he persuade a wedding planner on a comeback mission to unplan a wedding? And more importantly, how will he convince her that the wedding she should be planning... is theirs?


To Have and To Hold was such a fun, cute read. I loved Brooke and Seth and everything in this story. 

Brooke is new to New York. She just moved from LA to get away from the disaster that was her life. Her fiance was arrested by the feds on the alter. He is a conman and she almost married him. If only the arrest had happened a little sooner maybe she could have salvaged her wedding planning business, but afterwards no one wanted to be associated with her. She was dealing with heartbreak plus the loss of her business and it was not good. When she gets the opportunity to work for The Wedding Belles she jumps at the chance. They are the cream of the crop, the best of the best. 

Seth is the sister of Maya, a hotel heiress who is getting married. He is not at all happy that she springs this on him especially since he doesn't even know the guy she is marrying. Seth is a planner. He is organized and has to have everything in its place, and Maya's sudden marriage doesn't fit. It is a surprise and he doesn't like it. His gut says he shouldn't trust this guy, that he is just after her money, so he plans to be there every step of the way to try and figure out this guy. What he is really after and to save Maya from herself. 

When Seth and Brooke first meet they are both instantly attracted to the other. But then Seth opens his mouth and he can come across as quite rude. He is not happy and everyone knows it. But still there is something there. Sure, Brooke could never act on the attraction, he is the one paying her, but she can't quite ignore it either. These two were so much fun! And super hot! I loved Seth and how he tried to keep everyone safe. Sure, he doesn't always do it the right way, he messes up, but it is only because he cares so much. And Brooke is so conflicted. She hasn't really dealt with the fact that her fiance was a criminal and is going to trial soon. She was one who always pushed aside the bad things and only focused on the good. Well you can only do that for so long. Thankfully Seth is always there for her. They have their ups and downs, especially at first, but they were amazing. I loved this story and can't wait to read more. 

Rating: ★★★★1/2

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

From This Day Forward (The Wedding Belles 0.5) by Lauren Layne

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Sex and the City meets The Wedding Planner in this prequel to USA TODAY bestselling author Lauren Layne’s The Wedding Belles series about three high-powered New York City women who can plan any wedding—but their own.

Up-and-coming wedding photographer Leah McHale’s career is on the rise–thanks in no small part to the Wedding Belles, the elite New York wedding planning agency that always throws top-tier business Leah’s way. So when one of the Belles asks Leah to fill in at the former First Daughter's wedding, Leah is overjoyed to say yes–until she finds out who she’ll be working with.

Jason Rhodes is the one man who was able to capture Leah’s heart and, once he had it, promptly stepped all over it and left her broken. Now he’s working side-by-side with her at the biggest wedding of the season and Leah is determined to give him the cold shoulder. Despite his persistence, she is not going to fall for his charming, impish ways again. Not even if he still has that killer, irresistible smile...


When I first started From This Day Forward I thought I don't know about this. I don't think this will be my cup of tea. But I was on a plane and didn't have anything else that jumped out at me to read so I soldiered on. Boy am I glad I did. I ended up really enjoying the story. It is cute and sweet and hot and quick and fun and everything I wanted.

Leah is a wedding photographer. She loves her job even though she is not sure she believes in love. She thought she had it once not that long ago, but the guy turned out to be a creeper so...

Jason is also a wedding photographer. He dated Leah not that long ago and he thought they had something good going, until she left and refused to speak to him again. She broke his heart even if she thinks he broke hers.

When The Wedding Belles need photographers last minute for the First Daughter's wedding neither can say no. Even if it means working together. Leah wants nothing to do with Jason, even if she is still attracted to him. She wants to keep her distance and just get this over with. Only Jason doesn't let her.

These two were a lot of fun. When you find out everything that happened oh my heart broke for Jason. He was such a sweetheart and he didn't have the best of lives as a kid. I just wanted to pick him up and give him all the cuddles and make everything okay. And Leah? At first you feel for her, but then I wanted to yell at her for hurting Jason. I know she didn't try to, but oh these two. They have a lot to work out, some misunderstandings and such, and it was fun watching them do it. A great start to this series!

Rating: ★★★★

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Boarded by Love (Bellevue Bullies #1) by Toni Aleo

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"Jude Sinclair here, hockey player for the Bellevue Bullies and lover of all ladies. Hockey’s in my blood, and not to sound full of myself, but

I’m good at it...really good. The draft is within my reach—it’s mine to take—but that’s not the only reason people know my name. They know me because of my way with women. They know the score, and I aim to please. I just tend to stay away from repeat performances. In other words, I don’t do relationships beyond my family and friends. I’m happy with life. However, I should warn you that my story and how I see it playing out is about to change due to a certain redhead on campus.

She’s beautiful. Stunning. Breathtaking.

She’s my game changer."

"He’s trouble from the moment I see him. I don’t know what I’m thinking, but from the moment I meet his gaze, I’m his. It’s a scary feeling.

I’ve never trusted anyone outside my aunt and uncle—and even that took months. I didn’t have it easy growing up. My mom was usually strung out, and she didn’t give me a second thought. Drugs and the men who paid her were more important to her. It was horrible, but I’m stronger today. Because of my past, security is what I need most. Money assures me that I can take care of myself today, tomorrow, and next month. I don’t want to ever be hungry or go without again, so I work hard for every penny.

Oh, by the way, I’m Claire Anderson. I’m a hard-studying sophomore at the University of Bellevue, dancer for the school dance team, and a burlesque dancer at a club, but that’s my secret.
You may think you know how our story ends, but you have no clue. It’s not easy falling in love… or living happily ever after. At first it may seem so, but when is anything worth having ever won without a fight?

Especially when you’re boarded by love."


So this story did not really work for me. It was way too long, way too repetitive, way too cutsy romantic and the girl got to be incredibly annoying by the end. It was not for me. Some spoilers ahead.

So first up let's talk about Claire. She is a dancer and works at a Burlesque club. Cool. No problem. That was huge when I was in college and no one would have batted an eyelash if you told them this. Yet Claire feels she has to hide it from everyone cause she doesn't want them to think she is one of those terrible strippers! I mean she doesn't strip naked!! It is a respectable business unlike being a stripper. Or so says the characters in the book. So you know. This is great. Really she is kind of judgmental about other girls. All the slut comments were not cool! Like "You think I'm gonna sleep with some guy I just met? I'm not a slut" Ugh. Seriously? Why? Why do this? Why make these super judgmental characters? I don't like that, especially when it is seen as normal and okay.

I don't really know why she has this big hang up about how Jude will hate her if she tells him what she does. I didn't get it. Why not just tell him? The story goes on and on and on about how she can't tell him, he will hate her, she just needs a little more money and then she will stop and he will never find out. Yeah, that is a great plan. Cause a) those plans always work and b) if you can't tell the love of your life who you actually are are you guys really that in love? So lying to him all the time is better than just telling him and seeing what happens? I know she had some bs reason she HAD to keep doing it, she just needs a little more money, but I wasn't buying it. The writing didn't make me believe she had a real issue with being stable herself so she doesn't depend on anyone. I know it told me she had issues because of her mom, but I didn't believe it. It wasn't really shown to me didn't work. It just made me keep yelling at her to just tell Jude already!! It is not that big of a deal!! If he hates you for it then you guys obviously aren't meant to be together like you think. The whole last part of the book seemed to just be Claire worried about telling Jude/Jude finding out she dances burlesque and not just choreographs the dance routines. It got to the point where I was just like please let him find out so Claire can stop her poor me I need to tell him but I can't routine.

Oh, one other thing about Claire, I hate hate hate that at the beginning she is all I will call you Hey Jude. Like the song. Cause your name is Jude. Then she would all be "See you later, Hey Jude" or something which no. Just no. If you wanted to use Hey Jude as some stupid nickname fine, but at least make it work. Simply switching around the above - "Hey Jude, see you later!" would work. Not with the Hey Jude at the end so it just makes me cringe when I read it. Every time. It would be easy to make it work, but it is like the author didn't want to or something. Maybe it is just me, but it bugged me a lot.

So yeah this wasn't the story for me. I hated Claire. She doesn't trust Jude, she lies to him, and yet she is all cutesy over the top romantic with him. It is lots of passages like I love you more - no, I love you more! - no, I love you more! kind of thing. Not my thing. Way too cutesy for my tastes. He was a ladies man, slept around and never committed to anyone until Claire. Why her? Who knows. But he instantly changed his ways when he saw her. Really I didn't mind that so much, but Claire ruined the story. Not that I loved it regardless, but she sure didn't help. Alright I am done ranting now.

Rating: ★1/2

Friday, May 19, 2017

Searching for Perfect (Searching For #2) by Jennifer Probst

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The up-and-coming matchmaking agency Kinnections is the hottest thing to hit Verily, New York—just like Kennedy Ashe, social director for the service she owns with her two best girlfriends. A coach, consultant, and cheerleader rolled into one super-sizzling package, Kennedy creates dream dates, encourages singles to shine, and never refuses a challenge—not even Nate Ellison Raymond Dunkle, rocket scientist, nerd extraordinaire, and Kennedy’s newest client.

Kennedy vows to work her magic and transform this hot mess in a lab coat with a disastrous relationship track record into the most wanted man on the Verily dating scene. If only she could turn the wand on herself . . .

Though she radiates confidence and sex appeal, Kennedy harbors deep-seated insecurities from a tormented past and lifelong struggle with weight issues. When she realizes she and Nate are cut from the same cloth and might be perfect together, can Kennedy learn to let her heart lead the way? Or will her fears sentence her to the sidelines as Nate finds love—with someone else?


Searching for Perfect was such a cute read! Ken and Nate were adorable together! Oh I loved these two. Especially Nate. He was a lot of fun. 

Ken works for a matchmaking firm and is running a speed dating night. She loves her job, loves matching people and helping them find connections. Only something goes amiss this time and she will not have that. 

Nate shows up for speed dating looking for a wife. Only it doesn't go so well. His appearance is unkempt (for example he has a stains on his shirt) and he always says what he thinks. But not in a tactful way. He doesn't understand that anything is wrong with the way he is. He is looking for a wife, not some relationship that will go nowhere or a one night stand. He has focused on his job as an aerospace engineer for so long and now he is ready for his personal life to be better. He lives with his brother who tells him how to get women, and it might work for the brother, but the things he says definitely don't work for Nate. He puts people off with his unapologetic way of saying what he thinks. He doesn't know how to talk "normally" to girl and he can come across as a right jerk when he is really trying to find a connection. When he upsets one of the girls Ken, whom Nate had previously seen and thought was the most beautiful woman ever, pulls him aside and asks to meet him at the place across the street. She is all ready to set him straight and tell him his jerk ways are not appreciated...but she finds that he is being sincere. He doesn't know what he is doing wrong. It was really cute. She decides to take him on as a client, to give him a makeover and teach him the ways to find someone he is compatible with. Someone he will be happy with. 

Along the way they both fall for the other of course. Nate liked Ken immediately and I loved him! The more time he spends with Ken the more he falls for her. Not only is she beautiful, but she is kind and smart and sweet and fun and everything. But Ken doesn't want to want Nate. She doesn't want to be falling for him. She shouldn't be. He is a client. It doesn't matter that her coworkers, her friends, don't mind and can see what is happening. When she realizes she has really fallen for him she tries to save him from herself. She is a mess! She has some issues and hangups still and normally I wouldn't enjoy this kind of storyline so much, but this one was so much fun I don't know how you couldn't love it! She tries to keep a lot of parts of herself hidden away, the fact that she is super smart and interested in aerospace engineering for example. That she understands what Nate is talking about when he talks about his job and asks questions and such. Only Nate could see right through her. He could see behind her shields and see who she really was. She has reasons for her insecurities, I totally understand, but Nate was so sweet with her. They are so good for each other and perfect together. I really enjoyed this story. It was a lot of fun and I can't wait to read more from this author. 

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Unbreak My Heart (Fostering Love #1) by Nicole Jacquelyn

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What do you do when your soul mate marries your best friend?

If you're Kate Evans, you keep your friend Rachel, bond with her kids, and bury your feelings for her husband. The fact that Shane's in the military and away for long periods helps—but when tragedy strikes, everything changes.

After Rachel, pregnant with her fourth child, dies in a car accident and the baby miraculously survives, Kate upends her entire life to share parenting duties. Then on the first anniversary of Rachel's death, Kate and Shane take comfort in each other in a night that they both soon regret.

Shane's been angry for a year, and now he feels guilty too—for sleeping with his wife's best friend and liking it... liking her. Kate's ability to read him like a book may have once sent Shane running, but their lives are forever entwined and they are growing closer.

Now with Shane deployed for seven months, Kate is on her own and struggling with being a single parent. Shane is loving and supportive from thousands of miles away, but his homecoming brings a betrayal Kate never saw coming. So Kate's only choice is to fight for the future she deserves—with or without Shane...


Oh man, I loved Unbreak My Heart. I was hesitant to start reading it as it didn't seem like something I would enjoy. Oftentimes I find the moving on from the death of a spouse stories to be too...not my thing. Somehow it cheapens the original relationship or something. I don't know. I have read some I did enjoy, when the person didn't just instantly move on with the best friend or something like that, but still. I don't seek books like this out. But this author will be at a signing I am going to in June and I am trying to read a book by ever author so I gave it a try. And I am so so so glad I did. This story was amazing! So much better than I expected. Oh, it had a lot of things in that I normally don't like, that normally annoy me in a book, but with this story it was okay. It worked. The writing, how it happened, everything came together into a beautiful read. 

Katie is incredible. She used to be bff with Shane, they kind of grew up a bit together, and they spent a lot of time together. Sure, she has always had a crush on him, but it was fine. Until she introduces him to her roommate and he drops her in an instant for said roommate, Rachel. He marries Rachel and then acts like Katie never existed. It hurt, a lot, which is understandable, but she is friends with Rachel and always there for her. Shane is in the military and deployed a lot, and unbeknownst to him Katie is always at his house when he is deployed. She is there for Rachel, helping to take care of the kids, just doing whatever needs done. She is as much of a mother to those kids as Rachel is. 

The story opens when Rachel, pregnant with her fourth child, is killed in a car accident. The child survives, but Shane and Katie are devastated. And Kate is still there, still doing whatever needs done with the kids. She doesn't interact with Shane much, but she loves those kids as her own and would do anything for them. Oh these two. I loved this story. When things start to change, when Shane starts to realize that maybe Katie is pretty freakin amazing, it was wonderful even though there was a lot of ugly in the story as well. Shane was...he was such a jerk to Katie at times. Oh, he made me angry, but I still liked him. I think it is because he would go off on Katie, or whomever, when he is angry, say a bunch of really terrible things, but then when he calms down he realizes he shouldn't have done that and tries to make it right. He always apologizes afterwards. Not that that makes it okay, but it helps me not hate him for always being a jerk. Plus I can understand. When your wife dies it is probably very difficult. And when you start to have feelings for her best friend, who used to be your best friend, it is complicated. Oh, my heart broke for Katie so many times, but she is incredible. She is always forgives Shane eventually. 

There is this constant push/pull with these two. I don't really know how Katie deal with it, but she is a better person than I. Really those kids help a lot. There is a bit more to the story, a lot of things that normally I would have found annoying, but enjoyed the way this author presented them, but I don't want to give everything away. I will say there was one moment that made me so angry with Shane I thought maybe this won't be a happily ever after. I know they are both trying to figure out their way through these murky waters, but man he goes way too far sometimes. Like maybe Katie has finally had enough. I...these two just got to me. I loved watching Shane figure things out even if he messed up a lot. His realizations about Katie and Rachel and everything was wonderful to read. It is not easy for these two, but oh I loved them. I wanted nothing but great things for them. And Katie never felt like a consolation prize, nor Rachel. It was a great read. I definitely want to read more from this author. Amazing. Simply amazing story. The writing was phenomenal and if all the authors books are this good I would read anything by her. 

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Release Day: Dating-ish (Knitting in the City #6) by Penny Reid

SBPR-PR-Dish-FBbanner RDB

Dating-ish, an all new standalone from the USA Today bestselling Knitting in the City romantic comedy series by Penny Reid is now LIVE!

20170306 Dating ish 01 (2)
'Dating-ish' can be read as a standalone, is a full length 100k word novel, and is book #6 in the Knitting in the City Series.
There are three things you need to know about Marie Harris: 1) She's fed up with online dating, 2) She's so fed up, she's willing to forego the annoyance and consider more creative alternatives, and 3) She knows how to knit.
After the most bizarre and irritating first date in the history of humankind, Marie is looking for an alternative to men. With the help of her friends, she quickly identifies a few possibilities:
Need a cuddle? Use a professional cuddler. Need affirmation? Get yourself a life coach. Need an orgasm? Try orgasm meditation! Why does she need the hassle of a romantic partner when she can meet all her needs with paid services?
But then her irritating date resurfaces. And he's not at all the person she thought he was. And he suggests a different--and crazier--solution to her dilemma . . .
As everyone knows (or will soon come to realize), traditional relations between humans are a thing of the past. Robots are our future. And if robots are our future, then why do we need other people at all?

Read Today!

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Meet Penny Reid:

Penny Reid is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the Winston Brothers and Knitting in the City series. When she’s not immersed in penning smart romances, Penny works in the biotech industry as a researcher. She’s also a full time mom to three diminutive adults, wife, daughter, knitter, crocheter, sewer, general crafter, and thought ninja. AuthorPhoto-500x500-300x300

Connect with Penny:

Twitter: @ReidRomance

Monday, May 15, 2017

Escape from Oz (The Flaken Chronicles #1) by Piers Platt

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In the distant future, Earth's worst criminals have all disappeared … and no one knows where they've been sent.
Sirio Falken has been a fighter his whole life. But when the government bans professional fighting, his life spirals out of control. Convicted of murder, he's sentenced to life in prison. But all of the felons he's ever known have disappeared from Earth, never to return. He's about to find out firsthand what happened to them. He'll have to stay alive amongst Earth’s most ruthless felons if he wants to survive … and become the first man to escape from Oz.


I love this author's Janus Group series, it is one of my all-time favorites, so I was excited when I found out he was writing another series. Something a bit different, but still in the sci-fi realm (something I don't read nearly enough of). And I was not disappointed.

Escape from Oz was a fun read. It follows the adventures of Falken as he tries to, as the title suggests, escape from New Oz. He is a fighter, or was, and his temper can get him into some bad situations. Most recently it made him do something he regrets, but cost him a long prison sentence. He is hoping to appeal his sentence, but first he has to figure out where he is and what is going on. He thinks he will be put in a jail with other inmates, but instead they ship him and everyone else off to another planet. To somewhere that is similar to earth, but not quite the same.

Falken doesn't really want any trouble, but in his quest to find a phone and way to contact his lawyer he finds it. There are two groups on the planet they are on - one not so good tough guys who starve newcomers and make them win fights to earn a place there. Then there are the settlers, the people who have planted crops and are trying to make this work. Everyone knows they will not get off of this rock, they are stuck there until they die, but which group will they stay with until that time? Which one would work for them?

I know Falken had a hard past, but he is really trying to change. He is trying to control his temper and keep his new friends safe. He starts learning about the biology of the planet, the plants and animals that live there and some of the odd things those who have been there longer have observed. He was fun. I loved watching him turn into this really great guy, this person who puts others before himself. When he went off on adventures to try and see what else this planet has in store or just helped the doctor with his patients I enjoyed it all. I especially loved how it all worked out. I won't spoil anything, but this was a great read. If you are a fan of the author alrerady you won't want to miss this newest work. If not it is a great place to start. I can't wait to read more of Falken's adventures!

*Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for voluntary honest review consideration

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Stolen in Love (Love and Lawbreakers Book 2) by G.G. Andrew

Now available on


Kim Xavier steals things. She can't help it. Recovering from her shoplifting addiction has never been easy, but she's giving it a shot. When she comes home to a ransacked apartment, Kim knows she's finally taken the wrong thing from the wrong person. And she can't tell the police--especially not the cop whose heart she broke months ago.

Scott Culpepper wants Kim Xavier. He can't help it. Ever since he met the smart-mouthed woman while on patrol in New Haven, he hasn't been able to get her or her red lips out of his mind. Unfortunately, she's also got a police record, and the single dad has learned the hard way not to get involved with unpredictable women.

But when Kim is threatened by someone selling information used to harass women online, Scott steps up to keep her safe--even if it means spending more time with her than he should. The two work to unravel the case, which leads them from the dirty underbelly of the Ivy League to posh preschool parties to a drug dealer who can quote Kerouac. Though the biggest danger may be Kim stealing the very thing Scott can't afford to lose: his heart.


Stolen in Love was a great read. Sure Kim annoyed the bejeezus out of me at times, but I still liked her. I still wanted everything to work out for the best. 

Kim is a thief. She has an addiction to stealing things. It gives her a rush even if she feels terrible afterward. But she is trying to get help and change her ways. She doesn't want to be a terrible person, she just thinks she is. She has a record and is not a fan of the cops (they aren't a fan of her either). 

Scott is a cop. He first met Kim in the last book and was drawn to her. Only she lied to him and that hurt. A lot. He can't get close to her again and risk being hurt even more. Plus he has his daughter Lilly to think about. Lilly who seems to love Kim, but can he trust Kim around her? He can't take that chance. 

When Kim comes home one night to her apartment ransacked and a scary note telling her to leave what she stole in her mailbox she runs. To her parents. Who live across from Scott. She didn't have another choice. She can't stay at her place and her sister is shacking up with the graffiti artist, her brother's place is probably disgusting, so she is going to try and put up with her mom. They don't really get along that well. 

Kim has no plans of going to the police. After all they would probably just tell her she brought this on herself. If she didn't have a problem stealing this wouldn't be happening. Only her mom can't let it go at that. Thankfully she gets Scott involved and the fun began. These two are drawn to each other. They know they are not good for each other, the cop and the criminal, but they can't stay away. It was so much fun to read. Kim is not always the smartest, she thinks she is a terrible person and makes terrible decisions at times, decides to lie and keep things from those trying to protect her, but when she gets stressed she feels out of control. She is in recovery, but that doesn't mean she doesn't slip up, especially with everything that is going on. For as much as she frustrated me I still loved her. 

I loved these two. They both have baggage, things they haven't really worked through, but they care about each other. It was fun. And how everything worked out, who was involved and what was going on, I absolutely loved. We also were introduced to some fun new character storylines and I hope we get a few stories for them. I wouldn't mind reading about Hutch and want to know the story with Kim's brother. Overall this was a great read. These two were so much fun together. 

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Blog Tour: Until Sage (Until Him #2) by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Now available on


Sage Mayson had Kimberly Cullen once, and the memory of that brief encounter has tortured him since the moment he pushed her away. He should have followed his gut, but he didn’t, and now he’s left watching the woman he wants more than anything from afar.

Kimberly vowed to protect her heart from Sage, but when her sister is murdered and her world starts to fall apart, he’s the one person she finds herself leaning on.

Getting a second chance is something Sage knows is rare. He’s not going to squander the one he’s been given, and he won’t take no for an answer when it comes to making Kim his.

But what Sage doesn’t know is Kim has a secret that could leave them both devastated and heartbroken.


Until Sage is another great read from this author. If you like her prior works you won't want to miss this one!

Sage was adopted into the Mayson clan so he doesn't think the Boom will happen to him. Only when he first sees Kimberly it happens. There is something there he can't ignore. And in typical Mayson ways he tries to make her his. Right from the start. And things are great. Until they aren't. Until something happens to make him push her away. Something that he realizes too late was not what it seemed and now he is sitting on the sidelines waiting for another chance with this amazing woman.

Kimberly is so sweet. She has a loving family and has some issues, but nothing she can't handle. She didn't know she was adopted, didn't know she had a twin sister until more recently, but that sister is not in a good place. She tries to be there for her sister, but it is hard as she has been through so much that Kim doesn't understand. When her sister is murdered she has a really hard time with it. I mean who wouldn't?

When Sage finally gets a chance to make things right with Kimberly he doesn't waste it. He is there for her however she needs him. They were really cute together. Kim is afraid to tell Sage some things about herself and I was worried it would be a big, over the top thing, but the author handled everything wonderfully. I really loved that this book was more about the characters and them figuring everything out than drama. It was lovely.

Now I will say one small thing about the story. The beginning at times is a bit...rushed feeling. Like I understand events from prior books are referenced so they are just glossed over, but when it affects this story it could have used a bit more...just a bit more. If you haven't read the prior books I can see where you could be slightly confused as at times it was like wait what? I vaguely remember something happening, but I am going to have to go back and read that part in the prior book again to really remember. So that was my one small thing, otherwise the story was great. I loved Sage, he is so sweet! And Kim is just as awesome.

*Note: I received a free copy of this book for voluntary review consideration

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★


“He apologized. Don’t you think you should do the polite thing and at least hear him out?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know, or you’re just too scared to find out what will happen if you do?”

“Do we have to do this right now?” I sigh, and he tosses his arm around my shoulders and pulls me into his side.

“We’ve been doing this for months now. I’ve seen the way you look at him when you think no one will notice, and I see the way he looks at you, not giving a fuck if everyone sees. Even when he thought you and I were a thing, he still made it perfectly clear to those who were watching that if by some chance he got a shot, you would be his.”

“I really think you are reading way too much into this.”

“Am I?”

About the Author:

Aurora Rose Reynolds is a navy brat who's husband served in the United States Navy. She has lived all over the country but now resides in New York City with her Husband and pet fish. She's married to an alpha male that loves her as much as the men in her books love their women. He gives her over the top inspiration everyday. In her free time she reads, writes and enjoys going to the movies with her husband and cookie. She also enjoys taking mini weekend vacations to nowhere, or spends time at home with friends and family. Last but not least she appreciates everyday and admires it's beauty.

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ARC Review: The Bridal Squad (Enchanted Bridal #2) by Samantha Chase

Available tomorrow (May 10, pre-order available now) on


The Friday Night Brides are back! And this time, it’s their first season running the business! It was one thing to just model in a weekly fashion show, it’s quite another to be the ones calling the shots and making future brides’ dreams come true. Their first client has them wondering if they’re really prepared for their new roles!

The Bride: Julianne is big on fitness, small on patience. And planning her wedding is grating on her every last nerve. As a Zumba instructor, she loves the freedom to create and choreograph her routines and help others achieve their goals, but having to stand back and let others choreograph her big day has her wanting to hip-hop toward eloping!

The Matron of Honor: As the only married member of the bridal party, Natalie considers herself the aficionado on all-things weddings. And even though her time in the spotlight is over, that doesn’t mean she isn’t full of ideas on how her best friend’s wedding should look and feel and be! And it doesn’t take long for her to realize that maybe it’s not so much that she’s wanting to help as it is that she’s afraid of her own honeymoon ending.

The Bride’s Sister: Nothing screams unwanted relationship advice than when your younger sister gets married before you. It’s not that Harper doesn’t want to get married, after three failed engagements she really does! But finding the right man to walk down the aisle with is proving harder than she thought. And it gets even harder when constantly being compared to the perfect couple!

The Reluctant Bridesmaid: There is nothing Kayla wants more than to see one of her best friend’s get married…if only the whole process wasn’t so exhausting! Travel and adventure and being on the go fuels her. Having to stay in one place for an extended period of time while wearing taffeta? Not so much. Her job tends to take her away on a moment’s notice and this is one time she may have to pass up the trip of a lifetime in the name of friendship.


The Bridal Squad was a fun read. At first I thought the four storylines would be a bit much, but it really worked. I loved following these friends and seeing how they and their relationships changed throughout the book. It was fun for me because it gave me a glimpse into female friendships. I never really had a lot and those I did were not like this so it was nice to read about four close girlfriends. I really enjoyed it. 

Julianne is getting married! She is really excited to start her life with her fiancé, a wonderful man she has known since high school, if only everyone would fall in line and stop the bickering. She wants her wedding, but she doesn't like all of the hassles of planning one. Everyone has their own opinions on what she should do and it is stressing her out. She is normally really put together and carefree, but her friends and family are driving her crazy. She is a Zumba instructor, but that is not enough. She needs a way to let out some of her frustrations so she tries a few things at the gym that will hopefully help. She just wants all this planning to be over with already. 

Harper is Julianne's older sister and cause of stress during this busy time. She has been engaged three times, but none of them ever worked out. She thinks it is easy to fall in love, but how do you stay in love? How do you actually get to the alter? She isn't really sure. And her mom will not let her forget her failed engagements. Even though no one particularly cared for some of them that doesn't stop her mom from constantly making snide remarks to Harper about it. Man, she put up with a lot from her mom and it was probably always that way. With Julianne getting married it is making Harper think more about the possibility for herself, but how can she find the perfect guy like her sister did? And when she finds someone that has everything on her deal-breakers list should she give it a try anyways? Is it possible for her to find love with someone who on paper seems so wrong for her? 

Then there is Kayla, the free spirit who doesn't want to be tied down. The photographer that always has a bag packed so she can leave and travel the world at a minutes notice. She has a friends with benefits thing going with her boss, but that is all it is. Right? I mean she wouldn't want more or to plan a future with someone...right? She likes to spread her wings and fly and even the thought of getting married gives her nightmares. How could you lose yourself in someone else like that. Oh, I loved Kayla. She is trying to figure things out and she takes her own time doing it. She is not one to rush into things like relationships and if you press her she will bail. She was fun. 

And finally we have Natalie, the married friend. The one who takes every opportunity to bring up her own wedding when they are planning Julianne's. The one who wants to live this picture perfect life, but things don't always turn out like that. When there starts to be some cracks in the facade what will she do? Is she brave enough and strong enough to fight or will she give up in defeat? She was the most interesting for me as she tries to seem like she has everything together, but she doesn't. She tries to control everything, but you can't always control life. 

Through this story we watch as these four ladies have their ups and downs, the fights, the makeups, the growing closer of the friends. At the beginning Harper and Kayla didn't get along so well with Natalie, but when she needs them they are there for her. I loved how they all were there for each other no matter what and where everyone ends up.

*Note: I received a free copy of this book for voluntary review consideration

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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Don't Hate the Player...Hate the Game by Katie Ashley

Available on


For Noah Sullivan being the best friend to a douchebag and player like Jake Nelson has never been easy. It's been a rocky road since kindergarten when Jake duct taped Noah to his chair before recess. With just six weeks to high school graduation, Jake accidentally blows his drunken ass up on his grandfather's tractor, and Noah finds himself immersed not only in a whirlwind of grief, but on a quest to find a mystery girl from Jake's past.

While cleaning out Jake's room, Noah and Jake's dad make a startling discovery. Instead of the obligatory porn collection or pot stash, they find a ring, but not just any ring. Its half a carat of commitment in a platinum setting-proving even man whores have taste. After Jake's mom pleads with Noah to find the girl who meant so much to Jake, Noah begins a modern day Grail quest to track the girl down.

Since Jake was a notorious player with a legendary collection of trophy panties, Noah finds himself in over his head. There are the usual suspects like Avery, the Ice Princess Jake dated for appearances, or Presley, the school mattress Jake dated for convenience. But the trail begins to point to the most unlikely of suspects: Maddie, the Valedictorian and choir girl who was trying to help the unmotivated jock graduate--the girl who also has surprisingly caught Noah's eye and meddled with his heart.

Hanging out with Maddie shows Noah a different side of Jake--one that was deeply human and surprisingly douche-free. And the more he tries to solve the mystery of the ring and of Jake, the more Noah starts to discover about himself and of love.


Don't Hate the Player...Hate the Game was a frustrating read. In fact I didn't finish it. I only got to 53%, which is my self-imposed rule. If I write a review of a book I have to read at least 50%. And somehow I made it to that point. So I don't know what happens, but I read some spoiler reviews and it doesn't sound like it gets any better. If anything it might get worse...

This story starts off with Jake dying. Jake who is Noah's bff and seems like a right jerk, but everyone loved him for some reason. The story of how Jake and Noah became bff was odd. He duct taped Noah to a chair and somehow that equals friends. Okay. The story was told a few times, but I never understood why that meant they were bff. I just...I didn't care for Jake in the remembrances so I didn't really care that he had died. Noah has a hard time handling the loss, but then again he hasn't dealt with his grandfather's death from two years prior yet. 

So when Noah and Jake's dad are going through his room after he died they find a ring. Like an engagement ring. But who could the girl be? It was painfully obvious who it would be immediately, but Noah doesn't consider her for way too long. I mean he keeps thinking maybe it is one of the many girls he just hooked up with on occasion. Sure, I buy that. Not the girl who thought he was super nice and saw a different side of Jake. No, not her. Definitely not. Let's not even consider it even though she keeps telling him how kind Jake was and all the great stuff Jake did that no one knew about. How Jake was changing into a better person. Yeah, definitely not that girl. Probably one of the many that he didn't really care about. Makes sense. 

One of the big problems was I didn't like any of the characters. Noah was hard to read. He is supposed to be a "real" man. He can't show his emotions, he is a misogynistic homophobic jerk and yeah not cool. Sure other people might correct him when he says something super lame, but I don't want to read his kind of bs all the time. I hate that posturing and it was not done in a way that I believed it. I know he is a teenager and teenagers can still be trying to figure things out, but he didn't come across as real to me so it didn't work. 

Maddie, the preacher's daughter, was also annoying to read. She comes across as way too sanctimonious for my tastes. Ugh. Not good. 

So then around 45% the story really lost me. Up until then I wasn't enjoying it, but I didn't absolutely hate it either. I was still reading. But 45% is where is starts to get all pseudo-religious. Noah tells a long story about how he got this bible from his grandfather on his death bed, he turns to the bible for comfort now and find something in it, his mom tells him why she named him Noah (because he would have a hard life not having a father and being illegitimate. Noah had a hard time in the bible too! But he was favored by God! So maybe Noah will be as well). It was not for me. I don't mind religious characters, but when it comes across as preachy or way too 'God is the answer' I don't like it. 

Maybe it gets better and this is just a blip on the radar, but I didn't want to continue on to find out. With the 2D characters, not liking any of them, the super obvious things that no one sees for way too long, Noah having to be a "real" man and terrible, I couldn't read anymore. I was done. 53% and I couldn't read anymore. I gave up. 


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Chasing Butterflies (Chasing Butterflies #1) by Terri E. Laine

Available on


USA Today Bestselling Author, Terri E. Laine brings a new standalone New Adult Romance novel, Chasing Butterflies, about second chances on and off the field.

One night … one kiss … one touch … will change everything.

Kelley Moore’s tragic home life should make him a survivor. But when he’s uprooted yet again, his plans for a better future seem impossible. Being a player on and off the football field is all he knows, until Lenora Wells. The beautiful town princess makes him feel and want things he never thought he could have…

Lenora will do anything to get out of her town, even if it means dating the wrong guy. There’s one problem: she can’t stop thinking about the gorgeous, complicated boy with the unusual eyes who gives her butterflies and makes her question her choices.

When their lives collide, the world shifts and not in their favor. Four years later, the sins of their past can never be taken back and forgiveness won’t come easy.

College is a different game, a second chance for something better.

She’s not the girl he remembers and he’s the one boy she can never forget.

He’s made a name for himself as the star quarterback -- the golden boy who can do no wrong. But he’s only interested in being her hero.

Despite everything, she can’t deny he still makes her heart flutter; and she’s got him chasing butterflies.

*Warning this new adult romance contains adult situations and language that is not suitable for younger readers.


Chasing Butterflies started off so good, was a really enjoyable read, but then I don't know what happened. By the end I wasn't liking it at all and it didn't work for me. Some spoilers ahead!!

Kelley has not had the best of times thus far in his life. His home life is not good, his father is an abusive jerk, his mom not wanting to try and get away, it is just not a good situation. He is moved around and he only wants to play football and sleep with the girls as then he feels okay. They he doesn't have to think about what is going on at home or try and stay out of his dad's way. He used to have his older brother around to help with the dad, but he is gone now and so it is up to Kelley. Only Kelley can't handle him like his brother could. 

When Kelley is uprooted again, starting a new school, he is not very happy about it. He wanted to play football, and now he is too late to get on the team. The first day of school he sees her, Lenny, though he tries not to go there. She is too good for him. So he sets his sights on the bff who is giving off the vibes that she would be into sleeping with him. Easy. That is what he does. 

Lenny is immediately attracted to Kelley, but she has a boyfriend. Sure, her boyfriend is a jerk, but she has to stay with him for her fathers sake. That whole thing was kind of lame, but whatever. I didn't mind too much. I didn't really understand why Lenny had to date Ox when she didn't like him. 

I really enjoyed the first part of the book. Lenny and Kelley getting to know each other. Lenny's bff is a piece of work and I hated hated hated her especially when she lies about what happened with Kelley. I is not cool. At all. So yeah. They slowly grow closer and it was really cute. Of course it is not that easy and Kelley has to leave town after some things happen so he will stay out of jail. He promises to return for Lenny, but he has to get everything in order first. 

So then we have the slow decline of the story. Once we skip ahead 4 years I really didn't enjoy the story as much. It was too...trying to be secretive and suspenseful and it didn't work. There were also a few things that made me angry as they were super lame. The author keeps trying to trick you and I didn't like it. 

So Lenny is in a bad situation, living with an abusive boyfriend Prescott. She is trying to save up so she can leave, but she can't just head out on her own. When she runs into Kelley again the bond is still there, but she can't leave her jerk boyfriend just yet. Now Lenny shows up with bruises and such and makes up lame excuses. Why doesn't Kelley think that maybe she is not as happy as she is trying to seem with her boyfriend? Why doesn't he question the bruises she has? I mean his mom was abused! Shouldn't he at least have that on his radar?? 

The thing that really annoyed me though was the boyfriend. He is always referred to as Prescott in the four years later then shock! Surprise! He is actually Ox!! No. Just no. Why would you go back to him? He was horrible! I mean I understand needing someone when your *surprise again, though not really as I totally expected it* pull out birth control method doesn't work. Shocking that that is not foolproof...Ugh. So I get it. Your family doesn't support you, but really? Really. And when you see Kelley again you want to keep his kid from him? I hate hate hate this plot line!! I know Kelley left, but he is here now and you need to tell him he has a kid!! 

So then the whole ending was super lame. Way too quick and easy and everything wraps up into a happily ever after. Lenny, Kelley, and their son. Oh! And Kelley's dad even comes back for a quick sorry I was such a terrible person, but I am better now maybe we can work this out scene. Ugh. It was too much. No. I don't buy it. It was all too much. 

One last thing - the epilogue. At first I thought it was going to try and set up a second book, but instead it made me think that Lenny and Kelley would not work out. Like Lenny would believe any petty woman who told her she slept with Kelley now that he is going to be famous. I don't see them lasting with her insecurities about them. I know he said something to make her see that she will always be it for him, but no. I see them lasting a few years before his fame and notoriety get to her and she leaves him because she thinks he is cheating on her or something.  

The first part of the book I really enjoyed, but the college years didn't work for me. Everything was too neat and tidy and the "surprises" made me roll my eyes. Not good. 

Rating:  ★

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Broken (Redemption #1) by Lauren Layne

Available on


Lauren Layne’s heart-wrenching novel tells the story of a girl with secrets, a guy with scars, and a love that could save them both . . . or destroy them.

When Olivia Middleton abandons the glamour of Park Avenue for a remote, coastal town in Maine, everyone assumes she’s being the kind do-gooder she’s always been. But Olivia has a secret: helping an injured war veteran reenter society isn’t about charity—it’s about penance. Only, Olivia’s client isn’t the grateful elderly man she’s expecting. Instead, he’s a brooding twenty-four-year-old who has no intention of being Olivia’s path to redemption . . . and whose smoldering gaze and forbidden touch might be her undoing.

Paul Langdon doesn’t need a mirror to show him he’s no longer the hotshot quarterback he was before the war. He knows he’s ugly—inside and out. He’ll do anything to stay in self-imposed exile, even accept his father’s ultimatum that Paul tolerate the newest caretaker for three months or lose his inheritance. But Paul doesn’t count on the beautiful twenty-two-year-old who makes him long for things that he can never have. And the more she slips past his defenses, the more keeping his distance is impossible.

Now Paul and Olivia have to decide: Will they help each other heal? Or are they forever broken?


You know how you get to the end of a really great book, a book where you love the characters and are so invested in the story, and you are just like no!!! It can't be over! I need more time! I am not ready to say goodbye yet!! Well that was Broken for me. I was so incredibly sad when it was over because I wasn't ready to say goodbye to these characters. This was the first book by this author I have read, but it definitely will not be the last.

I picked up Broken not expecting much from the story, but oh my goodness did I love it. Right from the first pages I was drawn into it. I wanted to know what was going on, but more than that I cared about both of them immediately. I loved Paul and Olivia. They are both so broken, both think so poorly of themselves at the beginning. It was wonderful seeing Paul struggle with his demons. Seeing him lash out and try to push Olivia away only to find that she doesn't scare that easily. He keeps trying and trying, doing things and saying things that are really hurtful, and yet she won't leave him. It was wonderful.

Olivia has her own demons to fight. She messed up and has run away to the middle of nowhere to try and atone for her sins. Only she expects to be taking care of an old war vet, not someone close to her own age. Not someone she is attracted to and despite how mean he is someone she actually likes. More than she should. This was a beauty and the beast esque story and I loved every minute of it. It was mostly told from Olivia's point of view, but I loved the glimpses into what Paul was thinking at times. He truly thinks he is a bad person so when he lashes out he thinks that is just who he is. He feels bad about it, but what else can he do? Olivia is trying to upend his carefully crafted hermit life. She keeps pushing him to do more, to try, to hope that he could actually be normal again. This story was wonderful to read. I love that they can both give as good as they get. That they don't back down. That they are perfect for each other. Oh I never wanted it to end, but end it must. A wonderful story.

Rating:  ★ ★ ★1/2