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The Deftly Paradox by M.D. White

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Humanity has been ruled by a machine for five hundred years.

Today it ordered their annihilation.

At the close of a devastating war, humanity’s interplanetary senate acquiesced themselves to be governed by their first and greatest product of artificial intelligence. Unbound from feelings and incorruptible by power, their new thinking machine, the OSIRIS ruled the galaxy through centuries of peace and untold prosperity.

Five hundred years later, the OSIRIS has done the unthinkable: order the annihilation of one of the most populous planets in the empire. With the fleet on approach and ready to do the bidding of their callous master, the task falls to the OSIRIS’s technicians to find the source of the command, warn the wayward planet of their impending doom, and stop the fleet before they unquestioningly quench the lives of millions.

But is every step towards the truth just another move in the OSIRIS’s greater scheme.


The Deftly Paradox was an interesting read. I really like the idea behind it - everything is rules by a machine that makes all decisions. People do whatever the machine says and don't really think about it anymore. I mean it has been so long that that is just the way things are now. But what happens when the machine calls for the annihilation of a very populated planet? Do you step up and try and stop it, try and figure out what went wrong, or do you do what it says because it knows what it is doing? 

The story itself was fun to read. There is a lot of detail and thought put into planning this out that make it more detailed than I was expecting. I enjoyed seeing how this task to wipe out a planet was found, the people involved in trying to stop it and those tasked to carry out the order and everyone else involved. It was interesting to watch and see how people reacted. People don't like change. Most people anyways. It is easier to stay the course and assume it knows what it is doing than shut down OSIRIS and have to start making decision yourself. I get it, but it is good there are always those people willing to step up and do what needs to be done at whatever cost. 

Now this story had lots of different characters with multiple storylines so you get to see everything that happens from different perspectives. For the most part I enjoyed reading this one. I enjoy thinking about the idea of humans not making decision anymore and what that would result in. What you would have to do to still have some checks and balances to make sure something like what happens doesn't happen, but how people would get complacent after a while and how it could really streamline a lot of things. My one issue however was the end section. I didn't really see some of the characters changing as much as they did as suddenly as they did. That is not really realistic and brought the book down a bit for me. Still was alright, but would have been better had the characters not suddenly done a 180. Oh well, a fun read nonetheless.

*Note: I received a free copy of this book for voluntary review consideration

Rating: ★ ★ ★1/2

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#ThreeLittleLies Series by Sara Ney - Reviews for all three novellas

I love the #ThreeLittleLies series! Each story is a quick read and so much fun! These were the first introduction to this author and definitely not my last! I had read the first and third book before but somehow missed the second one. I have no idea how I managed to do that. If you haven't read Sara Ney before why not start with some cute, fun novellas? I love them all!


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Lies, lies, lies; everybody tells them....

Greyson Keller didn't intend to lie; it just came out that way. So when the object of that lie shows up on her doorstep, she is confused, shocked, and embarrassed.

Calvin Thompson is an Ivy Leaguer, attending University over an hour away, playing rugby and basically not giving a crap. So imagine his surprise when some guy named Greyson begins rumors online that they're dating -- the only logical solution is to drive an hour and confront him...

Be there when Greyson and Cal finally meet face-to- face because.
Sparks. Will. Fly.

This novel, along with all others in this series, is a standalone with no cliffhanger. You're welcome.
Yes, sparks fly. That's why this book is intended for those 17+ and older.
Foul language, cursing, and sexual content.


I must say I was hesitant to start reading this book. I didn't think it would be for me. The synopsis just seems so...not like something I would enjoy.

Color me surprised when I loved this story! It was sooo cute!! I really loved it right from the get go. It is a quick read, but even if it wasn't I couldn't put it down. My husband was bugging me about something and this was one where I just waved him off with a "reading" and nothing more. I couldn't be bothered to put it down as it was so much fun!! Greg and Calvin were so cute together!

So what is this all about? Well Grey's sorority sisters keep hassling her to name who she is bringing to their big soirée they are having (that Grey is planning) so she makes up a lie. She comes up with a name - Cal Thompson - based on things she sees around her. She starts tweeting to a fake Cal Thompson and thinks no harm done. Only there is a real Cal Thompson, roommate to one of her sorority sisters cousins, and said cousin brings up the fact that some guy, Grey, is tweeting about him. Maybe stalking him! So Cal makes the hour drive to go confront this guy...and finds Grey. A girl.

From there it was so so cute! They start emailing back and forth, texting each other and they start falling for each other. Cal is a rugby player and is always a bit beat up, but Grey doesn't mind. Nobody has ever thought he was super good looking before, but Grey does. She thinks he is super sexy and hot and wonderful. It was so cute watching them flirt with each other and figure this out. That last chapter from Calvin's sisters point of view? Amazing!! Man they were adorable. A super cute, fun, quick read.

*Note: I received a free copy of this book for voluntary review consideration

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2


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Authors Note: This novella, along with all others in this series, is a standalone with no cliffhanger. You're welcome.

Secrets, secrets, everybody has them…

Tabitha Thompson is many things, but a liar isn’t one of them. Unless you count the sexy secret she’s spent a year hiding from everyone: her friends, her family. The secret she never counted on anyone discovering…

One chance encounter.
One clumsy mistake.
One sexy discovery.

Now, only Collin Keller stands in the way of her secret—and everyone else. And he just may be the one who ruins it all…

Tabitha Thompson, you secretive little sneak.


When I started reading Things Liars Hide I was really confused. I was just so so on reading it, but definitely willing to give it a try since I loved the other two stories in this series. But Tabitha? I thought her secret was something else and I didn't expect to really like her. But I did. Because how could you not?

Tabitha has a secret. Something she has been keeping from everyone for a long time. Her friends, her family, everyone. No one knows her secret. Until Collin. Sexy, funny Collin. Her brother's girlfriends brother. It would be weird if she liked him/dated him right? Like siblings dating siblings - parents wouldn't like that right? Oh Tabitha. I didn't really understand her totally, I don't get being so embarrassed by things and whatnot, but I so enjoyed reading her story.

Collin is taken with Tabitha as soon as he sees her. It is a bit of an awkward first meeting, Tabitha makes some assumptions about some things that she quickly learns are not as they appeared, and it was a lot of fun. Collin is interested so he won't let her standoffish ways dissuade him from trying to get her to give him a chance especially when he keeps running into her. He is wonderful. He learns her secret and is amazing with her. So supportive and there for her however she needs. These two were great together. Tabitha fought it at first, but she liked Collin from the beginning as well. There is only so much fight she can put up before she gives in to a guy as great as he is. This book was another
great read in this series!

*Note: I received a free copy of this book for voluntary review consideration

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2


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What if…

Someone you barely knew asked you for a favor.

What if…

They needed you to be something you weren’t, in exchange for nothing. Unless you count a mouth full of lies and a half-broken heart. Faker. Pretender. Liar. There are worse things to be called.

So would you do it? Would you?

Daphne Winthrop did.

And you’re about to find out what happens in the end.


Phew! Daphne and Dexter we so hot together! Ah! I loved this story! After reading Things Liars Say I immediately wanted more. I had this one on my Kindle so I had to read it and it was another great read. It was a lot of fun, super cute, hilarious story.

Daphne first sees Dexter when she is out with her girlfriends at a wine bar. He is with a bunch of jerk guys, but he doesn't seem to be happy to be with them which intrigues her. Plus he is wearing a sweater vest. To a bar. On a Saturday night. Who does that? Nothing really happens, but when they both find themselves alone at the theater the next weekend things get interesting. They are both there for the same vintage Sci-Fi film and there is that awkward they say hello, they go into the same theater, do they sit together? Do they keep talking? What should you do? thing.

They both liked each other right away, but Dexter is not very confident with women. Especially not women like Daphne whom he thinks is way out of his league. She is a hot, sexy nerd, but still a nerd and so she is perfect for him. She thinks Dexter is incredibly hot with his glasses and suspenders and oh I loved them! She wants to go on a date with him, but isn't sure if he is into her like that.

When his family thinks they are dating he asks her to play along. To go to a family gather as his fake girlfriend, and she agrees even if she is a bit disappointed to have to be his fake girlfriend. He always thinks she wouldn't go for someone like him, but they are sweet. With the help of Dexters pesky twin sisters these two eventually figure everything out, but I loved watching them get there. Lot of fun shenanigans that lead to super freakin hot sexy times! These two were perfect. This story was great. A super fun, lighthearted, funny, cute read.

*Note: I received a free copy of this book for voluntary review consideration

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

About the Author:
Sara Ney is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the How to Date a Douchebag series, and is best known for her sexy, laugh-out- loud New Adult romances. Among her favorite vices, she includes: iced latte's, historical architecture and well-placed sarcasm. She lives colorfully, collects vintage books, art, loves flea markets, and fancies herself British.
She lives with her husband, children, and her ridiculously large dog.

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Heartless (Amato Brothers #1) by Winter Renshaw

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My obsession was born of innocence and good intentions, and it began the day I spotted a handwritten journal lying in the bushes outside a townhouse on Lexington Avenue. It was raining sideways that morning, and my intention was to return it the next day; safe and dry.

Only I kept it.

I kept it, and I read it.

A week later, overwhelmed with curiosity and feeling guilty for harboring secrets that didn’t belong to me, I tried to return it.

Only I wasn’t expecting to meet him.

Unapologetically heartless and enigmatically sexy, he claims he knows nothing about the journal I found outside his place, but the reticent glint in his blue-green gaze tells me otherwise.

There’s something different about him; something damaged yet magical, and I’m drawn to him; pulled into his orbit.

There’s just one problem.

The more I get to know him, the more I’m positive the journal belonged to him . . .

. . . and the more I find myself hoping, selfishly, that I’m wrong.


Heartless was a fun read. Aidy and Ace were perfect for each other. Aidy is all positive sunshine and rainbows and Ace was more reserved, more serious and could use Aidy in his life. It was a sweet read. 

Aidy lives with her sister and nephew and runs her own business, which is starting to pick up. She found a diary a little while ago in the rain and fully intended to give it back to the owner, but she ends up reading it and can't quite part with it yet. The guy who wrote it loved this girl so much, in a way that Aidy wishes someone would love her. She is kind of obsessed with the diary and its owner, but she knows she eventually needs to give it back. When she goes to return it though she meets Ace and let's just say it didn't go too well. He was not in a good mood, he claimed to have never seen the diary before and just chases her off. She thinks that is the last she will see of him, but fate has other ideas. What do you do when you keep running into the same person again and again?

Ace hasn't had the best of years. He is still a bit messed up from some things that had happened and is trying to figure out what he is going to do with his life. He doesn't really think he is fit to be around people, and the day he first meets Aidy proves that. He makes a lot of mistakes, but he is not a bad person. When he keeps running into Aidy he is intrigued. She is fun and light and carefree - everything he is not. When they start to get to know each other it was fun. I loved Aidy and Ace was just as wonderful. These two were awesome. 

Now there was one part towards the end I didn't care for. Aidy was a bit...stupid? She acted like she was a lot younger than she ever seemed and it was just okay. But then the author turned it around and all was right in the world again. This was a new to me author, but I will definitely be reading more. 

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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Wild (Wild #1) by Adriane Leigh

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Kat Kennedy moved to the rugged coast of Maine to start a new life, but encountered much more than she bargained for in dark, dangerous, and seductive Lane Wild.

Desire and temptation smolder before she succumbs to her darkest fantasies with the captivating stranger. She doesn't expect to see him again after an explosive one-night stand leaves her breathless and craving more, but just like lightning in the darkness, he shows up in her life at the most unpredictable moments.

A sensual game of cat and mouse ensues before the attraction between them reaches a fever pitch—the magnetism combustible, the sexual tension nearly unbearable—and Kat finally abandons inhibition and explores the cunning, selfish, and sexual side of a world she's never known.

They have the perfect non-relationship—passion-fueled nights with no strings attached—until life gets real and the past and present collide in a dangerous storm of lust and obsession.

Warning: The Wild Series is packed full of unfiltered, rough around the edges, dirty-talkin' alpha males intended or mature audiences. Enjoy!


I went into Wild thinking I would love it. Hot alpha male? Yes please! felt like this book was just sexy times, and not sexy times I loved, and not much else. Sure there is the makings of a story in there, but it wasn't focused on. So what I was left with was underdeveloped characters who I couldn't connect with at all, immediate change in thinking and such that was just told to me not shown, and sexy time. Oh and a two second "dangerous past" situation that was just resolved almost instantly. Not for me.

Kat is running from her past and hiding out on the coast of Maine. She doesn't want connections to anyone or anything in case she has to run again. Only she runs into a super hot guy in town and she can't seem to stay away from him. Or rather he won't stay away from her. She lashes out at him whenever he is near and yet he still likes her. He likes her fiery side and he knows they have super hot sex so why not continue? Neither wants anything more so it will be perfect. 

Then somewhere along the way they fall in love or something. Honestly I didn't see the connection between them. I was told it was there and that feelings developed but...I never saw it. Then again I never really knew the characters, just what I was told of them. Also the POV switches from Kat to Lane every few chapters and I must say I didn't care for Lane's POV at all. I found him...He is the one that was really against getting involved with someone and I didn't believed he fell for Kat at all. I know he told me he did, but I didn't see it. 

This whole story felt very underdeveloped. Like it was just pieced together and only kind of fleshed out from an outline. Like okay now this happens so I am told it did. Now he feels this so I am told he feels this now. Now she does this so I am told she does it. It was choppy. It felt like the story just jumped from one thing to another and was just filler to get from one sexy time to the next. Now granted I don't mind just having a book full of sexy time light on the story, but then I want the sexy time to be amazing. And this was alright, but things kept being brought up in said sexy time (like adding a partner) that were then never addressed again. I kept expecting Kat to really go and let loose and give into her darkest fantasies like the synopsis says...but she really doesn't. She comments on one thing Lane does and how it would be okay if certain conditions were met and I thought oh, that will be fun to read, but then it never happened.

Overall this book left me disappointed. I couldn't connect with the characters or story since it was just fluff and the sexy time wasn't good enough to make up for it. Just an okay read, but nothing amazing. 

Rating: ★ ★

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Tony and Susan by Austin Wright

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Fifteen years ago, Susan Morrow left her first husband, Edward Sheffield, an unpublished writer. Now, she's enduring middle class suburbia as a doctor's wife, when out of the blue she receives a package containing the manuscript of her ex-husband's first novel. He writes asking her to read the book; she was always his best critic, he says.

As Susan reads, she's drawn into the fictional life of Tony Hastings, a math professor driving his family to their summer house in Maine, and as we read with her, we too become lost in Sheffield's thriller. As the Hastings' ordinary, civilized lives are disastrously, violently sent off course, Susan is plunged back into the past, forced to confront the darkness that inhabits her and driven to name the fear that gnaws at her future and will change her life.


After watching and loving Nocturnal Animals I saw there was a book the movie was based on. This book, so I put it on hold at the library to see what it was like. I was hoping I would love it just as much as I did the movie.

Tony & Susan was an interesting read. Because I had just seen the movie I knew where it was headed (if it was the same), and yet it was still really intense! I still was holding my breath at times waiting to see what would happen. It was particularly interesting because it was the same, but different. Everything that happened was basically the same as the movie, but small things were different. Susan was a bit different, the specifics were a bit different, but it still was very much the same.

Susan gets a book one day from her ex-husband Edward. He was always trying to write while they were together, but she was really harsh with him and didn't really think he had it in him. Not everyone does. So when he writes her asking if she will read his book she agrees. She is just hoping it won't be too bad so she doesn't have to be harsh when she tells him what she thought.

Susan was an odd one. She...the way she thinks about things is just strange to me. But it was Susan. I didn't really get her, but that was okay as I didn't need to. I just knew what she was like and that was good enough.

Now this book switched between Susan's life and Edward's story. At first I would get so into Edward's story that when it switched back to Susan and what she was thinking/feeling it was so jarring. Like someone splashed me with cold water. And I couldn't wait to get back to Edward's story. As it moved along I was enjoying both parts and it was interesting to see her take on what he had written.

The book Edwards writes is quite intense, and I loved it. This whole story, the idea, the concept, I really enjoyed. It is not a happy go lucky story. It is dark and raw and intense in the best way. If you have seen to movie and enjoyed it give this book a read. If not read it then see the movie. Both are amazing and really interesting.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ 1/2

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Cover Reveal: Logan - A Preston Brothers Novel (Book 2) by Jay McLean

Logan is coming Oct 1! Who else is excited to read this newest Preston Brothers book? I know I am counting down the days!! For now check out the cover and pre-order your copy! I cannot wait!!

Now available to pre-order on


As a kid, Logan Preston was a brat.

Through his teens, he became the bad boy

Now, at nineteen, no one knows what the hell to expect.


High school dropout, Logan Preston is a

good-for- nothing stoner.

A black sheep.

A disappointment.

The worst Preston Punk of the lot.

At least that’s how everyone in his small town

makes him feel.

But Logan Preston has secrets.

Secrets so dark and so deep below the surface that the only way he can fight them is to stay high, high, high.

He wears cockiness as a mask.

Arrogance as his armor.

Until one girl, one night, asks one life-changing question:

What's beneath the bravado, Logan Preston?

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Prior Books in the series (click title to go to my review):

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The Preston Brothers Series is a spin-off of the More Than Series. Meet the More Than men in:

More Than This (Book 1) - Jake Andrews: Sweet jock

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More Than Her & More Than Him (book 2 & 3) Logan Matthews: Arrogant asshat.

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More Than Forever (Book 4) - Cameron Gordon: High school sweetheart.

Available on

More Than Enough (Book 5) - Dylan Banks: Broody, silent Marine.

Available on

About the Author:

Jay McLean is an international best-selling author and full-time reader, writer of New Adult Romance, as well as skilled procrastinator. When she's not doing any of those things, she can be found running after her two little boys, playing house and binge watching Netflix.
She writes what she loves to read, which are books that can make her laugh, make her hurt and make her feel.

Jay lives in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, in a forever half-done home where music is loud and laughter is louder.

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Release Day: The Outskirts (The Outskirts Duet #1) by T.M. Frazier

 The Outskirts by T.M. Frazier is now LIVE! 

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Sawyer wants a life of her own.
Finn wants to forget he ever had one.

After a tragedy, Finn Hollis escapes 

into the swamp to be alone.
That is until Sawyer Dixon shows up, 
all SCORCHING HOT innocence, 
claiming she owns the land less than 
fifty feet from his front door.

Sawyer gets under his SKIN, but even worse?
She makes him WANT things.
Things Finn hasn’t wanted in a very very long time.

Finn WANTS Sawyer gone.
Almost as much as he wants her in his BED.

The Outskirts is Book One in the Outskirts Duet.

About the Author:

T.M.Frazier is a USA TODAY bestselling author. She resides in sunny Southwest Florida with her husband and her young daughter. 

When she’s not writing she loves talking to her readers, country music, reading and traveling. Her debut novel, The Dark Light of Day was published in September of 2013 and when she started writing it she intended for it to be a light beachy romance. 

Well…it has a beach in it!