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Blog Tour: Preppy: The Life & Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part Three (King #7) by T.M. Frazier

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The bowtie is BACK!

Dre was just a beautiful stranger when Preppy saved her the first time around. Now, he has to save her again, but she's no longer some stranger, she's family, and he has no idea who or what he's up against.

What he does know is that putting his family back together is the only acceptable outcome.

Preppy's to-do list?


He's alive...and he's out for BLOOD.

Preppy Part Three is the third book and conclusion of Preppy and Dre's story. It's also the 7th book in the King Series, which should be read in order starting with KING & TYRANT.


Oh Preppy. I loved you from that first book and through all the highs and lows this series had to offer. Man this was a great ending. Note: this is not a standalone book. You have to at least read the first two parts of Preppy, but should read the prior 6 books in the series to really understand everything that is happening. They are all amazing so why not?

Okay. Preppy. I love him so much. He was always my favorite and he has had a lot to deal with throughout this series. I won't ever forget the end of Soulless and finding out we would get to hear Peppy's story! It was awesome and I have loved every minute of this ride. This author doesn't hold back and anything can happen. I mean the things these characters go through, but it is worth it in the end.

Preppy and Dre have come along way from the first part of their story. They are together and happy with a kid they adopted and it is wonderful. Of course it can't stay that way forever, but then again the last book ends with Dre getting kidnapped. Now I will say this chapter wasn't as intense as I was expecting. It was sweet and kind and yeah some bad things happen, but you also get some beautiful moments with these two and the rest of the gang. Those times that make my heart so big watching them figure everything out. I am so happy all of them find their forevers. King and Ray, Bear and Thia, and Preppy and Dre. I know I am not really talking a lot about the storyline, but I don't want to ruin anything. If you have read this far in the series you know what you are getting yourself into. And that ending. Oh, I almost cried because it was over! I want more and more and more. Can't I just keep reading about these characters forever? No? Okay. I guess I will just have to wait to see what the author has in store for us next. I am sure I will love it just as much as I loved these books. It is just hard to say goodbye to characters that you have followed for so long. At least I can always re-read the books. Really if you know the series you won't want to miss this final chapter. Because pancakes! Oh, Preppy.

*Note: I received a free copy of this book for voluntary review consideration

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★


Kevin had occasionally done something that reminded me of myself, but next to a DNA test, I still had no valid proof he was my brother. Nothing that connected us as family.

Until now.

“Dude, you’re creeping me out,” Kevin said, reaching for his shorts.

Before he could pull them back on I dropped the hose and bee-lined toward him, wrapping him in a bear hug. “You really are my brother.”

“Huh?” Kevin asked, standing as still as a statue.

“Shhhh…just let me love you.”

“What exactly is going on out here?” Dre asked from the porch, flipping on the light. I still didn’t let go.

“He’s my brother. I’m sure of it now,” I informed her.

“I have no idea what’s going on,” Kevin said, wiggling free from my grip.

“Oh yeah?” Dre asked, amusement in her sleepy tone. She yawned and cinched the sash of the sexy little robe she was wearing that showed off those amazing legs of hers. “How are you so sure?”

I stepped back and pointed down to Kevin’s massive cock. “Because of that!”

Dre’s sweet laughter filled the air. I picked up the hose again and started to spray Kevin down. “Shit man, that’s cold!” he shouted, dancing around in the grass. “And are you gonna fill me in on what exactly she’s laughing at?”

“That,” I informed him, spraying his crotch with water. “Because I just found more proof that we’re brothers than the fact that we think we both were shot out of the same cunt.” I grinned from ear to ear.

“Okay? And what’s that?” Kevin asked. I turned off the hose and Dre tossed him a towel.

I dropped my eyes to the huge slab of man meat between Kevin’s legs. “From the waist down we’re not just brothers, we’re fucking twinsies.”

“Uh, what the fuck, Preppy?” Kevin asked, putting his shorts back on.

“Quick,” I said. “Tell me something. How do you feel about pancakes?”

Kevin shivered. “Honestly, I’m more of a waffle kind of guy.”

Dre gasped.

I shut my eyes tightly, clenching my fists at my side. I cracked my neck and slowly turned to face him. I opened my eyes. “What the fuck did you just say to me, boy? You better start running.”

“Wait, what?” Kevin asked, taking a step back and tripping over the sprinkler. He stood up and bolted through the gate. I chased him through the field while Dre looked on and laughed.

“I take it all back! You’re not my brother!” I shouted, tackling him to the ground and sitting on his chest.

“What the fuck, Preppy?” Kevin asked, squirming under me.

“You and I need to have a serious fucking talk.” I leaned down until my nose was almost touching his. “About the abomination that is waffles.”

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About the Author:

T.M.Frazier is a USA TODAY bestselling author. She resides in sunny Southwest Florida with her husband and her young daughter. When she’s not writing she loves talking to her readers, country music, reading and traveling. Her debut novel, The Dark Light of Day was published in September of 2013 and when she started writing it she intended for it to be a light beachy romance. Well…it has a beach in it! Her latest works include her USA TODAY BESTSELLING KING SERIES and All the Rage.
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Release Day: Preppy: The Life & Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part Three (King #7) by T.M. Frazier

Preppy, Part Three: The Life and Death of Samuel Clearwater by T.M. Frazier is now LIVE!!!
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The bowtie is BACK!

Dre was just a beautiful stranger when Preppy saved her the first time around. Now, he has to save her again, but she's no longer some stranger, she's family, and he has no idea who or what he's up against.

What he does know is that putting his family back together is the only acceptable outcome.

Preppy's to-do list?


He's alive...and he's out for BLOOD.

Preppy Part Three is the third book and conclusion of Preppy and Dre's story. It's also the 7th book in the King Series, which should be read in order starting with KING & TYRANT.

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Available on

About the Author:

T.M.Frazier is a USA TODAY bestselling author. She resides in sunny Southwest Florida with her husband and her young daughter. When she’s not writing she loves talking to her readers, country music, reading and traveling. Her debut novel, The Dark Light of Day was published in September of 2013 and when she started writing it she intended for it to be a light beachy romance. Well…it has a beach in it! Her latest works include her USA TODAY BESTSELLING KING SERIES and All the Rage.
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Kulti by Mariana Zapata

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“Trust me, I’ve wanted to punch you in the face a time or five.”

When the man you worshipped as a kid becomes your coach, it’s supposed to be the greatest thing in the world. Keywords: supposed to.

It didn’t take a week for twenty-seven-year-old Sal Casillas to wonder what she’d seen in the international soccer icon—why she’d ever had his posters on her wall, or ever envisioned marrying him and having super-playing soccer babies.

Sal had long ago gotten over the worst non-break-up in the history of imaginary relationships with a man that hadn’t known she’d existed. So she isn’t prepared for this version of Reiner Kulti who shows up to her team’s season: a quiet, reclusive, shadow of the explosive, passionate man he’d once been.

Nothing could have prepared her for the man she got to know.

Or the murderous urges he brought out in her.

“Sal, please don’t make me visit you in jail. Orange isn’t your color.”

This was going to be the longest season of her life.


Kulti was a wonderful read. I loved this book so so much. I wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. It just sounded okay to me, but oh it was wonderful.

Sal grew up loving soccer. She played, she watched, she was obsessed with Reiner Kulti. He was everything. She hero worshiped him. She was going to marry him one day. Until he broke her heart when he married someone else. And now she finds out that he is going to be her new coach. She is half excited, half unhappy with this new development. No one has seen or heard from him in a while and now he is going to show up and coach them? What will it be like? What will he be like? Well, turns out he is a jerk. And gets on Sal's nerves something fierce. What did she ever see in this guy??

Kulti has had a bit of a rough time. Something happened that kind of destroyed him. He is not that same passionate guy she used to watch. Instead he is quiet and reclusive and doesn't seem to talk to anyone (or even want to). He is really hard on Sal and she can't figure out why. But somehow, through all of the annoyances that are Kulti, they start to become friends. This is definitely not a fast-paced insta-love book. No this is a very slow burn that I loved so so much. At the beginning I kept thinking how in the world is this going to turn into these two falling in love? I don't see it. They hate each other, or at least Sal hates him, there is nothing romantic about them, it is just...odd. Maybe they could be friends one day, maybe, but even that seems to be a stretch. But it works. It flows naturally and somehow they figure it out and by the end it was wonderful.

This story is told only from Sal's point of view and it was lovely. While I would have loved to know what Kulti was thinking at times, it was probably better we didn't have it. Sal is wonderful and the two of them together? Amazing. That and Sal's family, her father in particular, oh I loved them. Her dad is just as big of a fan of Kulti as she was and it was so much fun to watch. Sal and Kulti build that grudging friendship, they have a great back and forth and that eventually leads to more. I loved this story. It is a longer book, but it never felt long. I got to the end and didn't want it to be over. I still wanted more. Overall this is a fantastic read. So much love for this wonderful slow burn. I had heard so many great things about this author before reading this and I am so happy to find that they are all true. Wonderful. Go read this book.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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Rush (City Lights #3) by Emma Scott

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To be blind is not miserable; not to be able to bear blindness, that is miserable. --John Milton

Charlotte Conroy, Juilliard-trained violinist, was on the cusp of greatness when tragedy swooped down on dark wings, crushing her hopes and breaking her heart. The music that used to sing in her soul has grown quiet, and she feels on the verge of setting down her violin for good. To pay the bills, she accepts a job as a personal assistant to a bitter, angry young man who’s been disabled by a horrific accident …

Noah Lake was an extreme sport athlete, journalist and photographer. He roamed the world in search of his next adrenaline high, until a cliff-dive left him in a coma. He awakes to find his career gone, his dreams shattered to pieces, his world an endless blackness that will never lift.

Charlotte begins to see that beneath Noah’s angry, brittle exterior is a young man in a pain. She is determined to show him that his life isn’t over, that he has so much to live for, never dreaming that she would become the only light in his darkness, or that he would help her find the music in hers.

The life he knew is over. The life she wants is just out of reach.
Together, they must face their fears and rediscover what it means to really live.

RUSH is Book III in the City Lights Series, and each can be read as a standalone.


Rush was a great read. I loved these characters, I loved their story, I really enjoyed this one. 

Noah was an adrenaline junkie. He was working for an extreme sports magazine writing articles and chasing the next thrill. He has it all. Until an accident that almost kills him, which sometimes he thinks would have been better. Instead he is left blind, but he is not happy about that. He clings to his old life even though there is no way for him to have that life again. He refuses to accept that and it makes him really angry and unhappy and not a nice person to be around. He is holed up in his parents place in the city and he barely leaves his room. 

Charlotte is a violin prodigy. She was going to Juilliard, had a boyfriend she loved, everything was on track for greatness with her. Only tragedy struck and she lost everything. She can't feel the music anymore. She can still play, but it is not the same. It hurts too much. She can't find music like she used to and it is really hard on her. She doesn't know if that will ever come back, if she will ever be able to really play again, so she is taking some time off. Working two jobs to just barely make the rent at her tiny shared apartment where she gets no privacy. When she gets offered a job as Noah's assistant she accepts. She knows he is angry, unkind, and it will not be easy, but hopefully she can make things just a little bit better for him. At the very least she will be there if he ever needs someone. 

Right from the start Noah is a bit intrigued by Charlotte. She plays for him and he realizes how amazing she is. She should be playing for people, not hiding away in his place helping him. Slowly but surely she manages to work her way into his life, beneath his hurt and anger, and he starts to care for her. It was really sweet. I loved how the two of them were both broken, but they both started to try and work through some of their issues together. I will say one slight thing I didn't like so much was that Noah was always trying to be better, to not be so angry and such, for Charlotte. For them. Which is good and all, but really he should eventually want to for himself. But that was just a small thing. 

So of course there is a lot to work through before these two can have a happily ever after. The pain and anger are not just going to go away for Noah. It is not some magical cure where suddenly everything is okay. I liked him much more than I thought I would. Really I have read a few books where the main character is recently blind or going blind and I haven't really enjoyed them. The way those characters talked about it made me angry. Like blind people can do nothing. Whereas I understood Noah. He understands he could do things if he learned to, he could get outside his four walls if he wanted, but he is just too angry, to determined to hold onto the past to do so. His struggles I understood. Both of them really. This was a really great read. 

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ 

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The Gravity of Us (Elements #4) by Brittainy C. Cherry

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Graham Russell and I weren’t made for one another.

I was driven by emotion; he was apathetic. I dreamed while he lived in nightmares. I cried when he had no tears to shed.

Despite his frozen heart and my readiness to run, we sometimes shared seconds. Seconds when our eyes locked and we saw each other’s secrets. Seconds when his lips tasted my fears, and I breathed in his pains. Seconds when we both imagined what it would be like to love one another.

Those seconds left us floating, but when reality knocked us sideways, gravity forced us to descend.

Graham Russell wasn’t a man who knew how to love, and I wasn’t a woman who knew how to either. Yet if I had the chance to fall again, I’d fall with him forever.

Even if we were destined to crash against solid ground.


The Gravity of Us was a wonderful read. This book messed me up in the best of ways. There were a few times where I teared up and once where I almost seriously cried, which for me is a big deal. I don't usually actually cry at books so...this book got to me. It was like the perfect storm for me reading this story. I was super happy at the end, I almost cried because it was so perfect and sweet and wonderful, but it really made me think about loved ones I have lost and I was so caught up in my head I couldn't move on. It was great even if it was a downer at times.

This is the story of Lucy and Graham. Lucy who feels everything and Graham who tries his hardest to feel nothing. These two...they shouldn't have worked. They shouldn't have had a connection, shouldn't have felt anything towards the other, there are some significant reasons why they shouldn't be together, but one very good reason why they should. One reason that wipes away those reasons why not. When you find your other half you have to figure out how to keep them in the face of everything else.

When Graham and Lucy first meet he couldn't have known what the future would hold. She is just a fan that is also trapped outside after they went out a door they didn't realize would lock. She is just a girl who is hippie-dippie and not at all who he would want to be around. I mean she feels everything so strongly and he has no idea what to do with this. His past made him close down emotions and try to not have any. Try to not feel anything so nothing can hurt him like it did. Oh, Graham. I loved him. I loved watching him open up when he is faced with a situation he never thought he would find himself in. I loved watching Lucy show him how to be a bit freer. I loved how awkward he was with conversation, but he was trying. He was trying to be nice to Lucy he just didn't always know how. It was really sweet and I loved him. He was wonderful even if he is not the best with words. If he doesn't always know what to say even though he is an amazing author. He can write, but he can't always speak well. I loved him. He really was a sweetheart underneath his cold exterior.

And Lucy was so incredibly sweet. She is one of the kindest people ever. She will forgive you almost anything if you apologize. She will come back time and time again when you mess up or say something stupid or whatever. If she cares about you that is a wonderful gift. She was amazing. So giving and wonderful and full of life.

It definitely wasn't an instant love connection between these two, but slowly they start to fall for each other. Graham doesn't really know what he is doing as he has never cared like that about someone before, but oh he broke my heart at times. He tries so hard and by the end he is the best. He still has flaws, he knows he does, but he is trying to be better for Lucy. To be what she deserves. To be a bit more like her. I loved this story. It was a rough one for me to read especially with some of the things that happened and the timing for me, but it was great. A wonderful end to this amazing series.

*Note: I received a free copy of this book for voluntary review consideration

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2



We didn’t know how to act with one another after our first kiss. Our situation wasn’t the norm when it came to building a relationship. We did everything backward. I fell in love with a boy before our first kiss, and he fell for a girl who he wasn’t allowed to have. Our connection, our heartbeats, matched one another in our fairytale world, but in reality, society deemed us as an awful accident.

Maybe we were an accident—a mistake.

Maybe we were never supposed to cross each other’s paths.

Maybe he was only meant to be a lesson in life and not a permanent mark.

But still, the way he kissed me…

Our kiss was as if heaven and hell collided together, and each choice was right and wrong at the same exact time. We kissed as if we were making a mistake and the best decision all at once. His lips made me float higher, yet somehow descend. His breaths somehow made my heart beat faster as it came to a complete halt.

Our love was everything good and bad wrapped in one kiss.

A part of me knew I should’ve regretted it, but the way his lips warmed up the cold shadows of my soul…the way he left his mark on me…

I’d never regret finding him, holding him, even if we only had those few seconds as one.

He’d always be worth those tiny seconds we shared.

He’d always be worth that soul-connecting feeling we created when our lips touched.

He’d always be the one I spent my nights dreaming of being near.

He’d always be worth it to me.

Sometimes when your heart wanted a full-length novel, the world only gave you a novella, and sometimes when you wanted forever you only had those few seconds of now.

And all I could do, all anyone could ever do, was make each moment count.

After we went home that night, we didn’t talk about it at all. Not the following week, either. I focused on Talon. Graham worked on his novel. I believed both of us were waiting for the right time to come up for us to speak about it, but that was the tricky thing about timing: it was never right.

Sometimes you just had to leap and hope you didn’t fall.

Prior Books in the Series (click on the title to go to my review):

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The Silent Waters (Now ONLY 99¢!)
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About the Author:

Hi! I'm Brittainy! Join me as we travel through my mind as a Romance Author. This includes such things as my random thoughts, tricks, tips, things I'm learning, things I'm re-learning, things I'm forgetting, and my weird ways of crafting stories.

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A Kiss Like This (Kiss & Make Up #3) by Sara Ney

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This novel, along with all others in this series, is a standalone with no cliffhanger. You're welcome.


She will never be “that” girl. You know the one: that girl on campus, confident in her own skin. Always saying the right things. Putting herself out there. Knows how to talk to a guy without stammering.

Nope. Shy but clever, and easily embarrassed, Abby is fine being the wallflower in her circle of outgoing, beautiful friends; she would rather read about a sexy book boyfriend than actually have a live, breathing one.


Star goaltender for the University’s hockey team, Caleb is quiet and broody, preferring the solitude of his orderly, regimented life. He doesn’t like, or need people—and plans to keep it that way. One more year left of hockey and he’ll be long gone.

AWKWARD NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD. Both their lives change the day that Abigail falls for Caleb. Well, falls directly on top of him, to be accurate. Because sometimes we don’t settle into love.

We fall there.

WARNING: This book contains cursing, and LOTS of it. It also has sex, uncomfortable and often awkward situations. Not to mention, the secondary characters say some really inappropriate s**t. Not intended for readers under 17


Oh my goodness  gracious I thought I loved Cece and MAtthew's story, but they have nothing on the love I had for Abby and Caleb. Oh these two....I loved them so freakin much. This story was definitely my favorite of the series (even though I loved them all). Man Abby + Caleb = Swoon!

Abby is shy and awkward and doesn't have much experience with guys. She is a good girl, she is smart and fun and would rather stay home in her pajamas than go out to the bar. She was so sweet.

Caleb is the goaltender for the college hockey team. He is quiet and brooding and just as awkward as Abby. He has only had a girlfriend once for a few days back in middle school. It is just not for him. Or at least he has never found anyone worth doing the whole relationship thing with. He keeps to himself, is grumbly, and oh I love him. I love the big grumbly teddy bears! They are one of my favorites! Caleb does not sleep around. He prefers to keep to himself and make sure his roommates/teammates don't destroy their house. He is the responsible one and he always just takes them making fun of his introvert ways.

When Abby and Caleb meet it was so freakin cute! Right from the start I loved the two of them together. They were both so awkward and didn't know what they were doing. Oh Caleb was the best! His "moves" were amazing. The slowly trying to figure this all out was so sweet and I wanted it to go on forever. These two I loved so much. I love that neither of them has much experience, that they both fumble around and make every situation more awkward that it needs to be. They were amazing. Do yourself a favor and go read this book. It is awesome!!

*Note: I received a free copy of this book for voluntary review consideration

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

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Paper Fools (Hearts and Arrows #1) by Staci Hart

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Aphrodite knows love — just don’t ask her to figure out her own mess.

Rather than deal with her sticky love life, she toys with the hearts of unwitting humans. It’s a little game she plays, and the stakes are high. Lucky for her, she’s just found the perfect match.

Lex is everything Dean needs, but he can’t have her.

It doesn’t matter that her eyes speak to a long forgotten part of him, or that her art and poetry touch his shredded heart. She’s off limits — crossing that line would implode his band and everything he’s ever cared about. There’s only one option: stay away from her, no matter the cost. Even if the price is his heart.

Dean is everything Lex wants, but she can’t take the risk.

The second she meets him, she knows her heart is in danger. She’s convinced it’s only attraction that has her hung up on the dark, quiet lead singer, but with every day that passes, she knows it’s more. It’s just that she can’t put her heart on the line. She won’t — love has never been worth the sacrifice.

If only they knew they were just pawns in a much bigger game. And in the game of love, Aphrodite never loses.

*Formerly titled Deer in Headlights, Paper Fools has been rewritten and reedited just for you.*


Paper Fools was a fun read. I really loved the idea of the gods competing with each other for favors to keep them from fighting all the time. That it is Aphrodite's turn to compete which means she will take on the other gods and try to make a love match while they try and stop it. I was fun.

Aphrodite knows how to get people to fall in love, but her own life is a bit of a mess. It was fun watching all of the gods just hang out and act like normal people, even though they all have these great powers. It was really interesting and even though I am not up on my Greek gods it was fine. She has a bit of a mess and first up in the competition is Apollo. Apollo who needs to win to get his love back. To get the favor from Dita so she will help him. There is no other way, which means he has to be on his game this time. Dita never loses so it will be tough, but he can't stand waiting longer to get his love back.

When Apollo choose his player, Dean, who sleeps with any girl who throws herself at him, Dita is right there with Lex who she knows will be perfect for each other. There is something about Dean that make girls fall all over him and he is not complaining. But his bandmates are as he keeps sleeping with their drummers girlfriends when they ask and then the drummer leaves. Like what just happened just before they were to start recording an album. Luckily his best friend, the only person he really cares about, is able to find a drummer, maybe even a better drummer than they have, so now he really has so stay away from the new drummers girlfriend. Who happens to be Lex. Who isn't sure that her boyfriend who she lives with is right for her. Who feels the connection with Dean right away, but how could she do anything about it?

These two definitely have a connection, but neither really want to mess up the band of hurt anyone. I did like them, but Lex was a times I didn't like her decisions. It was okay because everything worked out in the end, but she wasn't my favorite at times.

While all of this is going on on earth, Dita and Apollo are fighting each other to see if they can make or break the connection between Lex and Dean. Apollo has a few tricks up his sleeve and along the way you get to know then both a little better. Their past and what brought them to where they are at now. I enjoyed those bits as it was fun.

Now my one issue with the story was that the Lex/Dean storyline felt like a secondary story that was trying to be a main storyline. I wanted either a bit more or a bit less detail on it. Like let me really get to know these characters more, really root for them, or have the gods storyline be the main one with bits and pieces of Lex and Dean. It didn't stop me from enjoying the story overall, but I wanted a bit more of less.

Overall this was a fun read and I can't wait to read book two to see what happens next.

*Note: I received a free copy of this book for voluntary review consideration

Rating: ★ ★ ★1/2

About the Author:

Staci has been a lot of things up to this point in her life -- a graphic designer, an entrepreneur, a seamstress, a clothing and handbag designer, a waitress. Can't forget that. She's also been a mom, with three little girls who are sure to grow up to break a number of hearts. She's been a wife, though she's certainly not the cleanest, or the best cook. She's also super, duper fun at a party, especially if she's been drinking whiskey. From roots in Houston to a seven year stint in Southern California, Staci and her family ended up settling somewhere in between and equally north, in Denver. They are new enough that snow is still magical. When she's not writing, she's reading, sleeping, gaming, or designing graphics.