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A Crown of Bitter Orange (La Vie en Roses #3) by Laura Florand

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From international bestselling author Laura Florand:

Childhood friends.
Tristan Rosier might have asked Malorie Monsard to marry him when he was five years old, but things had only gone downhill from there. She’d spent the rest of their lives ignoring him, abandoning him, and destroying his perfumes. Now she was back, to wreak who knew what havoc on his life.

Lifelong enemies.
Tristan might choose to dismiss the generations-long enmity between their two families, but Malorie didn’t have that privilege. Like all the other privileges wealthy, gorgeous Tristan took for granted that she couldn’t. But if she was going to restore her family company to glory, she might just need his help.

Or the perfect match?
They’d known each other all their lives. Could these childhood friends and lifelong enemies ever uncross their stars and find happily ever after?


Man Laura Florand's books are simply wonderful to read. I don't know how she does it, but she always writes the most beautiful stories that are like a balm for my soul. So soothing and make me so happy. If I need to be wrapped up in the warm and fuzzy, need some comforting, need some awakening of all of my senses, then Florand is the one to read. The way her characters see the world and think about things? I wish I had that. I wish that was the world the way I perceived it. It sounds magical and marvelous and makes me want things I don't even like. Every time I start one of her books I know I have to have the time to finish it as I get so drawn into her world I don't realize how much time has passed. I fall in love with the characters, the places, the things that are important to them. I want it all. And as the pages start dwindling I start to get sad because that means I am about out of time with these wonderful people. I am about done with their story and I never want it to end. I love Laura Florand and her books, and this one was no exception.

A Crown of Bitter Orange was a wonderful read. Tristan and Malorie have known each other their whole life. Tristan is a Rosier and Malorie a Monsard. A Monsard whose father used people all the time to try and make it seem like he had it all, who didn't care about hurting Malorie or her mother or anyone. A father who was not good, but then again a lot of her family's history is not so good. They used to be something in the region until they ruined themselves with their sordid past. Malorie feels the weight of everything those before her did. Even though she is so sweet, so kind, she can't get out from under what her relatives did. She never feels like she could fit in where she grew up, so she just left one day. She left and made something of herself, but now she is back to settle a few things. What should she do with her family's run-down storefront? Should she sell it and go back to her life far away, or should she stay and fix it up and try to make Monsard a good name again? Try to make it something to be proud of instead of a weight keeping her down?

Tristan was so wonderful. I love love loved him! He is incredibly smart, but people don't often see that as he has too much energy. He can't sit still and school was very difficult for him. He is constantly being told that the way he is is not right and he needs to try and be different, but he can't. He doesn't know how. Oh, Tristan was wonderful! He has always like Malorie, always tried to get her to notice him, but she never does. He tries and tries, but she doesn't seem to care about him at all. When she shows up in town again he is unsure at first what to do. He still likes her, maybe even loves her, but can he win her over? Can he get her to take a chance on him?

These two. Malorie has this image of Tristan that is not completely true. She always saw him as a ladies man, as someone who just wants her to like him because he needs everyone to. She never realizes what he is really trying to do. That he cares for her. She always saw them as enemies, but that is not completely true. She likes him even when she doesn't want to. Oh, these two. I loved watching them circle around what they both want. I loved watching them try to figure it all out and see if they can get to that happily ever after. Tristan and his perfumes and Malorie and her numbers. She hurts him at times when she doesn't even know, but he does the same. He doesn't know what her life and her own expectations she puts on herself is like. They both have some learning to do about the other, but I loved watching them come together. They were so sweet and wonderful!

This book was a fantastic read. Tristan and Malorie are so sweet together I loved it. They love to rile each other up, but beneath it all there is genuine care for the other. They just have to see that and figure out how to make this work between them. Another fantastic read by this author.

*Note: I received a free copy of this book for voluntary review consideration
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

A Thousand Letters by Staci Hart

Staci Hart's newest book is coming February 9!! Check out the beautiful cover below and add it to your to-read list on Goodreads


Sometimes your life is split by a single decision.

I’ve spent every day of the last seven years regretting mine: he left, and I didn’t follow. A thousand letters went unanswered, my words like petals in the wind, spinning away into nothing, taking me with them.

But now he’s back.

I barely recognize the man he’s become, but I can still see a glimmer of the boy who asked me to be his forever, the boy I walked away from when I was young and afraid.

Maybe if he’d come home under better circumstances, he could speak to me without anger in his voice. Maybe if I’d said yes all those years ago, he’d look at me without the weight of rejection in his eyes. Maybe if things were different, we would have had a chance.
One regretted decision sent him away. One painful journey brought him back to me. I only wish I could keep him.

*A contemporary romance inspired by Jane Austen’s Persuasion*

About the Author: 

Staci has been a lot of things up to this point in her life: a graphic designer, an entrepreneur, a seamstress, a clothing and handbag designer, a waitress. Can't forget that. She's also been a mom, with three little girls who are sure to grow up to break a number of hearts. She's been a wife, even though she's certainly not the cleanest, or the best cook. She's also super, duper fun at a party, especially if she's been drinking whiskey. Her favorite word starts with f and ends with k.

From roots in Houston, to a seven year stint in Southern California, Staci and her family ended up settling somewhere in between and equally north, in Denver. They are new enough that snow is still magical. When she's not writing, she's sleeping, cleaning, or designing graphics.

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Finn by Ahren Sanders

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I thought I knew what love was, but I didn’t have a f*%king clue. Now, I’m in the fight of my life to win over the woman who owns my soul. ~ Finn Black

The face of an angel…
The heart of a saint…

One look, one smile, and I didn’t stand a chance. The instant my eyes landed on Presley Chambers, I was a goner. She was a force of nature that turned my world upside down. Sweet, sassy, and sexy as hell, she brought me to my knees.

But she isn’t just any woman, she’s a gift, she’s a goddess, she’s my disease… and I’ll fight like hell to erase her fears.

Sometimes fate has other plans. Now our future is in her hands.

I can only hope she’ll give us the chance we both deserve.

The idea that someone could possess me was insane… until I met Finn Black.~ Presley Chambers

The face of Adonis…
The heart of a hero…

Finn Black infiltrated my safe world the minute he breathed my name. He broke down my barriers and convinced me to take a chance. For the first time ever, I was living my life with a man who promised me a future only dreams are made of.

Sometimes the line between love and longing are tested.

He’s asked me to trust him, to trust us, but the fear of losing him became too much.

Now I must decide if I’m willing to take a leap of faith, and hope he’ll be there to catch me.


Finn was not my favorite story. *Spoilers ahead*

This story was a lot of telling in the way that is over telling. Like too much description of everything so it made the story a lot longer than it needed to be. I don't like it. I don't like all the useless stuff being thrown in and clogging up my story. Sometimes it is just me. Sometimes the descriptions are just too much for me, but it doesn't bother other people, which might be the case here. I just don't like that writing style.

This is the story of Finn and Presley. Finn who works in security, helping save people from bad situations, and Presley who has security issues. She is afraid of losing people and I knew right from the beginning how this story would end. Finn's job would put him in a sticky situation, Presley wouldn't be able to deal with it and would freak out, then they would have to try and find their way back to each other. And that is exactly what happened. Finn did surprise me in that section though. He just gave up when Presley's fears got to her. It didn't make a lot of sense. For him to be all in, she is the one, no one else will do, and then just give up like that didn't make sense to me. I understood he was hurting, but still. You think he would have tried even a little bit to make things right if you are that hung up on the girl.

Finn is also an alpha male in a way I didn't like. He came across as not cool instead of what I normally enjoy. I like alpha males. I like the overbearing guys, but not like Finn was. I am not really sure why. Like one time Presley was at the gym and one of the guys called Finn to let him know some guy had his hands on her. A guy who was a teacher in her class and helping her with her exercises. Not just some random dude, and Finn goes crazy and embarrasses Presley. The way it was written I was just like not cool dude, not cool at all. That is not the kind of alpha guy I like. Well maybe if they have a girl who won't put up with that nonsense and makes him see reason it could be okay, but that was not Presley.

So this wasn't the story for me. I didn't like the way it was written, I didn't care for the characters, I knew how it would all play out from the get go, it just wasn't for me. Oh one other thing. Everyone kept going on about how Presley uses such big words...but she doesn't really. It was like constantly brought up how she uses so many big words...words like divine and stuff. Nothing super crazy or like things I have never heard of. It was such a big deal, brought up so many times, I expected her to have a crazy vocabulary. Instead it was just normal to me. Yeah. This wasn't the book for me.

Rating: ★1/2

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Cover Reveal: Singe by Aly Martinez

Who's excited for Aly Martinez's new standalone series?? Book 1, Singe, is releasing February 6th! I cannot wait!

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She was my nightmare. Every time I closed my eyes, I watched her fall into that inferno. Over and over, I failed to save her.

I hadn’t been able to reach her, and the guilt only burned hotter over time. Four years later, I was the unreachable one.

Heroes aren’t always saints. Sometimes, we’re nothing more than jaded sinners driven by sleepless nights and hearts full of darkness.

And then I met her. She was a dreamer who managed to soothe my scars and heal my wounds.

But, as the flames closed in around us, I feared I wasn’t the right man to save her. That is until I realized she was the one woman I’d burn the world down to protect.

About the Author:

Born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, Aly Martinez is a stay-at-home mom to four crazy kids under the age of five- including a set of twins. Currently living in South Carolina, she passes what little free time she has reading anything and everything she can get her hands on, preferably with a glass of wine at her side.

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Cover Reveal: Fake Fiancée by Ilsa Madden-Mills

Fake Fiancée is a new standalone romance from Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Ilsa Madden-Mills releasing February 6th!
Meet Max Kent & Add Fake Fiancée to your TBR on Goodreads


A new standalone romance from Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Ilsa Madden-Mills...

They say nothing compares to your first kiss,
But our first kiss was orchestrated for an audience.
Our second kiss…that one was REAL.
He cradled my face like he was terrified he’d f*ck it up.
He stared into my eyes until the air buzzed.
Soft and slow, full of sighs and little laughs,
He inhaled me like I was the finest Belgian chocolate,
And he'd never get another piece.
A nip of his teeth, his hand at my waist...
And I was lost.
I forgot he was paying me to be his fake fiancée.
I forgot we weren’t REAL.
Our kiss was pure magic, and before you laugh and say those kinds of kisses don’t exist…
Then you’ve never touched lips with Max Kent, the hottest quarterback in college history.

Get ready for breathtaking kisses and dreamy football players…

About the Author:
Wall Street Journal best selling author Ilsa Madden-Mills writes about strong heroines and sexy alpha males that sometimes you just want to slap.

She's addicted to all things fantasy, including unicorns and sword-wielding females. Other fascinations include frothy coffee beverages, dark chocolate, Ian Somerhalder, astronomy (she's a Gemini), and tattoos. She has a degree in English and a Master's in Education. When she's not pecking away on her computer, she shops for cool magnets and fuzzy pajamas.

She loves to hear from readers and fellow authors. Email her at

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Release Day: Call Me Daddy by Jade West

It is here! Jade West's newest is now available!! I just started reading it and eek!! I am loving it!! Go grab your copy today!! Review to come soon! 

Now available on * * Goodreads


I want him to be my first.
I want him to be the one.
I want him to be my everything.

I didn’t expect to spend my eighteenth birthday stranded in the pouring rain with no way to make it home.
I didn’t expect to be rescued from the worst night of my life by the most amazing man I’d ever seen.
His name is Nick, and he says he wants to take care of me, says he’ll look after me, says I don’t need to be alone anymore.
He treats me like a princess, like the fragile little girl he saved from the cold.
But I like him… I like him like that.
I’ve never liked anyone like that before…

And it’s weird, this thing we have…
It’s like I can’t decide how we’re supposed to be… what we are…
Until he says the words…
Call me Daddy.

If Daddy smut is your kink, dive right in. If not, this definitely, definitely is not the book for you.
You have been warned.
I don't issue this warning lightly. :D

About the Author:

Jade has increasingly less to say about herself as time goes on, other than the fact she is an author, but she’s happy with this fact.
Living in imaginary realities and having a legitimate excuse for it is really all she’s ever wanted.
Jade is as dirty as you’d expect from her novels, and talking smut makes her smile.

She lives in the Herefordshire countryside with a couple of hounds and a guy who’s able to cope with her inherent weirdness.
She has a red living room, decorated with far more zebra print than most people could bear and fights a constant battle with her addiction to Coca-Cola.

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Under His Protection (Red Stone Security #9) by Katie Reus


Julieta’s stalker doesn’t play by the rules...

Lingerie shop owner Julieta Mederos has worked hard to get her business off the ground. Now she’s looking forward to some quality time with her friends and her big, boisterous family. But explicit texts from random phone numbers and vandalism at her shop makes it clear someone dangerous has fixated on her. Without any solid leads, the police can’t help her and she’s forced to turn to the last man she wants to depend on.

…but neither does Ivan.

Former Army Ranger and newest Red Stone Security employee Ivan Mitchell has gotten used to being alone in the world. He never even thinks about it anymore—until he meets sexy, independent Julieta. She’s everything he could ever want…but she seems determined to keep him at arm’s length. Until now. Maybe the cops can’t do anything to protect her, but he can. When things escalate faster than even he expected, he finds himself pulling out his most extreme combat skills to protect her. He’ll do what it takes to save her life—and prove to her she belongs in his.


Under His Protection was a fun, quick, light read. I don't know why, but I love reading books with big, tough security guys. They are just really entertaining reads normally, and this one was no different. 

Julieta owns her own lingerie shop. She has worked hard to get to where she is today and she loves it. Yes, she works a lot, but she finally seems to have some time for family and friends. 

Ivan is the strong, silent type. He first meets Julieta when he is working. He is assigned to guard Mina, a girl who ends up befriending Julieta as they both have other friends in common. After that first night he can't keep his eyes off her. He wants her, but is also a bit afraid of her. He has never wanted more than one night with someone, but he knows Julieta would be different. She could break him. Even though Ivan is infatuated with her, Julieta doesn't realize this. She thinks he is super hot, but that he hates her. He always glares at her or ignores her so she has tried to forget about him. 

When Julieta finds herself with a stalker who is escalating quickly, Ivan jumps in to help out. Immediately he doesn't want to let her out of his sight until they catch whoever is stalking her. He works hard to try and figure this all out and keep her safe. At the same time they both get closer and it was intense! So hot! So much fun! I loved it. 

One of the main things I really enjoyed about this story was the quick pace. There is not a lot of time spent setting everything up. You get a quick intro to our two main characters, then pretty suddenly you get to the meat of the story - the stalking case and these two being thrown together. I was enjoying it so much and such a quick pace I got to the end and thought no! I am not ready for this to be over yet! Good thing there are still plenty more books in this series to read. 

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★