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Best of 2019

If any of you are following along then you may have noticed that 2019 was not the most consistent year for me. I have been posting less and less and I finally came to the conclusion that I need a break. A break from writing reviews. A break from reading things I have to read to review. A break from being on a schedule and blogging, at least for a bit. I will still update my Goodreads with ratings for books I read, maybe a line or two about the book, but I need a break. I need to not have the stress of getting things read and posted and all of that. It has become something I don't enjoy so if I am ever going to get back on the blogging train I need a break. So I am not sure I will be posting in 2020. I will see how it goes. Life got super crazy (in a good way!) in 2019 so I also haven't had or wanted to carve out the time to blog. I am still reading books by authors I love, but this way I also can fit in more books by new to me authors. Or read what I feel like, what I am in the