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Lifers by Jane Harvey-Berrick

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After eight years in prison, twenty-four year old Jordan Kane is the man everyone loves to hate.

Forced to return to his hometown while on parole, Jordan soon learns that this small town hasn't changed since he was carted off to juvie all those years ago. He is the local pariah, shunned by everyone, including his own parents. But their hatred of him doesn't even come close to the loathing he feels every time he looks in the mirror.

Working odd jobs for the preacher lady, Jordan bides his time before he can leave this backwards town. But can distance erase the memories that haunt him? Trapped in the prison of his own mind Jordan wonders if the pain of living will ever subside?

Torrey Delaney is new in town and certainly doesn't behave in a way the locals believe a preacher’s daughter should. Her reputation for casual hook-ups and meaningless sex is the talk of the town. Add that to her budding friendship with the hardened ex-con handyman, and the good Reverend is less than thrilled with her estranged daughter’s path.

As friendship forms, is it possible for two damaged people who are afraid to love take their relationship to the next level? Can Torrey live with Jordan’s demons, and can Jordan break through Torrey's walls? With the disapproval of a small town weighing heavily on them, will they find their place in the world? Can they struggle against the odds, or will their world be viciously shattered?

Is love a life sentence?

Due to scenes of a sexual nature, not recommended for under 18


Lifers was surprisingly a great read. I went into it thinking I am not sure about this, but it was a really sweet story. I really enjoyed this one. 

Jordan Kane is out of jail on parol. He has to live in his hometown where everyone hates him. He hates himself as well. I mean he deserves every terrible thing people say about him. He is the worst. 

Torrey is new in town and doesn't know that she is supposed to hate Jordan. The town doesn't fully love her either, but when she sees Jordan needs help she can't just sit by and not do anything. She can't be cruel to him just because he made a mistake in his past. He served his time, she can tell he doesn't think he is good or worthy of much, but she is not going to just turn her back on him like the town seems to think she should. 

As Torrey learns more about Jordan and his history it becomes clear maybe things aren't as black and white as the town, Jordan's family, and even Jordan seem to think. She sees him like others haven't and it was really great to watch unfold. Jordan has a lot of demons he needs to face if he is ever going to have a happily ever after, and Torrey wants to help. When he starts working for Torrey's mom, the town preacher, they have plenty of time to get to know one another. But pretty much no one is happy they are spending time together. Especially not the hypocritical preacher. 

Now this was one of my favorite parts because I grew up in a small, very religious town, but the people sure didn't act like they were following the word of God. I am not religious, but I would try and help someone in need where as many in my town would turn away. The whole story with Jordan and the precher was great. I loved how Torrey stood up to her and helped her see how un-christian she is being with him. 

Torrey has her own demons. While she is stong and funny and independant she is also insecure. The two of them were great together. Jordan is trying to figure out how to live in the real world now and oh, I really enjoyed this one. I wasn't expecting much from this book, but it was wonderful. I will definitely be reading more from this author. 

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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Release Day: A Crack in Everything (Cracks Duet #1) by L.H. Cosway

We're celebrating the release of A CRACK IN EVERYTHING by L.H. Cosway!

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Life used to be simple.

I was a city girl with humble dreams. Then Dylan O’Dea broke into my flat, held me against the wall and told me to stay quiet.

It was like in the movies, where the universe zeros in on a single scene. I looked into his eyes and knew he was going to change me.

For Dylan, the sky was always falling. He showed me how our world is a contradiction of beauty and ugliness. How we choose to ignore the awful and gloss over it with the palatable. How you need just a tiny drop of something unsavoury to create every great scent.

Pretty deep for a pair of teenagers living in a block of council flats in inner city Dublin, right Probably. But we weren’t typical. We both had our obsessions. Mine was growing things, Dylan’s was scent. He taught me how to use my nose, and I introduced him to the magic of flowers.

I had no idea that one day he’d build an empire from what we started together. But before that, there was love and happiness, tragedy and epic heartbreak…

My name is Evelyn Flynn and I’m going to tell you about the crack in everything.


Inner City Dublin, Ireland. 2006.

Waiting for a flower bud to open was one of my favourite things.

It started out like a closed little pistachio. The next day its petals moved. The following
day they spread. The day after that they spread a little bit more, and then finally the flower
blossomed to its full potential.

I was waiting for the buds on my pink hibiscus to open, but they still had a few days to
go yet. I poured a little water into the pot with a plastic bottle then screwed the cap back on. I
was just about to place it on the shelf when someone hammered on my door.

It was a panicked knock, one that demanded attention. In this neighbourhood, it didn’t
always bode well to open the door to knocking like this. I squinted through the peephole and
recognised a boy I went to school with. His name was Dylan O’Dea, or was it O’Toole?
Anyway, I was pretty sure he lived one or two floors below me here at St Mary’s Villas.

Don’t let the ‘Villas’ part fool you. There was nothing villa-like about this place. St
Mary’s War Bunker would’ve been a more appropriate title. Everything was grey. The
windows gave the barest minimum of light and every single flat smelled vaguely of mildew,
no matter how much you cleaned or aired the place.

Dylan looked sweaty and desperate, and there was something about his panicked gaze
that had me unlocking my door for him. Before I even had the chance to say a word, he
barrelled in and slammed the door shut behind him.

“What the hell!” I exclaimed, at once regretting my decision. I lived with my aunt
Yvonne, but she was at work and wouldn’t be home for hours.

Dylan stared me dead in the eye, his chest heaving, and raised a finger to his mouth in the
universal gesture of ‘be quiet.’ I closed my mouth and a second later noise sounded from
outside. People banged on doors the same way Dylan had been banging on mine. Our eyes
met again, and he must’ve sensed I was going to say something because he came at me. He
backed me up against the wall until his frame surrounded mine and his hand went to my
mouth. I instantly struggled but then he whispered in my ear.

“Please, don’t make any noise. Some people are after me. I just need to hide here for a
few minutes and then I’ll leave. I promise.”

I glared at him and lifted my foot to stomp on his ankle. He swore under his breath but
didn’t loosen his hold.

“Fuck you,” I mumbled past his fingers. “Get out!” It sounded more like, “Fup Ooo. Et

“Please, Evelyn. I need your help.”

My heart hammered. He knew my name. Although it wasn’t so strange since most people
knew each other’s names around here. It just felt odd for him to address me so familiarly,
because we’d never spoken.

The sincerity in his dark blue eyes made me pause in my struggle. We stared at each
other for another long moment, and goosebumps claimed my skin. His chest was wide and
solid, and he smelled like cloves.

“If I lower my hand, do you promise not to scream?” he asked very quietly.

I nodded slowly, and his hand left my mouth. “Who’s after you?” I whispered, worried
he’d brought trouble to my door.

“A few lads from the McCarthy gang. They’ve been trying to recruit me. I told Tommy
McCarthy to go fuck off and now they want to give me a hiding.”

“Shite,” I breathed.

The knocking came closer. Whoever it was reached the flat next to mine and hammered
on the door. I held still, barely breathing. My eyes traced Dylan’s face, his dark blue eyes,
masculine jaw, and gruff expression. He wore grey jeans, black boots and a navy padded
jacket. His sandy hair was somewhere in between blond and brown, and it had a slight curl to
it. It was clipped short, so the curl didn’t have much room to . . . be curly.

He was very attractive, but that didn’t take away from the fact that he’d basically broken
into my home. When my neighbour came out and started talking to the lads who were
looking for Dylan, I whispered, “Why did you come here to hide?”

He made a thoughtful expression, his brow furrowing in a way that made him look like a
grumpy bear. “What?”

“You could’ve gone into any flat, why this one?”

There was a beat of silece, then finally he whispered back, “Because you’re the only
person on this row who wouldn’t feed me to the wolves.”

I arched a brow. “You don’t know that.”

You don’t know me.

Before he had a chance to reply, the banging started on my door. My chest seized,
clutched by fear, because I knew the type of blokes who were out there.

Poor. Hard. Brutal.

Suddenly, Dylan was on me again, his hand on my mouth, his body holding mine in
place. This time I didn’t struggle, instead I held still and stayed quiet. A shiver trickled down
my spine at his closeness. I wasn’t often this close to people I hardly knew.

“Answer the bleedin’ door,” a male voice shouted. “Or I’ll knock it the fuck down.”

“Maybe I should answer and tell them you’re not here,” I whispered against his fingers.

He glanced down at me, probably because my lips were on his skin. He tilted his head,
like he found it in some way interesting, then said, “No, they’ll come in and ransack the

I let out an anxious breath. He was right. And I couldn’t do that to Yvonne. I couldn’t
have her come home from her shift at the bar to a wrecked flat.

More banging ensued. I startled when a head appeared at the window, though thankfully
Yvonne’s net curtains shielded us from view.

“He’s not in there,” someone said. “He probably ran down to the Willows.”

The Willows was a dilapidated block of flats about five minutes away. It was where
people went to drink and do drugs. If you were homeless, it was where you went to sleep.

“Come on,” the same person said and the guy peering in the window disappeared. Dylan
let go of me, took three strides across the room and looked out through the curtains.

“They’re gone,” he said and exhaled, his shoulders slumping in relief.

“Yes, now you should go, too,” I said, on guard again. I felt on edge having a strange boy
in my flat who I’d never even spoken to before. Though ‘boy’ wasn’t exactly the right term.
Dylan was probably about a year older than me, eighteen maybe, but he was built like a man.
Soon his shoulders would get even broader, his features more defined. He’d be a sight to be
reckoned with then, I was sure.

He turned back to look at me, one eyebrow arching as he stared me down. He didn’t do
anything for a long moment and then his attention moved about the living room. His tension
faded, and something like fondness, or maybe amusement, took its place.

“Big fan of New York?” he asked wryly, taking in all the posters and memorabilia.

I cleared my throat. “No, my aunt Yvonne is. She saw When Harry Met Sally and became
obsessed. She’s saving up to move there in a couple years.”

Dylan’s mouth formed an attractive, thoughtful line. “And what about you?”

“What about me?”

“Will you go with her?”

I shrugged. “I don’t think so. Probably not. My grandma lives in the retirement home in
Broadstone. We’re all she has. I couldn’t leave her.”

Dylan took this in, his dark eyes softening, then stepped to the front door. “Thanks for
letting me hide here. I owe you one,” he said, ducking his head to make sure the coast was

“Sure,” I said, not knowing what else to say.

He looked back at me one last time. “See ya, Evelyn.” And then he was gone.


“I’m sorry, but I’d sell my own mother for a night with Jared Leto, no question,” said
Sam as we walked to English on Monday.

“Are we talking 30 Seconds to Mars Jared Leto or Jordan Catalano Jared?” I asked.

“Because those are two entirely different kettles of fish.”

“30 Seconds, of course. You know I can’t resist a man in eyeliner,” he said then winked.

We reached our lockers when a familiar head of sandy brown hair emerged from the crowd.

He must’ve sensed my attention, because his eyes flashed to mine. I sucked in a harsh
breath at the sight of him. He had a purple bruise beneath one eye, and there were various
other cuts and grazes all over his face. Jesus.

Sam followed where I was looking and made a crass comment. “Looks like Dylan O’Dea
likes it rough.”

So it was O’Dea.

“I think he got that beating on the streets, not in the sheets,” I said, chewing worriedly on
my lip. Those McCarthy fellas must’ve caught up to him yesterday.

“Good one.” Sam chuckled, but I didn’t share his humour.

A pang of concern hit me square in the chest and I moved toward him automatically,
leaving Sam by his locker. Dylan saw me approach and stopped in place, his attention
skittering over me. He hitched his bag up on his shoulder and let out a gruff breath. “What?”
he asked.

“They got you, didn’t they?”

He shifted from foot to foot, seeming uncomfortable with my concern. “Nah, walked into
a wall.”

“Don’t be cute.”

Another sigh. “Yeah. They got me, blondie. Probably better to get it over with anyway.
Now maybe they’ll leave me alone.”

I nodded slowly, not sure how to react to his endearment. It wasn’t very original, but it
still made my breastplate tingle. “You think?”

“I hope, but who knows.”

“Have any teachers asked about your bruises?”

He gave me an incredulous look. “Where do you think we are? Nobody gives a shit

I hated that he was right. The teachers at this school were either too mean or too
downtrodden to care about students’ home lives. In a way, I didn’t blame them. Even the nice
teachers eventually got so sick of being bullied and verbally abused that they shut off all their
emotions. This wasn’t a soft place to grow up, but I liked to think I still had a heart.

I didn’t think before I said my next words. “Well, I give a shit.”

He narrowed his eyes in suspicion. “Why?”

“Because I’m not an unfeeling rock, that’s why.”

Dylan stared off over my head and shoved his hands in his pockets. “You probably
should be,” he said, then walked by me and disappeared back into the crowd.


“Oh blondie, get your bum over here,” Sam crooned, and I turned back to my friend.

“What?” I asked.

“I didn’t know you and Dylan O’Dea were acquainted.”

I frowned. “We’re not. Not really.”

He folded his arms and pursed his lips. “Sure sounded like you are.”

“He was being chased by some blokes who wanted to beat him yesterday and I let him
hide in my flat. That’s it.”

“Oooh, racy. Did he happen to hide in your bedroom by any chance? And did you share a
sexy moment once the coast was clear? How did he express his gratitude?”

Trust Sam to turn everything into some sort of risqué soap opera. Although thinking
about it, the way Dylan held his hand over my mouth did give me a flutter in my belly.

“He told me he owed me one,” I replied with a shrug. Sam’s eyes glittered.

“That means he owes you a good rogering.”



“Don’t be disgusting.”

“Nothing disgusting about sex with a fella like that, Ev. Besides, you need to lose that
flower of yours before it shrivels up and dies.”

I scrunched my face. “Please don’t call it a flower. And anyway, I’m not the only one
who needs to lose it, so you can quit talking like you know it all.”

He gave me a sassy look. “If I were as straight and as pretty as you are, I’d have lost it
years ago. It’s not exactly easy to find gays in this neck of the woods.”

“Not easy to find gays who are out, you mean. Just wait for the next person who throws
some homophobic slur at you and there’s a good chance he’s in the closet.”

“Hmm, I do get a hint of an angry sex vibe from Shane Huntley sometimes. Maybe
you’re onto something.”

Speak of the devil. A few seconds after Sam mentioned him, Shane walked by with his
ever-present posse of arseholes, usual sneer in place. I wondered why the meanest kids
always seemed to have the most friends. I didn’t have a mean bone in my body and the only
real friend I had was Sam. Shane walked on, not acknowledging us aside from his sneering
expression, and I turned to neaten up my locker.

“I found a book on Freud in Yvonne’s collection,” I told him. “He had this theory that
when we see the things we dislike in ourselves in others, we hate on it.”

“Hmm,” said Sam. “Could be some truth to it. But anyway, back to the luscious Mr
O’Dea, when are you going to cash in on that debt?”

I chuckled. “Not sure. Maybe the next time I need some help moving furniture. The boy’s
got some serious shoulders on him.”

“All the better for throwing you around the bedroom with.”

I shot him an irritable glance. “You’re not going to quit with this, are you?”

His answering wink was pure devilment. “Not in this lifetime, blondie.”

Book 2 coming February 6, 2018!

Available for pre-order on

He came back to me 16 minutes and 59 seconds into Beethoven’s Symphony no. 7.
We parted amid tragedy, so it seemed poetic. Dylan O’Dea, my childhood sweetheart, had once
meant everything to me. Now we were strangers, and honestly, after eleven years I never thought
I’d see him again.

I lived in the world of the average, of getting paid by the hour and budgeting to make ends meet. But
Dylan, he lived in the world of wealth and success. He’d achieved the great things I always suspected
he would. The dissatisfaction he’d felt as a teenager had obviously been an excellent motivator.

He started a business from scratch, pioneered a brand, and created perfumes adored by women
across the globe. I was just one of the people who’d been there before. Now he was living his best
life in the after.

And me, well, I’d been in a dark place for a while. Slowly but surely, I was letting the light back in, but there was something missing. I was an unfinished sentence with an ellipsis at the end. And maybe, if I was brave enough to take the chance, Dylan could be my happy ending.

How the Light Gets In is Book #2 and the concluding installment in L.H. Cosway’s Cracks duet.

About the author:

L.H. Cosway lives in Dublin, Ireland. Her inspiration to write comes from music. Her favourite things in life include writing stories, vintage clothing, dark cabaret music, food, musical comedy, and of course, books. She thinks that imperfect people are the most interesting kind. They tell the best stories. L.H. is represented by Louise Fury at The Bent Agency.

Game of Hearts (Fandom Hearts #3) by Cathy Yardley

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Kyla Summers has been offered the opportunity of a lifetime to get her cosplay business off the ground, and only one thing stands in her way. She needs someone to take over the auto shop, and there’s only one person she can think of to call…

Jericho Salomon hasn’t been back in his home town since he joined a biker gang and rode off nine years ago. When his best friend’s kid sister calls begging for help, he knows that he owes the family a debt and he intends to pay. This is easier said than done once he finds that the kid is all grown up…

She needs a pair of skillful hands. He needs to keep his hands off. When sparks begin to fly, can they keep things strictly business, or will their hearts get hopelessly tangled? No more games, it’s time to play for keeps.


Kyla Summers is one of those people who will do everything needed even if it means she doesn't get to do what she really wants/needs to do. That will take on the responsibilities of others even though that is not really fair to her. She works with her brother at their auto shop (that they took over from their dad) only her brother doesn't really pull his weight. He goes off on vacations leaving her to do everything herself. He doesn't do the back end stuff because he doesn't want to/she will do it/she is better at it. She has been working her butt off in the shop, but she always wants to try and get her cosplay business up and running. She loves making cosplay costumes, but her brother always makes fun of that and belittles her accomplishments there. I was not a fan of the brother in this story. 

Jericho was best friends with Kyla's brother and growing up he practically lived at their house. She has always had a crush on him, but he didn't know. When Kyla's brother breaks his arm on vacation and can't be there to help in the shop Kyla breaks down and calls Jericho to see if he can help. She knows he likes to wander and do his own thing, but he is a great mechanic as well. And she has the opportunity to really help her cosplay business, but only if she has time to actually work on her costumes. Without help there is no way she will be able to do it all. 

When Jericho gets the call from Kyla he is there. He owes so much to her family so of course he will help out for as long and she needs. He hasn't been back to his hometown since he left years ago as soon as he could. He knows it will be tough to go back, but he would do anything for his friends. He wasn't expecting this attraction to Kyla though. He is staying with her and she is so strong and impressive. What she is doing with her costumes is pretty amazing so he definitely wants her to fulfill her dreams. He will do what he has to to make that happen. 

These two were really cute/hot together. They both like each other, but don't think anything will ever come of it. Jericho has a not so good history with his hometown so Kyla doesn't expect him to stay because of that. So maybe they can just have some fun while he is there then go back to just friends when he leaves...of course it doesn't exactly work out like that. Feelings get involved, Jericho has some other issues with his motorcycle guys to deal with, there is just a lot going on. But if it is meant to be they will figure it out. They were a lot of fun to read. 

*Note: I received a free copy of this book for voluntary review consideration

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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An Urchin of Means - The Baker Street Series, Book 1 by April White

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Ringo Devereux knows far too much for a man of his times. There’s no simple explanation for it that doesn’t involve improbable conversations about the future, and Ringo’s advanced understanding of three-phase generators and the secret histories of his city are not things he can discuss with the Victorian Londoners around him. Even his origins as an orphaned street thief are far too dangerous for a young gentleman of means to reveal.

An encounter with a ten-year-old pickpocket, and a luncheon with Oscar Wilde and Arthur Conan Doyle draw Ringo back into the shadows of his criminal past. A stolen gemstone, a suspicious pawnbroker, and a damning bundle of letters are mysteries that require Ringo’s thief’s instincts, his obscure facts, and the help of a little girl with the skills of deduction like his.

But are these crimes as random as they first appear? What do a covert affair and a blue carbuncle have in common? Ringo knows too much, but someone knows more, and the identity of a mysterious red-haired woman is perhaps the most diabolically complicated plot of them all.


An Urchin of Means was such a fun read. I love the idea of the book and the characters were fantastic. I got to the end and wanted more more more! Really I looked down at one point and saw I only had a few minutes left of the story and was just like no! I am not ready for this to end yet! This author does a fantastic job of making history fun. Of adding true events into her fictional world that makes me want to know more. Of creating a cast of characters and storyline that I don't ever want to end. Luckily I have more stories to look forward to in the future. Now to try and wait patiently for them...

I have to admit that I haven't read the Immortal Descendants series yet. I know, I know. I have had the books sitting here waiting for me to read for forever it seems, but I haven't gotten to them. Well after reading this story they are on the top of the list as I really want to see more of Ringo and Charlie! I loved them so so much!

Ringo and Charlie live in Victorin London. They used to live on the streets, Ringo was a pickpocket surviving on his wits and skills when he was younger, but now they have a house and means to do what they would like. To help out others who are not as fortunate as they are. Oh, Ringo and Charlie were wonderful! They are so cute together. They are both so kind and caring and I loved them so. You can see how much they care about each other. I adored Ringo and how loving he was with his wife. How he thought of her and oh, I don't know how you could not love him. When Ringo has his pocket picked he tracks down the girl who did it and instead of turning her into the police or getting her in trouble in some way he takes her in and tries to help her. She is super smart and observant just like he is. Or was. He may need to practice a bit more to keep up and not miss some things.

When Ringo's friend Oscar Wilde invites him to lunch with Arthur Conan Doyle and Joseph Stoddard things get a bit interesting. Ringo is definitely observant, he can figure out a lot about you just by the way you are dressed and what you do, so when Conan Doyle has a mystery to solve he has Wilde go to Ringo for help. And so goes this Sherlockian mystery. I loved it. I love Sherlock Holmes, I loved Ringo and how he knows too much, but put some of that knowledge to good use using things that make sense for the time period, how the mysteries were so much fun to solve, and the merry band of irregular misfits that Ringo and Charlie seem to collect. It was a great read and I can't wait for more. But I definitely will need to go back and read the rest of the Immortal Descendents series now because I want to fully know the backstory of these wonderful characters. Or just spend a little more time with Ringo. I imagine if you read this book as I did, without first reading the authors other works, you will want to go read them as soon as possible. How could you not want to spend more time with these wonderful characters?

*Note: I received a free copy of this book for voluntary review consideration

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

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Cover Reveal: Doc (Bodhi Beach #2) by S.M. Lumetta

Check out the cover of SM Lumetta's newest release, Doc, coming Feb 12! I cannot wait!

Add to your to-read list on Goodreads


Nora Bennett doesn’t need a man.

She is sure of this—except perhaps when it comes to the sexy stack of Aussie that is her ex-fling, Declan “Doc” Wellesley. He’s the one she can’t quite shake loose. And when her emotions go unexpectedly haywire after her best friend becomes a mother, her lingering connection with Doc becomes even harder to ignore.

Doc has a thorn in his paw when it comes to Nora. She’s the one that got away. The sex was hot, their chemistry off the charts, and he’s convinced there were—and still are—sparks of something deeper.

Even as Doc convinces a skittish Nora to give dating him another try, she confounds and confuses him every step of the way. One minute their connection is amazing, but then, Nora withdraws.

As Nora tries to shove Doc away once and for all, she tips her hand, revealing a dark secret. This forces her to realize there are only two options: face her past and embrace her man, or risk losing him for good.

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Blog Tour: Thrive (Guardian Protection #2) by Aly Martinez

Thrive by Aly Martinez (Guardian Protection, #2) 

 Available now on * * Goodreads 


Technically, you aren’t supposed to fall in love with your best friend’s girl.

But if we’re talking technicalities, he wasn’t supposed to be cheating on her every other weekend, either.

The day I met Mira York, I knew she was off-limits. But after months of stealing side-glances while he ruined the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen, I realized there wasn’t a rule in the world I wouldn’t break to make her mine.

She chose him anyway.

I wasn’t sure how I’d ever move on, but bitterness turned into fuel for my fire.

Without Mira, I thrived.

Until seventeen years later, when she showed back up, begging for protection from the very same man she’d left me for all those years earlier.

Now, it was my turn to choose.

And she wasn’t going to like my answer.

THRIVE takes place seventeen years AFTER a love triangle.


I will admit that going into Thrive I was a bit...meh on reading it. I mean seventeen years after a love triangle? Doesn't sound like my thing. I am not a fan of love triangles and a failed one? Meh. I thought it will probably be okay, but maybe not as great as the author's other books for me. I was wrong. I loved it. From the first words to the last I couldn't put it down.

Mira and Lark have a history. She destroyed him when she chose the other guy all those years ago. The other guy who was his best friend and her boyfriend. The other guy who is such a jerk. Mira has had a hard seventeen years since that fateful night, and even though part of me thinks well you brought this on yourself, I still felt so bad for her. Her world gets turned upside down yet again when she is trying so hard to survive and move on. When she thought she was finally getting things together again. And she doesn't have anyone to call to help her unless she calls Lark (whom she has been stalking on Facebook and knows could help).

Lark has tried to move on from Mira. He thought he had. He married and divorced and has two beautiful little girls. He loves them so much and I absolutely adored how he and his ex-wife deal with their situation. They were wonderful and those kids are so lucky to have loving parents like they do. When Mira calls him up out of the blue at first he wants nothing to do with her. He is still hurt even if it was seventeen years ago. But he also can't just let her possibly be hurt because he does nothing. So he gets involved even if he doesn't want to. Or doesn't want to want to. These two definitely have a lot of past between them, a lot of hurts, a lot of misunderstandings, a lot to go through if they hope to have something again. They need to learn to talk and listen to each other. To say what they need to say and not just keep everything in. Seventeen years is a long time to grow up and try and right the wrongs of the past. I mean they were just kids when everything went down before. Maybe now they can figure it out without making more of a mess of things.

Now I loved both Lark and Mira, though Mira could get on my nerves at times. She will just run into a situation without thinking and man...I know Lark can do the same thing, but he is trained for that! He is trained to know what to do in a bad situation and Mira is not. Mira could really get herself killed because she is too stubborn and proud to listen to reason. I loved her, but honey she needed to not react because she is afraid of her feelings and do what is best for her. To talk to Lark and let him know what is going on in her head. To not be that stupid girl she was. To take charge of her life like she has been doing and not let her ex take anything more from her. She was broken at times but comes out stronger in the end. Lark and Mira were amazing together. Yes, it is an emotional read. Yes, there are plenty of ups and downs. Plenty of heartbreak, but that makes the good times that much better. I really enjoyed this read. I wasn't sure about the love triangle afterward aspect, but it worked. It made sense. It was read.

*Note: I received a free copy of this book for voluntary review consideration

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

Previous book in the Guardian Protection Series

Singe (Book 1)
Available on

About the Author:

Originally from Savannah, Georgia, USA Today bestselling author Aly Martinez now lives in South Carolina with her four young children. 

Never one to take herself too seriously, she enjoys cheap wine, mystery leggings, and baked feta. It should be known, however, that she hates pizza and ice cream, almost as much as writing her bio in the third person. 

She passes what little free time she has reading anything and everything she can get her hands on, preferably with a super-sized tumbler of wine by her side. 

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Ghost (Boston Underworld #3) by A. Zavarelli

Available on


I have always been a bird. Caged by one prison or another when the only thing I ever wanted was to fly away.
Sold. Beaten. Starved. Drugged.
Nothing scares me anymore.
Until him.
He makes the numbness go away.
He is hazardous to me. It has nothing to do with his mafia lifestyle, and everything to do with what he offers.
A gilded prison.
A retreat from everything that I once knew. The reality I have no desire to return to.
He thinks he’s caged me, but soon…
I’m going to fly.

I live by a code. The Vory code.
In this mafiya world, there are traditions.
She does not care for these things. She does not care about anything.
She thinks she has me fooled with her haunted eyes.
What she can’t know is that I see her better than most.
She wants to fly.
But I’m going to clip her wings.
And make her my wife.

**This is a DARK mafia romance. A full-length standalone novel with HEA and no cheating.**


Ghost was a fun read. I love this author's dark mafia books, Reaper has been my favorite so far, but I really enjoyed Ghost as well. I don't know what it is about these mafia guys I love so much.

Alexei is not someone you want to mess with. He will do whatever he needs to to get what he wants. But he is also a really great guy and wonderful if you have him on your side. He keeps to himself and is not the most outgoing, but he does what he needs to to get things done.

Talia has been kidnapped and beaten and raped and everything terrible you can imagine. She is being held captive and has given up. She doesn't want to live anymore. There is no more fight and fire in her. She has been trying to find a way to kill herself for a while now and she has a plan. A good plan. And it is almost time to put that plan into action. Then she can finally leave this life of pain and suffering and horror. Only Alexei shows up and saves her even though she doesn't want to be saved.

Alexei takes Talia back to his place and is determined to keep her safe now. Plus use her to help himself out of a situation that he wants out of. The two of them don't have the best of starts, Talia is really far gone when he shows up, but slowly but surely she starts to come back to life. She is not the same person she used to be, I don't think anyone could be after everything she went through, but she is starting to come around to living again. She doesn't want to, but she starts falling for Alexei. And he never expected to fall for her either. The two of them were so perfect together! I loved them. Alexei especially as he was wonderful with Talia. Yes, this story is dark. Yes it is not sunshine and roses, but you can see how they care about each other. How Alexei would do anything for Talia. There is a lot of mafia politics going on, lots of players in motion, and that causes some not so good times, but it was awesome to watch.

This book was another great read in this series. Only one more to go. I can't wait to see what Saint has in store for me!

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Release Day: Thrive (Guardian Protection #2) by Aly Martinez

Today we are celebrating the release of THRIVE by Aly Martinez. Thrive is the second book in the Guardian Protection series and it can be read as a complete standalone.

Thrive by Aly Martinez (Guardian Protection, #2) 

 Available now on


Technically, you aren’t supposed to fall in love with your best friend’s girl.

When I was nineteen years old, I was faced with a choice that changed my life.

Keep the safety of what I already knew or risk losing everything with the young, hotheaded soldier who stole my heart.

I chose the wrong man, and for seventeen years, I paid in tears, blood, and shattered dreams for that decision.

Now, there’s a man in my house, holding a gun to my head on the order of my ex-husband—given from his prison cell.

That hotheaded soldier I was too afraid to choose? He’s now a six-foot- three wall of muscle who works at the country’s most premier bodyguard agency. I’ve always wanted him, but now, I’ve never needed him more.

It’s the call I’m terrified to make.

I’m sure he still hates me… Even though I’ve never stopped loving him.

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Previous book in the Guardian Protection Series

Singe (Book 1)
Available on

About the Author:

Originally from Savannah, Georgia, USA Today bestselling author Aly Martinez now lives in South Carolina with her four young children. 

Never one to take herself too seriously, she enjoys cheap wine, mystery leggings, and baked feta. It should be known, however, that she hates pizza and ice cream, almost as much as writing her bio in the third person. 

She passes what little free time she has reading anything and everything she can get her hands on, preferably with a super-sized tumbler of wine by her side. 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Cover Reveal: Living Out Loud by Staci Hart

Living Out Loud, an all-new emotional standalone from Staci Hart is coming February 1st!

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When Annie Daschel arrives in New York City, the only thing she can control is her list.

Not her father’s death or the loss of her home. Not the hole in her heart or the defective valve that’s dictated so much of her life. But she can put pen to paper to make a list of all the ways she can live out loud, just like her dad would have wanted.

See the city from the top of the Empire State Building: Check.
Eat hot dogs on the steps of The Met: Check.
Stand in the middle of Times Square: Check.
Get a job at Wasted Words: Check.

Two things not on her list: Greg Brandon and Will Bailey. And just like that, she finds herself caught in the middle of something she can’t find her way out of, with no clear answers and no rules.

List or no list, she realizes she can’t control anything at all, not even her heart.

Not the decisions it makes, and not the moment it stops.

Inspired by Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility.

About the Author:

Staci has been a lot of things up to this point in her life -- a graphic designer, an entrepreneur, a seamstress, a clothing and handbag designer, a waitress. Can't forget that. She's also been a mom, with three little girls who are sure to grow up to break a number of hearts. She's been a wife, though she's certainly not the cleanest, or the best cook. She's also super, duper fun at a party, especially if she's been drinking whiskey. From roots in Houston to a seven year stint in Southern California, Staci and her family ended up settling somewhere in between and equally north, in Denver. They are new enough that snow is still magical. When she's not writing, she's reading, sleeping, gaming, or designing graphics.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Clam Jam by R.C. Boldt

Available on


Clam Jam
Definition: the female equivalent of a cock block.
Example: You're chatting with a guy you're interested in and your friend comes along and lays claim to him. 

That's my life except it's worse. My friend who keeps jamming me is my gay roommate, and if that isn't a W.T.F. moment, I'm not sure what is.
Fact: He went home with three yes, three of the guys I had been so sure were into me.
Fact: He's really pissing me off. I mean, hello? I'm trying to get back in the saddle, but I'll never manage to get a boyfriend before the age of fifty if he keeps this up.
Fact: Secretly, I wonder what it would be like if he weren't gay. Why do all the hot, sweet, tender-hearted guys have to be gay?
Fact: My gay-dar needs a serious tune-up. 

The day I interviewed for the room to rent, everything changed. I knew I had met the girl, except there was one small problem: she didn't want anything to do with men. I recognized a top-notch force field when I saw one. She'd been burned badly and didn't want to deal with a heterosexual guy as a roommate. I could've turned around and found another place to live, but I wanted to live there with her.
So I had to go undercover.
Fact: I'm in love with my roommate.
Fact: I'm a likely candidate for carpal tunnel surgery since all the action I've had for the past year has been my hand.
Fact: She's going to hate me if I come clean now.
Fact: I'm not giving up. Which means I'll just have to continue to run defense until I figure out a way to get Maggie to see the real me.
The me that loves her.
The me that would never do her wrong.
Until then, I'll keep running off every guy who shows any interest.
Until then, I'll continue to Clam Jam.


Clam Jam was so much fun! I loved Maggie and Ry and the crazy situation they get themselves in. Yes, Maggie should have noticed something was up sooner and Ry should have come clean sooner, but I still loved it. 

Maggie just got out of a long term relationship (her finace was cheating on her) and now she needs a roommate. Preferably a girl or a gay guy or someone that there can be no feelings for. Because she needs time to get over what happened and move on. Time to heal and she doesn't want some sexy guy living with her distracting her. 

Ry knew Maggie was the one for him from the first moment he saw her. In a coffee shop. When she was with her fiance. But now she is single and looking for a roommate and this could work out perfectly for him. He can get to know her better, become friends, and then hopefully when she is ready to get back out there he can throw his hat in the ring and they will live happily ever after. Only he tells Maggie he is gay so she will let him live there...and now he has to try and figure a way out of this mess. But for now he will make sure she doesn't find someone else when she is ready, because they belong together. 

Maggie and Ry were perfect for each other right from the start and I loved watching them get close to each other. Yeah, Ry should have let her know what was going on sooner, but Maggie should have figured it out sooner as well. But for some reason I didn't really care while reading the story. Watching Ry run of her dates was a lot of fun. And watching Maggie fall for her "gay" bff was super fun. I really enjoyed this story and look forward to reading more from this author. It was lots of silly fun. 

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

Saturday, January 13, 2018

How I Fall (How I Fall #1) by Anne Eliot

Available on


Impossible because she’s Ellen Foster. The beautiful, smart, and possibly fragile photography-girl. You’re Cam Campbell. The guy who plays football 24/7 with no life. But what if during junior year, you decide to finally try for her phone number—until this glitter-crazed new girl ruins your plan. Worse, the girl is Irish, awkward, and insists you and Ellen should become best friends—with her! Only, you don’t want to be friends with a human tornado, and you think Ellen might need to stay a crush. This is because after one interaction you’ve discovered Ellen Foster really is fragile. Your problems and secrets are too big for anyone to understand.

But what if the three of you wind up assigned to a group photography project, where rumors are already circling about the new girl being ridiculous? You know she’s nice but very alone, so you convince your crush to help protect the new girl. Suddenly, working on the project makes hanging out, texting, talking—and even high school—seem fun and completely normal when it’s anything but normal.

What if you kiss Ellen Foster and it’s perfect enough to make you believe in things you shouldn’t. You tell her secrets and share your dreams. You make the kinds of promises and create plans to be together that might be impossible to keep when you’re only sixteen and your parents control your entire future,

High School Romance, Sweet young adult.Book one in the two-book How I Fall series, ending with How I Fly


How I Fall was a cute read. It is definitely a young adult book and would probably be enjoyed more by a younger reader, but it was cute nonetheless. 

Ellen has a crush on Cam. He is the best, but she is the odd girl since she has CP. So nothing will ever happen there. I mean how would he ever like someone like her? 

Cam has a crush on Ellen. I loved reading his POV. I loved how he has been wanting to talk to her forever, but can't seem to get up the courage. I mean why would someone so strong and brave and amazing want to be with someone like him? 

Then there is Laura, the whirlwind of a new girl that leaves glitter in her wake. She is a bit crazy, but you can't help but like her. Especially when she decides that Cam and Ellen will be her new bff's. The three of them were so much fun. Cam and Ellen being forced together and trying to finally figure everything out. They are young, but I wanted them to work out. It doesn't aways happen that way especially when you have crazy parents like Cam. They were seriously out of control and I do want to read the next book to find out what happens next. These two were cute together and even though Ellen has more difficulties getting around than most she doesn't let it stop her. She was strong and capable and I loved her. She doesn't let anything get her down which is nice to read. 

Rating: ★ ★ ★1/2

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Captain by Lauren Rowe

Available on


From, Lauren Rowe, the USA Today and International bestselling author of The Club Series and Ball Peen Hammer comes a sexy standalone romance: Captain.

It wasn’t the way this kind of story was supposed to go . . .
Insta-love isn’t supposed to turn into insta-hate.

But that’s exactly what happened when the hot-as-hell dreamboat I met in a bar turned out to be a lying, cheating scumbag-player-douche looking for nothing but a little side action. Jerk.

And he has the nerve to call me a liar and a “sociopath”? Assh*le.

And now, three months later, through a mind-blowing series of events I couldn’t have predicted in a million years, it turns out my boss is marrying his sister in Hawaii and I’ve got to play nice with him for an entire freaking week.

Okay, sure, I’ll put on a happy face this week and act like I’ve never even met the jerk before--did I mention his sister is marrying my boss?--but that doesn’t mean I’ll like it. And it certainly doesn’t mean I’ll stop secretly hating the cocky bastard’s guts.

Because I do.
I hate him.
I really do.

I just wish my brain would explain the situation to my body . . . because every time he flashes that panty-melting smile at me, it takes all my self-restraint not to jump the bastard’s hot-as-f*ck bones.

*For fans of Ball Peen Hammer and The Club Series, please note Captain features Ryan Morgan and takes place one year before the events of Ball Peen Hammer. It also includes characters from both Ball Peen Hammer and The Club Series, though Captain is a complete standalone with no prior reading is required.


Oh, Lauren Rowe is definitely a new favorite author of mine. Ball Peen Hammer was amazing and now Captian? I loved it just as much! Oh, Ryan and Tessa are amazing! This was not the story I thought it would be going in. It was so much better!!

Ryan and Tessa meet one night at a bar. Neither of them expected the other, but there was an instant connection between the two of them. Ryan had just broken it off with someone and Tessa gave him a fake name/job as she was just out to have some fun. But then some things happen and Tessa is kind of heart-broken by Ryan. She really liked him, she thought they really had something, and then it gets all messed up.

Not that Tessa is totally innocent herself. Now I am trying not to give away too much here because the story was so freakin good. It was not the usual story I was expecting. Ryan...Oh I fell in love with Ryan. He was so sweet and I loved him hardcore. I...I felt bad for him at times because he is such a sweetheart! The things he does for Tessa? The ways he tries to make things right I loved. He was incredible.

And Tessa is just as great. The two of them together were so cute (and hot! OMG they are hot together) and I loved watching them work everything out. Tessa never thought she would see Ryan again, she didn't want to see him again, but when she is forced to play nice with him for a bit things get interesting. I loved this story. Go, read Captain. It is amazing.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

Monday, January 8, 2018

Summer in Napa (St. Helena Vineyard #2) by Marina Adair

Available on


When Alexis “Lexi” Moreau caught her husband, Jeff, sampling the sous-chef’s more intimate wares in their New York restaurant, she ran—all the way back to her hometown of St. Helena, California. Six months later, Lexi has no husband and no restaurant. But she does have a three-step plan: First, convert her grandmother’s bakery into her dream bistro. Second, ignore Grandma’s matchmaking attempts. And third, avoid Marco DeLuca, her ex’s commitment-phobic, distractingly sexy best friend.

In school Lexi was off-limits for Marco. After all, she was his buddy’s girl. But she’s still as smart and as gorgeous—and apparently as immune to his charms—as she used to be. Yet the simple fake romance they agree upon to dodge Lexi’s grandmother’s matchmaking plans soon turns deliciously complicated. And the sultry summer might bring together all the right ingredients for Marco to win the only woman he’s ever wanted.


I'm really enjoying reading through Marina Adair's books! They are all so hot and sweet and fun and wonderful. I'm so glad I found her!

Lexi grew up in St Helena, but then moved away to follow her then boyfriend to school and start her life with him. She got married, they opened a restaurant, everything was great until it wasn't. Until she found him cheating on her. Until she got divorced and he got the restaurant. So now she is back in St Helena a bit embarrassed and trying to get back on her feet. She did always want to work with her grandmother and turn her bakery into a bistro and now she can. If only she can make it work.

Marco is best friends with Jeff, Lexi's now ex-husband. He has always like Lexi, was in love with her in high school, but she was his best friends girl so off limits. She still is, only now she is single, in town, and he can't seem to stay away. Lexi's grandmother keeps setting her up with dates - someone different for breakfast lunch and dinner it seems. It is a bit overwhelming and she can't seem to turn them down. As Marco and Lexi grow closer they come up with a great idea to pretend to date so she can easily get out of her grandmother's setups. Only...things don't seem to stay pretend for very long.

These two were great. Marco is a good friend, was always a good friend, and now? Now he is starting to realize maybe he doesn't really know his friend Jeff as well as he did. Maybe he can really have something with Lexi, the girl he has always wanted. Oh, it was fun. And hot! Phew! The chemistry was there right from the start. It was so much fun to read.

Rating:  ★ ★ ★

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Battle Scars by Jane Harvey-Berrick

Now available on 


From the dusty plains of Afghanistan to the sleek corridors of the New York Times, journalist MJ Buckman seeks the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. What she doesn’t expect to find is a man who’s her complete opposite … and fits her perfectly.

Marine Sergeant Jackson Connor knows that relationships don’t work for men in the military. He’s living proof of that. But when a steely-eyed temptress in a flak jacket, who carries her moral cause in front of her, crosses his path, he’s furious, curious, and all kinds of in-lust.

* * *

A grown-up love story about two people who aren’t looking for love, but realize how precious it is when they find it. They don’t play games and there are no stupid misunderstandings, just life standing in their way.

Can they compromise? And what does that look like in a modern relationship between two driven people?

Assignment Vs deployment.

They’re always traveling in different directions. What relationship can survive that?


Battle Scars was not that good. I was expecting a great story about a military guy and a journalist that follows the story wherever it goes. Only...I never saw a connection between these two. Ever. It was told to me, but it wasn't there. And it didn't work. Everything was really surface level, tell not show so it was just not that good. 

MJ is a foreign correspondent who gets saved by Jack when one of her stories goes awry. Jack is not at all happy that his men were put in danger because of her, but she apologizes afterward and tells him if he is ever in New York to look her up and she will buy him a drink. As a thank you. And that is exactly what he does. And the story goes on from there. Jack is still in the military so finding time together can be tricky. Between his deployments and her travel for work, it is not easy. And I never really saw them caring about each other. Everything was too quick and easy and told to me so I didn't care. 

The other issue? It felt like the author was using the story more as a commentary on what is happening around the world than a romance like it is billed as. And some of that stuff I struggled with. Like the story Maggie follows up on in Amsterdam about refugees. She talks to an older lady who rides her bike around, has always felt safe and no worries, but one day one of the refugee boys called her a whore for riding her bike with shorts on and now she is afraid to leave her house. That made me do a huge eye roll. She does then go and talk to someone that works at one of the shelters to get the other side of the story, but it was a bit...I don't know. I live in Berlin and we have a lot of refugees here. Are there some issues? Sure, I guess, but I haven't noticed a ton of difference in the way things are now compared to a few years ago. It is not like it is suddenly super unsafe to be out and about. I don't know. I get a lot of the anti-refugee nonsense from people in the states and it bugs me. Because even if some of them are bad, even if some of them cause harm to people, I would rather help everyone out than turn them away. Because the situation where they are from is horrible. And I can't imagine being in their shoes. Here in Germany they have to take integration classes to learn the language and cultures here, and it would be hard. I can't imagine leaving everything you know to try and make it somewhere safe. It was just one of many things that were snuck into the story in a kind of heavy-handed way and made me roll my eyes. 

So yeah, I was not a fan of this story. It was too much a commentary on the world today and the characters were flat and I don't think I ever really knew them at all. Definitely didn't see them fall in love so I didn't really care what happened to them. 

Rating: ★ ★

Friday, January 5, 2018

Cover Reveal: Thrive (Guardian Protection #2) by Aly Martinez

Today we are sharing the incredible cover for THRIVE by Aly Martinez. Thrive is the second book in the Guardian Protection series and it can be read as a complete standalone. It will be releasing on January 18! Be sure to sign up for the RELEASE ALERT to be notified when the book goes live!

Thrive by Aly Martinez (Guardian Protection, #2) 
Coming January 18
The THRIVE paperback will go live EARLY on Jan 11

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Technically, you aren’t supposed to fall in love with your best friend’s girl.

But if we’re talking technicalities, he wasn’t supposed to be cheating on her every other weekend, either.

The day I met Mira York, I knew she was off-limits. But after months of stealing side-glances while he ruined the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen, I realized there wasn’t a rule in the world I wouldn’t break to make her mine.

She chose him anyway.

I wasn’t sure how I’d ever move on, but bitterness turned into fuel for my fire.

Without Mira, I thrived.

Until seventeen years later, when she showed back up, begging for protection from the very same man she’d left me for all those years earlier.

Now, it was my turn to choose.

And she wasn’t going to like my answer.

THRIVE takes place seventeen years AFTER a love triangle.

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About the Author:

Originally from Savannah, Georgia, USA Today bestselling author Aly Martinez now lives in South Carolina with her four young children. 

Never one to take herself too seriously, she enjoys cheap wine, mystery leggings, and baked feta. It should be known, however, that she hates pizza and ice cream, almost as much as writing her bio in the third person. 

She passes what little free time she has reading anything and everything she can get her hands on, preferably with a super-sized tumbler of wine by her side. 

Monday, January 1, 2018

Dark Wild Night (Wild Seasons #3) by Christina Lauren

Available on


What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
But what didn't happen in Vegas seems to follow them everywhere.

Lola and Oliver like to congratulate themselves on having the good sense to not consummate their drunken Las Vegas wedding. If they’d doubled-down on that mistake, their Just Friends situation might not be half as great as it is now.

... Or so goes the official line.

In reality, Lola’s wanted Oliver since day one—and over time has only fallen harder for his sexy Aussie accent and easygoing ability to take her as she comes. More at home in her studio than in baring herself to people, Lola’s instinctive comfort around Oliver nearly seems too good to be true. So why ruin a good thing?

Even as geek girls fawn over him, Oliver can’t get his mind off what he didn’t do with Lola when he had the chance. He knows what he wants with her now ... and it’s far outside the friend zone. When Lola’s graphic novel starts getting national acclaim—and is then fast-tracked for a major motion picture—Oliver steps up to be there for her whenever she needs him. After all, she’s not the kind of girl who likes all that attention, but maybe she’s the kind who’ll eventually like him.

Sometimes seeing what’s right in front of us takes a great leap of faith. And sometimes a dark wild night in Vegas isn’t just the end of a day, but the beginning of a bright new life...


I loved Dark Wild Night! So much. Lola and Oliver were so cute together! Oh my goodness I never wanted this one to end. 

Lola and Oliver were married one crazy night in Vegas, but they never consumated their marriage and broke it off. But they did remain friends. Friends who both are crazy about the other but think the other doesn't like them like that. Oh, it was fun. 

Oliver has always liked Lola. When they were married in Vegas he knew it would be easy to take Lola back to his room and have his way with her, but even then when he first met her he knew she would be so much more than a one night stand. And he didn't want it to be just that. He didn't think he could handle only having one night with her so he made sure nothing happened. Only they live in the same town and she comes into his comic store all the time and they are best friends. He is her biggest cheerleader and supports her however he can. Whatever she needs he is there for her. I loved Oliver. 

Lola likes Oliver as well. She has a huge crush on him, but knows he doesn't see her like that. If she can just keep her feelings from ruining their friendship everything will be fine. seems like maybe he does like her as more than friends after all? Lola was a bit...she gets in her head and thinks things to death and gets in the way of her own happiness. She has never had a good long term romantic relationship and she worries that if things progress with Oliver she could loose him forever. And she can't have that. She needs Oliver in her life, if only as a friend. 

When Lola starts getting more attention than she is used to, when her graphic novel is picked up to be made into a movie, things get a bit crazy. She is not one for the spotlight, she prefers to keep to herself and do her own things, but with everything going on she gets overwhelmed easily. Trying to juggle the movie, her feelings for Oliver, and the new graphic novel she is supposed to be working on things start getting missed. Deadlines come and go and she didn't even realize it until it was too late. And that is not her. Can she figure out a way to juggle everything, work and her love life, and have that happily ever after with Oliver that she has been dreaming about? 

These two were great together. They both love the same things, they are there to support one another, but sometimes you have to take a step back to see what was right in front of you all along. I loved Oliver and Lola and I loved their story! It was cute, and fun, and hot, and everything!

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2