Monday, June 30, 2014

Ready to Fall by Daisy Prescott

Ready to Fall


When you fall, you fall hard... 

Tall, dark, and handsome is an understatement when it comes to John Day. With rugged good looks, his ever present plaid shirt, and a dog named Babe, John is a modern alpha male lumberjack in more ways than one. 

Lurking beneath the gruff exterior and beard could be the heart of a romantic. Or is John a wolf in flannel clothing? 

After his favorite neighbor rents out her cabin for the winter, John finds himself playing fireman and tour guide to Diane Watson, a beautiful brunette with her own messy past and recent battle scars. 

Will he be ready to fall in love? Or will he go back to his old, flirty ways? 

Hold onto your heart... and get ready to fall with John Day as he tells his story in this contemporary adult romance/romantic comedy told in male POV.

This is a spin-off from Geoducks Are for Lovers. It isn't necessary to read that novel first.


I was really looking forward to reading Ready to Fall. I had heard such great things about Daisy Prescott and her books. They are supposed to be funny and amazing. While this book wasn't terrible, I didn't think it was amazing either. I didn't find it really humorous. It just read like a normal romance, but without a lot of emotions or emotional attachments.

I hadn't read Geoducks Are For Lovers yet so I did not already know John from that. This book is told from his point of view which was odd for me. I liked John, but this book seemed so devoid of emotions it was strange to read. Like I never really saw him and Diane fall for each other or anything. I am not sure if it is because it was told from John's POV (and John is kind of not emotional) or if it is the authors writing style. Either way John is seeing his high school crush, though she is married now. They got together over the summer and she told him she was separated and going to get a divorce so he was okay with their arrangement. He is kind of not looking for a real relationship, though he doesn't seem to be really against it either. He just goes with whatever his high school crush says which was just strange. I mean you can read his thoughts he met her parents and he thinks how that is something that would be more serious, but are they serious? Eh, let's just go with it. I don't know. It was odd. I was expecting him to be a player, and he says that he was one before, but I never even really saw signs that he was one. Strange.

Diane needs some time away from everything. She found her husband cheating on her and she is filing for divorce. It has just happened so she is still pretty upset about it. She moves in next to John for the winter and the two quickly become friends. She is not looking for love again, and he is not looking to get into another situation with a lady who is still married. His high school crush didn't end so well when she starts talking to her husband again and making amends with him. John doesn't want to be the other man. The only reason he started with the crush was because she assured him it was over with her husband. So since Diane is not officially divorced he doesn't want to even think about going there with her.

Well they grow closer and closer and fall for each other. I didn't see it though. The writing was just strange. It didn't make me care about any of the characters or what was happening. I didn't hate it, but I am also not rushing out to read everything else by this author. An odd read and not one I would call a romantic comedy.

Rating: ★★

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Jake Undone (Gemini #2) by Penelope Ward

Jake Undone


Nina Kennedy was alive…but not living…until she met him.

Planes, trains, heights…you name it, Nina was afraid of it and led a sheltered life ruled by irrational fears and phobias. When she moves to Brooklyn for nursing school, that life is turned upside down, as she develops an intense but unwanted attraction to her gorgeous roommate, who’s pierced, tattooed and just happens to be the smartest person she’s ever met.

Behind Jake Green’s rough exterior and devilish smile, lies a heart of gold. He makes it his mission to change Nina’s outlook on life. When he agrees to tutor her, they forge a bet and the stakes are high as Jake forces Nina to face her demons. He just wasn’t expecting to fall hard for her in the process.

What Nina doesn’t realize, is that Jake has been living his own private hell. Once he drops a bombshell, will their love survive it?

Told in two parts from both Nina and Jake’s points of view, Jake Undone is a standalone story and a companion to the novel, Gemini.


Jake Undone was an alright read for me. Nina was a little too okay for how afraid of everything she was supposed to be. She seemed like everyone else until she needed to be afraid of something. And lucky her she has magical Jake to make everything better. I still enjoyed the read, though the ending was a bit much. Some slight spoilers ahead.

Nina is moving to the big city to go to nursing school. She is afraid of elevators and trains and most things where you are stuck in a small space (though not cars). And heights, and lots of things. She moves in with her childhood friend, almost brother, Ryan. On her first day she meets Jake and then she has a crush on him. He is the tattooed pierced bad boy, but he is really smart and sweet. No one really knows much about him. He doesn't really talk about personal things much. He leaves every weekend to go to Boston, but no one knows why.

When Nina has trouble with math she tells Jake and they make a bet. He will tutor her and for every test where she doesn't get an A they go on an outing to try and defeat one of her fears. He won't tell her what it is, but she has to go along with him and do it. She agrees because she needs the help, and probably because she likes him and does want to get over her anxiety. Jake is super sweet with her, at times you can see that he wants to be more than friends, but he keeps trying to stay away. He wants to spend time with her, wants to be her friend, but doesn't think he can be more (even though he wants to).

So things go along and they get closer. Finally over Christmas break Jake misses Nina enough that he tells her how they need to talk. He shows up as a surprise on her birthday, the day before they had scheduled to talk. Things progress even though Jake tries to hold off. Jake wants to talk to her, but she doesn't want to. She loves him and he loves her so everything is going to be fine. It doesn't matter what he wants to tell her she will still love she says. Something comes up that takes Jake back to Boston before they can talk and while he is gone Ryan finds out the deal with Jake and Boston and brings it to Nina. Why? I am not sure. Ryan was a super jerk the rest of the book. He has not been spending that much time with Nina, and he was friends with Jake but now suddenly Jake is a horrible person and Nina needs to stay away? When other things happen and Nina thinks she sees one thing (it does look like that), but Ryan knows for sure that is not what happened what does Ryan do? Nothing. Why make your sister happy when you can watch her be miserable for no reason? He annoyed me so much and made me so angry. Maybe if I could have understood why he was so against Jake I could have understood. As it was he seemed to go from Jake as a friend to I hate Jake overnight, for no reason. Man did I hate Ryan by the end.

Jake really did deal with everything in a great way. Yes, he is devastated by some of the things that happened, but his secret really shows how much he cares for those he loves. He really is a great guy. The one year later section at the end though was a bit much for me. I just....did you really need to add even more drama to the story? It just felt like it was added to try and add more excitement, when really it just didn't feel like it worked with everything else. Yes, Nina's fears seemed to go away pretty easily. I have some irrational fears and let me tell you there is no way it would be that easy for me to face them the way she did. Even with my husband I am not doing it, and I would be in tears and it would be a super mess. I have tried, but my fears don't effect my daily life so it is not a big deal. It just felt like Nina got over everything way too easily, but I still enjoyed the story. I also didn't think the writing was the best, but it was still a good read.

Rating: ★★★

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Weight of Blood by Laura McHugh

The Weight of Blood: A Novel


For fans of Gillian Flynn and Daniel Woodrell, a dark, gripping debut novel of literary suspense about two mysterious disappearances, a generation apart, and the meaning of family-the sacrifices we make, the secrets we keep, and the lengths we will go to protect the ones we love.

The Dane family's roots tangle deep in the Ozark Mountain town of Henbane, but that doesn't keep sixteen-year-old Lucy Dane from being treated like an outsider. Folks still whisper about her mother, a bewitching young stranger who inspired local myths when she vanished years ago. When one of Lucy's few friends, slow-minded Cheri, is found murdered, Lucy feels haunted by the two lost girls-the mother she never knew and the friend she couldn't protect. Everything changes when Lucy stumbles across Cheri's necklace in an abandoned trailer and finds herself drawn into a search for answers. What Lucy discovers makes it impossible to ignore the suspicion cast on her own kin. More alarming, she suspects Cheri's death could be linked to her mother's disappearance, and the connection between the two puts Lucy at risk of losing everything. In a place where the bonds of blood weigh heavy, Lucy must decide where her allegiances lie.


The Weight of Blood is a dark book. It is not happy fun read. I really enjoyed it, though the ending is not as satisfying as I would have liked.

The Weight of Blood is told mostly from two points of view, Lucy and Lila. Even though they are a generation apart their stories feel like they are so similar. They aren't really, but they feel almost like the same voice which is interesting. Henbane is a small, close knit community. They don't take kindly to outsiders so when Lila shows up no one is very happy. The locals make up stories of how she is a witch and possessing the men folk and such. You can't help but feel bad for the poor girl, especially when it becomes apparent why Crete brought her to town. The story is unfolded gradually, but you know what is going on before you know all of the details.

It is interesting how similar Lila and Lucy's stories are, even though they are told years apart. As the story unfolds and you see just how many people were involved, or knew pieces and never did is just really hard to think about. I know this is fiction, but pieces are based on true events which is just...when you see how many people did nothing, how some people knew exactly what was going on yet let it continue....I know things like that actually happen. I know people turn a blind eye when they could help. It is just really upsetting to think about. The story is very slow moving, but it really felt true. The slow pace and writing style made it feel like you were in the story. Made it feel like I was there and part of the community. The tone felt so genuine there were so many times when I felt like yelling at the characters. Like what is wrong with you?! How long are you just going to hold onto this? How long are you just going to let things go, even if you don't have concrete evidence. If just one person would have stood up, like the one character sorta tried to do, think of how much suffering could have been avoided. Really if the one person would have stood up and said something everything could have been different.

Because the storyline is about such sad things and no one doing anything you really want that ending where you just see everyone get what is coming to them. You want everything out in the open. You want everyone to see what everyone else covered up or didn't say. You want them to pay for the things that have been done. Unfortunately you don't really get that. The ending, while not as satisfactory to read as I would have liked, felt true to the story. It just is like I imagine it would have been. I just loved how you really get a feel for what it would be like living there. The writing is fantastic and really makes you feel like you are immersed in everything. A great read.

Rating: ★★★★1/2

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Three Broken Promises by Monica Murphy

Three Broken Promises: A Novel (One Week Girlfriend Quartet)


Commitment. That’s what I really want from Colin. Ever since my brother, Danny, died in Iraq, Colin’s done so much to help me, including giving me a job at his popular restaurant so I can leave my crappy waitressing job at the strip joint. But lying in bed with him every night to comfort him from his horrible nightmares isn’t enough anymore. I know he feels guilty about Danny’s death, about not going to Iraq, but I can’t keep living this double life. 

I love him desperately, but he’s got so many demons, and if he can’t open up to me now, then he’ll never be the real partner I need him to be. I gave him a month, and now I’m out of here. If he truly loves me like he says, he knows where to find me.


I remembered enjoying One Week Boyfriend more than I thought I would. When I realized there were now more books in this series (I read OWB a while ago) I had to check them out. I really enjoyed Three Broken Promises, Colin and Jen's story, up until the end.

Colin holds onto a lot of unnecessary guilt. If anything ever happens to Jen it is his fault. Doesn't matter if it is or not he feels responsible. He has liked Jen forever, but as soon as he realized he liked her as more than a friend he put her in the never going to happen because she is Danny's sister category. He never thought he would be good enough for her. When he doesn't enlist with Danny like they had talked about, and Danny ends up dying, Colin feels incredibly guilt. He feels like he killed Danny. He also promised Danny he would take care of Jen so he does. She lives with him, she works for him, he does everything he can for her. Even though he loves her he tries to stay away. He has bad dreams most nights and wakes to find Jen comforting him. They never talk about it in the morning...they don't seem to talk about much really.

Jen has her own share of self doubt and not feeling like she is good enough for Colin. She worked as a stripper before he found her, and did make extra money in other ways as well. She is so embarrassed and upset with herself for doing this she is incredibly ashamed of herself. For how much she goes on about what she did when you find out I just thought really? That is all? I mean you are in a bad situation. Then she is all everyone will hate me forever if they find out and on and on. I should have hated that. I should have hated Jen and Colin really, but somehow I didn't. Yes they both have issues, if they would just talk and be honest with each other we wouldn't have a book. Somehow they were written in a way that I didn't hate them, I just kept reading as fast as I could.

At the beginning of the story Jen decides she needs to run away as her past is catching up with her. She needs to get out before Colin finds out what she did. Again she should have been really annoying to read, and yet she wasn't. Colin doesn't help matters by pretending to not care. It was ridiculous, but I still liked it. I liked it right up until the end when they finally figure things out. When they do the dialogue and way it happened just felt so unlike these characters I didn't like it. It felt like I jumped into a different book. It was sweet I guess, but not realistic for them. I don't know. So I loved most of the book, but then it ended on a low for me (even though there is the HEA). Unfortunate, but I still can't wait to read the next book.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sierra by Taylor Dean



Alyssa Fontaine’s life, loved ones—everything familiar and dear—are brutally taken from her. 

Taken captive by two men, she endures a horrific nightmare. A new life is forced upon her and even a new name. 

Just when it appears that no hope is in sight, she is saved by an unlikely twist of fate. Trapped in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains, life will open its arms to her again and she will embrace it. She will find love such as she never knew existed. 

Sierra is a heart-wrenching story of the power of the human spirit to survive amidst impossible circumstances and severe losses. It is a story of survival . . . and hope.


I started reading Sierra and thought wait a minute...Did I really enjoy the other books I have read by this author? I remember loving For Nick, but did I really? The writing for most of this book was really not good for me. I read some of the amazing reviews this book has and it seems like most people feel this is an incredibly romantic story. Well...the writing made it so not believable to me. The conversations and situations that happened with the main characters felt so fake and forced. I did not like it.

Alyssa is on vacation with her husband and son. They are kidnapped from a rest stop and her husband and son shot in front of her. She is then dragged through the woods with her kidnappers, suffering abuse along the way. She keeps trying to escape only to have them find her again. Thankfully they stumble across a cabin in the middle of nowhere and she is able to get away from her tormenters.

Alex is a rich guy, but due to some bad things that happened in his past he has been living out in the middle of nowhere for a few years. He doesn't have any way of communicating with the outside world and it is a 6 day hike out to anything. He gets supplies once a year and that is his only contact with anyone else. He likes it this way until Alyssa comes through his door. He saves her and pretty instantly is in love with her. She pretty instantly forgets her husband and is in love with him too. That whole section, them together, was so over the top for me it seemed incredibly fake. It seemed like the author was trying way too hard to make a romantic story so it just didn't work. It was just not good.

Then once Alyssa goes back to civilization the writing changed for me. It got so much better that there were times when I was near tears. I was so sad at parts, so upset for the characters I just was almost crying. So to go from hating the book because the writing was horrible and fake to bringing me to just made me think why is the rest of this book not like the last part? Why is the story/writing so much better in the last part? I wish the whole book would have been like that. I could have gotten behind the story, even though it was incredibly quick, if it had been written better. If the author would have backed off a little, not tried so hard to make it super romantic, I could have really enjoyed this book. Obviously the author is able to get emotion from me, I just wish the first part of the story would have been better. This obviously was not the book for me, I didn't get the super romance I just got super fake. For Nick was so good though that I will give more of the authors books a try. I really wanted to love this book, but unfortunately I didn't.

Rating: ★ ★

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

This Same Earth by Elizabeth Hunter

This Same Earth: Elemental Mysteries Book Two


Beatrice De Novo thought she had left the supernatural world behind…for the most part. But when the past becomes the present, will she leave her quiet life in Los Angeles to follow a mystery she thought had abandoned her? Where has Giovanni Vecchio been, and why has he returned? Giovanni has his own questions, and he’s looking to her for answers.

The sequel to A Hidden Fire will reunite Beatrice and Giovanni to continue their search through the past while both wrestle with the future. When the world as you knew it has changed forever, is there any way you can turn back?

This Same Earth is the second book in the Elemental Mysteries series. It is a paranormal romance/mystery for adult readers.


Man I am glad I am done with this book. This Same Earth was not for me. I didn't really like A Hidden Fire, but when it ended I thought it was alright so I started This Same Earth. I then proceeded to read the same basic story, but it was so much worse. B turns into this incredibly whiny, stupid teenager, even though she supposedly has grown into a woman. Not good. Not good at all.

This Same Earth picks up five years after A Hidden Fire. B has not seen Gio in this time even though she desperately wants to. She is still in love with him even though she is trying to love someone else. Just when she decides she needs to really give up on him and move on he shows up.

Gio has been leaving B alone so that she can grow into a woman so he knows that she really loves him. He worried that younger B was just infatuated with him, not in love. So now he is back to try and win her back, win the love of the woman instead of the girl as he says. Well....B has regressed so much it is like she is now 12. I hated her. She was now so whiny and complaining poor me whatever shall I do. Gio loves me, keeps telling me he is back and is not going to leave me again. I understand why B was all I understand why Gio thought he had to leave me, and I do love him but poor me what should I do. I mean I love him so much, I don't want to be without him, but I am just going to complain the entire book about poor poor me. She annoyed me so so much. I just wanted her to either accept Gio or move on. I didn't care which, but please stop complaining so much. I really hated her.

Then B is also pretty stupid in this book. *some spoilers ahead* She has been taking martial arts classes and practicing with the one vampire so she won't be taken again by Lorenzo (or anyone evil). Well what happens? She is incredibly stupid and goes off by herself and gets kidnapped by Lorenzo. Again. I was just like wait, I read this in the first book, only not as intense. This really is just like the first story retold in a more annoying way. It is Gio and B falling in love, or trying to make their way back to each other, and then you have the bad guy kidnap B again so Gio has to save her. Why am I reading this? Could you not think of anything else to do besides what you already did? I mean yes, there were some new story lines, like the death of a vampire, but for the most part I felt like this was A Hidden Fire take 2. Not good. Needless to say I will not be reading any more of these books. I don't think I can handle any more B, and I am not sure the story will be different than what I have now read twice. I don't understand the love for these books.


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Official Release Day!! Neanderthal Marries Human by Penny Reid is here!

It is here! The follow up to Neanderthal Seeks Human is here! More Janie and Quinn to love! This one, Neanderthal Marries Human, might be even better than the first, though it was for sure more emotional. The first book, and the other books by Penny Reid, are pretty hilarious, but this one was funny and sad and sweet and everything all rolled into one. I almost cried numerous times. Loved it. Amazing. Go get this book now! But read Neanderthal Seeks Human first if you haven't already. Love love love Janie and Quinn! Look for my full review coming soon.


There are three things you should know about Quinn Sullivan: 1) He is madly in love with Janie Morris, 2) He’s not above playing dirty to get what (or who) he wants, and 3) He doesn’t know how to knit.

After just five months of dating Janie, Quinn—former Wendell and unapologetic autocrat—is ready to propose marriage. In fact, he’s more than ready. If it were up to Quinn, he would efficiently propose, marry, and beget Janie with child all in the same day—thereby avoiding the drama and angst that accompanies the four stages of pre-matrimony: engagement, meeting the parents, bachelor/bachelorette party, and overblown, superfluous wedding day traditions. But Janie, much to Quinn’s dismay, tosses a wrench in his efficacious endeavors and challenges him to prove his devotion by going through the matrimonial motions, no matter how minute and mundane.

Will Quinn last until the wedding day? Or will he yield to his tyrant impulses?

Regardless, one thing is for certain, Quinn Sullivan will have to learn to expect the Spanish Inquisition (i.e. the unexpected) if he plans to have and keep Janie Morris as his wife.

This book is not a standalone. It is the sequel to ‘Neanderthal Seeks Human,’ it is book #1.5 in the ‘Knitting in the City’ series, and it is a full length, 100k word novel.

Again, you must read ‘Neanderthal Seeks Human’ first before reading this book.

This book is written in first person, alternating POV (Janie Morris AND Quinn Sullivan; but more Janie than Quinn).

About the Author:

 SEX! It all started with sex, between my parents. Personally I don’t like thinking about it, but whatever works for you is a-ok with me. No judgment. The sex happened in California and much of my life also occurred in that state until I moved from the land of nuts (almonds), wine, silicon… boobs, and heavy traffic to the southeast US. Like most writers I like to write, but let’s get back to sex. Eventually I married and gave birth to 2 small people-children (boy-6, girl-4 as of this writing).

By day I’m a biomedical researcher with focus on rare diseases. By night I’m a knitter, sewer, lino block carver, fabric printer, soap maker, and general crafter. By the wee hours of the morning or when I’m intoxicated I love to listen to the voices in my head and let them tell me stories. I hope you enjoy their stories.

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Neanderthal Marries Human and Neanderthal Seeks Human are also on sale right now! Perfect time to go pick up a copy! They are both amazing and wonderful. I truly love Penny Reid's books. Click below to get your copy now!

Neanderthal Seeks Human: Amazon •  Barnes & Noble •  Kobo •  Goodreads
Neanderthal Marries Human: Amazon •  Barnes & Noble •  Kobo •  ibooks •  Goodreads

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A Hidden Fire by Elizabeth Hunter

A Hidden Fire: Elemental Mysteries Book One


"No secret stays hidden forever."

A phone call from an old friend sets Dr. Giovanni Vecchio back on the path of a mystery he'd abandoned years before. He never expected a young librarian could hold the key to the search, nor could he have expected the danger she would attract. Now he and Beatrice De Novo will follow a twisted maze that leads from the archives of a university library, through the fires of Renaissance Florence, and toward a confrontation they never could have predicted.

A Hidden Fire is a paranormal mystery/romance for adult readers. It is the first book in the Elemental Mysteries Series.


A Hidden Fire was recommended by someone in my book club. Others read it and loved it so I thought I would give it a try. I wish I wouldn't have. It was so boring, though by the end it had gotten better. At least something happened at the end.

B works in the rare books department of the library. The whole first part of the book is her working there, Gio coming in to look at the one text and them slowly getting to know each other. Some new pages from a book show up and then it is just on and on about these old books that belong to Gio. He thought they were lost in a fire, but apparently not. So lots of talk about these books. I kept thinking to myself why do I care? I don't, I really don't. So he wants his books back....maybe something will eventually happen and we can stop talking about these darn books that I don't care about. It was really quite boring.

Through all of this B learns of Gio's secrets and is thrown into this world she never knew existed. She pretty much goes along with everything right away and it was a bit odd. She's just like cool...I don't know. She is attracted to Gio, and he to her, but he won't really do anything about it.

B is supposed to be this smart, tough girl. I went along with that until Lorenzo shows up. Then she just became super annoying and not very smart. Some slight spoilers ahead about the latter part of the book.

So Lorenzo shows up and makes threats and eventually takes B with him. B thinks Gio cares about his books more than her, even though there was no way Lorenzo was going to let Gio keep her. Really Gio was trying to protect her. So Lorenzo takes her to try and draw out her father. What does he do once he has kidnapped her? Nothing. He lets her sit all day on his Greek island and do whatever she wants. Um okay.'re not going to do anything with her? Just keep her on your island and wait until her dad shows up? Really? You are the bad guy and that is all you are doing? Okay. Then B what does she do? Nothing. She mopes around poor me. Gio doesn't love me. Wow way to be strong and try and get out of this not so horrible situation. Of course Gio and friends come and save her and she is all I hate you! but then forgives him. Drama central for a bit, but not the kind I enjoy. I just....I don't know what happened to B. She was stronger and smarter at the beginning of the book, then got super annoying to me. Still the ending was good enough to make me try out the next book to see what will happen. We shall see. Hopefully it is better than this one.

Rating: ★★

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Cat Called Cupid by Mazy Morris

A Cat Called Cupid: A Romantic Comedy Novella


Cupid the Cat is fed up with his Lady, Ann. She has no taste in men. Her current boyfriend reeks of cologne, is deliberately careless with his feet, and openly states that dogs are fundamentally superior to cats. However, Craig, Cupid and Ann's human neighbor, is practically perfect. He’s handy with a can opener, he politely steps around napping felines, and he never ever turns up the stereo to earsplitting decibels. It also doesn’t hurt that Craig and his cute Siamese lady-cat come as a package deal. 

The way to a cat’s heart may be a can of tuna, but Cupid’s having a little trouble figuring out the key to human relationships. Helping Craig win Ann’s heart proves to be an unexpected challenge. Cupid will have to employ all of his feline wiles to purge the place of the odious cat-hating boyfriend and ensure a happily-ever-after for Craig and Ann.


A Cat Called Cupid was a cute, quick read. Cupid's lady, Ann, doesn't have the best taste in men. Her current boyfriend is a cat hater, he steals her money, and is just not a good person. When Cupid finds a seemingly single, nice guy that lives in his building (who happens to have a nice female cat), Cupid decides he must find a way to get the two of them together.

The concept, the story told from the cat's point of view, was cute. Really Cupid did all kinds of things that it would seem like a cat wouldn't be able to do. I didn't really care though. It was fun reading how he tried to set up Ann and Craig, her neighbor. Everything works out in the end, and it was an enjoyable read. I usually don't like novellas, but Mazy Morris did a good job with this one. She did not try to fit too much story into too few pages.

Rating: ★ ★ ★

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Breathe by Abbi Glines

Breathe (Sea Breeze)


In the shore town of Sea Breeze, Sadie discovers that fame is nothing in the face of passion. A steamy read from bestselling author Abbi Glines.

Sadie White’s summer job is at the beach, but she won’t be working as a lifeguard. Since her mom is pregnant and refuses to work, Sadie will be taking over as a domestic servant for a wealthy family on a nearby island.

When the family arrives at their summer getaway, Sadie is surprised to learn that the owner of the house is Jax Stone, one of the hottest teen rockers in the world. If Sadie were normal—if she hadn’t spent her life raising her mother and taking care of the house—maybe she’d be excited about working for a rock star. But she’s not.

Even though Sadie isn’t impressed by Jax’s fame, he is drawn to her. Everything about Sadie fascinates Jax, but he fights his attraction: Relationships never work in his world, and as badly as he wants Sadie, he believes she deserves more. Yet as the summer stretches on, Jax’s passion leaves him breathless—and Sadie feels like the only source of oxygen.

Can their love overcome the disparity in their lifestyles? One breath at a time, they’re going to find out…


After finishing the latest Abbi Glines book I thought I would go back and re-read the one the first one I read. After all there was a new copy with parts from Jax's point of view so why not? I remembered not loving Breathe, but enjoying it enough to give the next book a read. I didn't really remember the story so it was like reading it for the first time.

I don't know what it is exactly about Breathe that I didn't love, but I still didn't love this story. I think it might be that Jax is famous. Rich I can do, famous I want no part of. Jax is a teen heartthrob. All the girls love him and his music. He has a summer house in Sea Breeze so he can have a few months out of the year to just decompress and not be the famous guy everyone swarms.

Sadie is a sweet girl, going to be a high school senior. Her mom is not much of a mother. Sadie has had to take care of them both for a long time, and now her mother has gotten pregnant again (with no father figure in sight). The mom is supposed to be working cleaning one of the rich people's houses, but the day after Sadie is out of school the mom decides she just can't do it anymore, not with being pregnant. Sadie will have to take her place. I must say Sadie is much kinder to her mother than I would be. Kinder than she should be. I don't know how she deals with it. So she shows up for her first day of work, manages to get the job only to find she is working in Jax's house. Of course she knows who he is, but she is not some super fan with posters on her walls or anything.

Jax tries to stay away, but from the first moment he sees her he is drawn to Sadie. He knows that she won't fit in his world. She doesn't know how to be famous and everything that would entail. He doesn't want to hurt her, knows he is leaving at the end of the summer, but he just can't stay away. He is up front with Sadie about all of this, but she can't stay away either. She sees the little boy behind the famous persona. The real Jax and he loves that. They have some ups and downs, and Sadie home life gets even worse by the end. I really don't know how she dealt with everything. Of course everything works out in the end, this is not a cliffhanger. Jax seemed nice, I liked Sadie, their story was sweet but something was missing for me. Something made me just eh on this book instead of loving it like most of the authors other stories. I think it is the famous aspect, but that doesn't make much sense. I loved Rush, and he has the famous family so....not sure why I didn't love this book. It was good, but I like a lot of the other stories in this series better.

Rating: ★ ★ ★

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Until Nico by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Until Nico (Until Series Book 4)


Sophie Grates has never had it easy, but she’s finding her way through life one step and one day at a time. That is, Until Nico comes in and flips her world upside-down. He forces her to see you cannot live life from the outside looking in, and sometimes you have to step out onto the ledge so you can really enjoy the view. 

Nico Mayson knew the moment he saw Sophie Grates that she was the one. His whole life, he has been judged by what’s on the outside, so finding a beautiful woman who sees the real him only makes his feelings that much stronger. 

Nico knows the kind of man he is, and the things he is capable of, and he will do everything in his power to help Sophie fight her demons so they can have their happily ever after. Everything in life worth having is worth fighting for.


Until Nico is another great book by Aurora Rose Reynolds. I just love all of the Mayson boys and their big, over possessive, caveman alpha ways. She really knows how to write them in a way that I love. Not all authors can do this. I find a lot of times I am just so so on alpha males, or really hate them. Not the Mayson boys. And Nico....Nico is amazing. His whole tattooed, pierced don't mess with me vibe makes me swoon. I love it. I loved him.

Sophie is so sweet and innocent. She has not had the best past, some things happened that traumatized her and made her turn inward. She really only has one friend, and she is in Seattle. She doesn't really socialize or anything and she just keeps to herself. Until Nico. Nico is amazing with her. He knows she has issues she needs to deal with, but he is going to be there for her. As soon as he sees her he knows she is the one for him. He will do whatever it takes to be with her.

Nico really was the sweetest guy ever! He is nothing but kind and loving towards Sophie. He keeps asking her out even though she keeps turning him down. He sees that she is interested, but she has been by herself for so long it is scary for her. He sees that and tries his hardest to go slow and be gentle with her. He is the least caveman alpha of all the brothers, at least with Sophie. I loved him. When Sophie starts getting help with her past he is there for her. When she feels stupid because what happened to her is not nearly as bad as what has happened to others he is there to make her see that even if it wasn't as bad, it still is as bad for her. It effected her on this level so it is bad. He is so proud of her and supports her through everything. Until he can no longer move forward because she is using her fear to prevent that. Then he turns his caveman ways on her and won't deal with it anymore. He gives her time, but at some point you have to take a chance and that is what he makes her do. It is still from a place of caring for her and wanting her to be a part of his life. He wants to marry her and have her be a part of his family. I loved Nico. He was beyond amazing and just the nicest guy to Sophie.

Sophie does get help and moves on from her past with help from Nico. The ending was interesting since at the start Sophie was the one afraid of everything, but after everything that happened they kind of switched places. Nico had a hard time dealing with everything and it was nice to see them both be so support of the other. It was nice to see them work through everything together and get help when needed. Man I loved this book. Although it is a little sad since there are no more brothers to read about...luckily we will get another series with some of the side characters from this series. I cannot wait for more from Aurora Rose Reynolds! I just loved her books.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Until Trevor by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Until Trevor (Until Series Book 2)


Trevor Mayson had his life planned out - make the family business successful and play the field for a few more years before eventually settling down. Then he sees her. Liz Hayes was beautiful, shy and everything that he could ever want...but she didn't fit into his plans. After Trevor painfully rejects her, Liz finally starts to move on, but Trevor is finding it difficult to truly let her go. It seems the more he tries to stay away, the more intense his feelings for her become. Like a stretched rubber band, he can only take so much before snapping. 

Liz Hayes is done waiting for Trevor and isn't interested in getting her heart broken by him again, but Trevor is making it difficult for her to forget him when he shoves his way back into her life. 

Can Trevor prove to her that he is worth falling in love with again, and is he ready to change his life plan to let her into his heart?


Man oh man. I thought Asher from Until November was hot, but he is nothing compared to Trevor. I thought I loved Asher, but Yeah he is now my favorite Mayson boy. Yes he is a possessive caveman just like his brothers, but I still love it. Aurora Rose Reynolds sure knows how to write her guys so I just melt into the floor. Really I feel like Trevor could have done anything and I would just say okay, that's fine, do whatever you want.

This book is a little different from the other two I have read. We don't really see the beginning of Trevor and Liz. We don't really see the boom moment, the moment Trevor realizes Liz is his. They start off as friends and spend a lot of time together apparently. They talked every day and just were there for each other, until that fateful night. Trevor breaks and they start making out, but when Liz says something that makes Trevor think she is a virgin he immediately withdraws. He is afraid of his feelings and thinks Liz is too pure and innocent for him and his player ways. He doesn't even let her explain what she says he just kicks her out and tries to move on with someone else. He tries to use other women to erase her, but it doesn't work. This story starts right when Trevor is trying to not go after Liz. When he is trying to move on, but can't.

Liz has fallen on some hard times. Her brother has stollen all of her savings so if she doesn't get a second job she will lose her store she loves. She goes to Big Mike to work at his strip club, and even though he is against it he lets her be a waitress and nothing more. He doesn't want her to go somewhere else where he can't keep an eye on her. Well this doesn't last long as once Trevor finds out she is working there that is it. It is then he decides that Liz is his and they are going to work this out and make it work. I really love his this is happening whether you want it to or not thing. Liz is a bit reluctant to try something with Trevor as he hurt her last time things went beyond friends, so she wants to remain friends. Of course this doesn't last long as Trevor doesn't really try to be just friends with her. He wants her as his woman and that is what he is going to get. I loved it. I loved how sweet and kind and caring he was with Liz.

I loved Liz as well. She gave it right back when Trevor tried to be all this is the way it is. She didn't just immediately cave to him when he came trying to get her back. She sticks up for herself and can be a little wild herself. The whole thing with Jen was hilarious! I was just like you go Liz! So really I loved them both. They were perfect for each other. There is the external drama they have to deal with, but nothing that breaks them up or causes them to be apart. I do love that about these books. Once they are both on board nothing can break them apart. It seems like a lot of other books have the everything is wonderful, then something happens and they break up, then they find their way back to each other. Not with Aurora Rose Reynolds and here amazing alpha men. They know what they want and they get it. Love it. Loved Trevor, loved Liz, loved this book. It was even better than the other two.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Coulda Been a Cowboy by Brenda Novak

Coulda Been a Cowboy


Grandpa Garnier used to say, "Love is like a bucking bronco. It takes guts and determination to hang on, but it's worth the ride. "

If only Grandpa was around now to help Tyson Garnier out of this mess. The famous pro football player is suddenly saddled with a very public scandal-- and an illegitimate child. Tyson needs a good nanny "now" if he's going to salvage his career. And plain, no-nonsense Dakota Brown is the ideal candidate.

Dakota doesn't care for football-- or for a man who doesn't seem to want his own son. But she needs this job, and that precious little baby needs "her."

Dakota isn't Tyson's kind of woman. But the more he sees of her-- and the more he sees of his son-- the harder he wants to hang on.


Coulda Been A Cowboy is the first book by Brenda Novak I have read. It was an alright read, I enjoyed it for the most part.

Tyson is a pro football player who is hiding away in small town Idaho while he tries to get his life in order again. He has been out with an injury and needs to get back in playing shape. He also is now taking care of his 9 month old son when he finds out his son's mom has been neglecting him. He paid the mom a large settlement for full custody of his son. Since he knows nothing about kids he needs help.

Dakota was recommended to Tyson for the job of nanny. She needs the extra money to try and stay on top of her bills. Her home life is not very good. Her dad was injured many years ago and now Dakota feels responsible for him, even though he is a mean alcoholic at times. It is really not a good situation and Dakota doesn't really have a social life to speak of.

When they first meet there are not sparks or anything. Dakota needs this job, and loves Tyson's son. Tyson thinks how Dakota is kind of plain, but not ugly. Slowly he starts caring about her, but he also has a lot of drama with the ex to deal with. His son's mom is claiming that he raped her, to what end I am not sure. That makes me so very angry. I wish she would have gotten a lot worse than she did for that. I wish nothing but bad things on her when she is the one who threw herself at Tyson. I hated her so much.

So lots of drama and things to deal with all the while Tyson and Dakota are falling for each other. I wish Dakota could have learned to be comfortable in her own skin and not had to lose weight to feel like she looked good. Then the ending was super quick. It was way too quick for me and unfortunate since the rest of the book was pretty good. It was just like suddenly everything came together and they lived happily ever after. A good read, and I will be checking out more from this author. Really I would like to read Gabe's story now as I think that will be interesting.

Rating: ★ ★ ★

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Until November by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Until November (Until series Book 1)


November is looking forward to getting to know her father and the safety of a small town. After leaving the Big Apple and her bad memories for Tennessee, November starts working for her dad at his strip club doing the books. The one time she’s allowed there during club hours she runs into Asher Mayson. He’s perfect until he opens his mouth and makes assumptions. November wants nothing to do with Asher but too bad for November, fate has other plans. 

Asher Mayson has never had a problem getting a woman, that is until November. Now all he can think about is making November his and keeping her safe. 


Until November is the second book in this series I have read, even though it is really the first book. Man did I love November and Asher. Aurora Rose Reynolds sure knows how to write an alpha male in such a way that I don't care about the things I would normally care about. It is amazing. The whole girls need protection while boys don't thing normally would make me scream at the hero, but here I am fine with it. Odd, but the way it is. I felt like November a lot of the times. There is one point where she is wondering why in the world Asher's whole caveman thing turns her on. Why does she like it? That is me. I like it, but I don't really know why.

November is this sweet girl. She is pretty innocent and hasn't had the best of times up until now. Her mother is verbally abusive, but not around all that often and kept her from her father until she was 18. She had a fiance, but that ended. Then she had some bad times in New York causing her to leave and move in with her dad in Tennessee. She is so kind and lovely. She recently acquired a large dog who was her savior and she takes him to the nursing home to visit with the elderly. So sweet.

Asher is this big tough guy player. He and his brothers are all super players. They have never had girlfriends, just girls they sleep with. The let the girls know that is what it is and everything, but they are so good looking everyone throws themselves at them. It is a bit ridiculous, but I didn't mind. When Asher first meets November he thinks she is sleeping with her dad (he didn't know it was her dad). He has the instant connection with her. He instantly knows that she is the one for him so he is a bit annoyed that she is with this older guy. Hilarious. Once he figures everything out he goes full caveman on her, kidnapping her when she tries to get away after their 'just beer.' I should hate that, I know I should as it is just wrong, but somehow I don't. I loved Asher and his caveman ways. I loved how he was just all this is the way it is, we are going to be together so get with the program and give this a chance. Somehow, even with those caveman tendencies, Asher was really sweet with November.  It is obvious how much he cares about her and how he wants to keep her safe. She has some scary situations, someone is trying to scare her and she doesn't know who or why, and Asher is just so great with her about all of it. He really tries to protect her as best he can. He can be super bossy, but I still love him. When he gets a little crazy when November talks to other guys, especially when he thinks there might be something with his brother, when he opens up about that my heart just broke a little for him. I know in the past he was a player, but November is different. He just is amazing even with all of his bad qualities, or things I would normally consider bad qualities.

So I like how Asher and November, once they are together, don't really have issues or drama with their relationship. Things happen to them, there are issues and tense situations and such. It is never an issue of will they end up together, but will they be able to get rid of the outside issues. November has someone who seems to want to hurt her, who breaks in and sends creepy poetry to her. They have to figure out who it is and why they are going after November. It is nice as it is just like they are in love, they are it for each other and that is that. I really liked this story.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Until Lilly by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Until Lilly: Until Lilly (Until Series Book 3)


When Cash Mayson was forced to choose between the love of his life and his unborn child, he knew exactly what he had to do. No matter how broken it left him. 

When Lilly Donovan was forced to accept that the guy she loved wasn’t who she thought he was and became a single mother, she knew exactly what she had to do. Proving just how strong she was. 
What happens when years later you find out that everything you thought you knew was a lie? 

Can two people who once loved each other overcome the obstacles that are thrown at them and fall in love all over again?

Cash Mayson had forgotten how it felt to be loved Until Lilly came back into his life. And now that he remembers, he will do everything within his power to keep not only the woman that he loves, but also his children. 

The power of love is a beautiful thing.


I didn't realize Until Lilly was the third book in a series until after I finished it. I don't think you really need to read the others beforehand so it worked out fine. I don't know what it was about this book that I liked so much. Everything happened way too fast, like instantaneous, which I usually don't like. The main character had many traits that normally I do not like, but for some reason I didn't mind them here.

When Cash sees Lilly for the first time he knows she is the one for him. She is it. Apparently that is the Mayson curse. When you find the one you know it instantly. I actually really liked that as it seemed true. I believed it and it made me think of when I met my husband. Lily is buying coffee and Cash just has to talk to her. It doesn't go very well as he gets all caveman on her which she doesn't like, but there is something about him that draws her to him. He lives a few hours away so it is hard to have a relationship, but they talk on the phone a lot and he comes to visit whenever he can. You don't see a lot of these early days in the book. You just get a few snippets, which at first was disappointing. They do end up sleeping together once, but then the next day Cash calls and breaks up with Lilly, breaking her heart. She then finds out she is pregnant, but due to various reasons ends up alone and even more heartbroken.

Cash ends up getting married to a crazy lady and having her kid. He has some valid reasons for everything, but it is still upsetting. It doesn't last long before they get divorced and he has custody of his son, Jax. One day when he is out with his son he sees Lilly...and a little girl who looks just like Jax. From that moment Cash is committed to doing whatever it takes to make things right with Lilly. He knows he loves her, wants to be with her forever, and this time nothing is going to stop that from happening. He was really amazing, even though he did have his caveman tendencies. He also is of the mindset that women need to be protected. It is shown at the end with his daughter and son. His son can do whatever since guys can take care of themselves, but his daughter can't since girls need to be protected. Normally that would make me so angry as well that is not true, but for some reason this whole thing he has going on just makes me shake my head at him like oh are so silly. Very interesting that I didn't hate him at times.

So anyways Lilly takes him back WAY too quickly! So you understand his reason for everything that happened, but man I couldn't get over that heartache that quickly. It just didn't make that much sense that instantly they are together again. Kind of crazy, but as I said above I didn't really mind it even though it was totally unrealistic. They just kind of fall back into things, are in love again, and man were they hot together. One small complaint - Cash kept telling Lilly how he was going to spank her and such, but he never really did. Sad, as I would have loved to read more of that! Oh well, what you do get it pretty amazing so I can't complain too much.

Then Lilly starts having some problems, legal issues, starting after the ex wife finds out about her. No one thinks these two events could be related. No one thinks the ex could be involved. Why? I have no idea. I mean they know she is crazy so...why not even consider her? Very strange and one part I didn't like. Of course everything works out and everyone is happy. I really liked this story, even though I am not sure why the caveman tendencies didn't both me. Cash was just amazing with Lilly and the kids and I just loved them together. I can't wait to read the rest of the series now!

Rating: ★ ★ ★ 1/2

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

Ender's Game: 1 (The Ender Quintet)


In order to develop a secure defense against a hostile alien race's next attack, government agencies breed child geniuses and train them as soldiers. A brilliant young boy, Andrew "Ender" Wiggin lives with his kind but distant parents, his sadistic brother Peter, and the person he loves more than anyone else, his sister Valentine. Peter and Valentine were candidates for the soldier-training program but didn't make the cut—young Ender is the Wiggin drafted to the orbiting Battle School for rigorous military training.

Ender's skills make him a leader in school and respected in the Battle Room, where children play at mock battles in zero gravity. Yet growing up in an artificial community of young soldiers Ender suffers greatly from isolation, rivalry from his peers, pressure from the adult teachers, and an unsettling fear of the alien invaders. His psychological battles include loneliness, fear that he is becoming like the cruel brother he remembers, and fanning the flames of devotion to his beloved sister. 

Is Ender the general Earth needs? But Ender is not the only result of the genetic experiments. The war with the Buggers has been raging for a hundred years, and the quest for the perfect general has been underway for almost as long. Ender's two older siblings are every bit as unusual as he is, but in very different ways. Between the three of them lie the abilities to remake a world. If, that is, the world survives.


I did not think Ender's Game was my kind of book. I never would have picked it up to read had I not seen and enjoyed the movie. Really space things are not my thing usually. Not sure why, but I am not a big outer space fan. The movie was good though and I couldn't wait to read the book to see what more there might have been to the story.

Ender Wiggins is the last hope for humanity. He is just 6 years old when this book opens. He is incredibly smart and he is the one that the higher ups believe will be able to save them all. There was an alien bug invasion many years ago and since then they have been preparing to destroy them before they destroy us. They have to get the kids when they are young and train them, mold them into what they want. They really screw with Ender. They never let him be. Never let him really be happy. As soon as he is they mess it up. He is smart enough to know what is going on, but at the same time he feels the need to win the war against the bugs. He loves his sister and for her he will do this. For 6 years he is trained, with other kids, for the battle. Through the ups and down Ender preservers.

This book had a lot going on. Yes, Ender is training for the war. He is also trying to fight against bullies, figure out how to lead others, he takes note of what his current leader is doing wrong, or could be doing more effectively. He is really good at reading people, knowing what they need to make them follow him or whoever he wants them to. He can unify everyone. Ender has the right mix of compassion and cruelty for the higher ups. He doesn't want to hurt anyone, and he feels terrible when he is forced to. It really was an interesting read. I enjoyed seeing how Ender dealt with everything they threw at him. He is still a kid, and does make some mistakes or breaks down, but he is so strong and determined as well. It was better than I had expected. Then if you think about how young all of these kids are it is just amazing. I know it is not a true story, but it feels very much like it could happen.

There is also a storyline for Enders siblings, his sister Valentine and his brother Peter. Peter is who Ender hates, who he doesn't want to become. Peter likes killing things, likes violence, likes being cruel. Valentine, on the other hand, is the compassionate one. Ender is kind of a mix of both. Their storyline is more political, what is happening on earth while Ender and the other kids are at battle school trying to learn to destroy the bugs. What will happen when they do defeat the bugs? Peter is planning for this and it was interesting to read. I really enjoyed this book. The end is kind of sad, but hopeful. You just feel bad for Ender and everything he has had to go through. Great read.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Love Notes by Heather Gunter

Love Notes


How do you cope when the people you care for hurt you the most? When the way you feel on the outside, smothers you on the inside. And when you are left to face your demons alone, will you learn that only you have the power to overcome them?

Charlie has never had it easy. Between the constant moving and the incessant fat comments and jokes from her father, her self-worth is nonexistent. Her reflection in the mirror shows her nothing but a plain Jane. Music is the only thing that keeps her sanity in check.

Charlie catches the eye of the town star quarterback, Maverick. With her curves, her brunette hair, and the voice of an angel, Maverick has never met anyone like her. Everything that is different about Charlie just makes Maverick like her more. Unfortunately, Charlie doesn’t see it herself.

Proving it to her may deem harder than he thinks, especially when tragedy strikes and tears them apart.

Now standing on her own two feet she may finally learn exactly who she is, what’s she’s capable of and how very un plain Jane she really is.


Love Notes was a quick read. It didn't go too deep into things, but it was still enjoyable. It did deal with some serious issues, but everything was resolved pretty easily.

Charlie is a girl who has never had a really close friend. Her family moves around a lot so she has never been in one place long enough. This is her final year of high school and she cannot wait until she can go to college. Until she can escape home. Until she can escape her verbally abusive father. He is always putting her down. She is too fat, too stupid, too ugly. No one will ever like her. If she thinks they do, they are just playing a joke on her. How could they? Just look at her. So needless to say she does not have very good self esteem. When she looks in the mirror she sees no one special.

Maverick is the star quarterback. He is hoping to get a football scholarship to play. He loves football. Since he is the star quarterback all the girls love him, but he has never really cared for the girls. He goes on dates and such, but no one ever sticks. Until he literally runs into Charlie on her first day of school. There is something about her that draws him to her. He knows how beautiful she is, how kind and caring, how all the other guys will want to get close to her. He was so sweet with her and they quickly become a couple.

Charlie tries to hide her insecurities and how bad her home life is. Her dad verbally abuses her while her mom just sits there and watches, or leaves her to her dad. It is really terrible, and she does have issues, but everything also gets resolved a little too quickly and easily. She starts gaining her self worth back once she starts dating Maverick. The big tragedy towards the end, what the issues are, were again a little too easy to reconcile. I did like how it ended though. It was not the perfect happily ever after that you usually see. I did like that. This was a good read, and for teens maybe it is better to see someone struggle and overcome the abuse, but again it was a bit to light for me. A bit too easy for her to deal with. How she gets out and stuff was a bit much. It was like really? They would really do/say this like this instantly? Still a good read.

Rating: ★ ★ ★1/2

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