A Cat Called Cupid by Mazy Morris

A Cat Called Cupid: A Romantic Comedy Novella


Cupid the Cat is fed up with his Lady, Ann. She has no taste in men. Her current boyfriend reeks of cologne, is deliberately careless with his feet, and openly states that dogs are fundamentally superior to cats. However, Craig, Cupid and Ann's human neighbor, is practically perfect. He’s handy with a can opener, he politely steps around napping felines, and he never ever turns up the stereo to earsplitting decibels. It also doesn’t hurt that Craig and his cute Siamese lady-cat come as a package deal. 

The way to a cat’s heart may be a can of tuna, but Cupid’s having a little trouble figuring out the key to human relationships. Helping Craig win Ann’s heart proves to be an unexpected challenge. Cupid will have to employ all of his feline wiles to purge the place of the odious cat-hating boyfriend and ensure a happily-ever-after for Craig and Ann.


A Cat Called Cupid was a cute, quick read. Cupid's lady, Ann, doesn't have the best taste in men. Her current boyfriend is a cat hater, he steals her money, and is just not a good person. When Cupid finds a seemingly single, nice guy that lives in his building (who happens to have a nice female cat), Cupid decides he must find a way to get the two of them together.

The concept, the story told from the cat's point of view, was cute. Really Cupid did all kinds of things that it would seem like a cat wouldn't be able to do. I didn't really care though. It was fun reading how he tried to set up Ann and Craig, her neighbor. Everything works out in the end, and it was an enjoyable read. I usually don't like novellas, but Mazy Morris did a good job with this one. She did not try to fit too much story into too few pages.

Rating: ★ ★ ★

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