Hold On Tight by Abbi Glines

Hold On Tight (Sea Breeze)


Six years ago, Dewayne Falco's life changed. He lost someone he never expected to lose. Resigned to punish himself for something he felt he could have prevented, he goes through life without getting too close to anyone.

What he didn't expect was for the girl across the street to move back home and remind him of what they both lost: Dewayne's younger brother Dustin. However, when a miniature version of Dustin opens the door to greet him, Dewayne realizes he might not have lost everything after all.

Sienna Roy loved Dustin Falco most of her life. He was the boy next door, the high school basketball star and her best friend. But when his life was cut short, she realized he left a part of himself behind.

Now, she's back in Sea Breeze, thankful to have a home for her and Dustin's son, but not sure if she can ever forgive the people across the street who abandoned her when she needed them the most — The Falcos.

Betrayal, lies, and forbidden attraction might end Dewayne and Sienna's story before it's even begun.


Oh Dewayne. You were always in the background and I never paid much attention to you. When I found out you were getting your own book I was excited because, well it was an Abbi Glines book, but not like I need to read you right this instant. Well you won me over. You and Sienna are so sweet together! Much love for you now Dewayne. I almost wish you were getting another book, even though that would have meant another cliffhanger. Maybe some slight spoilers in this review.

So Hold On Tight opens with Sienna and Dustin, Dewayne's younger brother, 6 years ago, just before Dustin died. It was kind of uncomfortable and you know Dustin is just not good enough for Sienna. Sienna isn't really in love with him, but he has been her best friend forever so she does love him and just goes along with whatever. It makes me sad for her as she deserved much better than Dustin gave her. I was just waiting to see what would happen. Well overnight Dustin died then Sienna was shipped off to live with her aunt until she had Dustin's baby. There are a few things that by the end I didn't understand. The book starts with present day her moving back to her old house. Dewayne's parents house is across the street. She has Dustin's kid with her. She didn't think any of Dewayne's family cared about the kid. She wrote them letter and they never responded. At the end I didn't understand why she never called, especially when she knew Dewayne was looking for her the night before she left. She has always had a crush on Dewayne, he is her fantasy, and he has always liked her, but she was his brothers. He has always sacrificed his happiness because he thought Sienna was in love with his brother and he wanted her to be happy. He didn't think he could do that. So she never calls...she said her mom burned Dewayne's phone number, but at the beginning she said she thought about calling them once but decided against it since they didn't answer her letters. It was just....like Dewayne said when he found out - you know my mom. Do you really think she wouldn't have been right there for you the entire time? Especially since your family abandoned you? You know her. If she knew about this you wouldn't have been able to keep her away. I think the real issue is Sienna didn't seem to have much self esteem. She was the hot girl and guys noticed her, but she didn't think she was anything special. Oh teenage Sienna.

Well when she moves back everything is going well. Dewayne and his family are so involved with her kids life. She still has a crush on Dewayne, but she doesn't think he likes her. Plus he is still a player. He tries to stay away as he just doesn't think he is good enough for her, thinks she deserves something better then once and done, and doesn't think he can give her more than one night. There is a lot of fun scenes where he caves for a second, then tries to be just friends again and so on. So much fun. I really enjoyed this one. Dewayne was so cute, and once he did cave I loved him. It was just like all right, you are mine now. I will be here all the time. I am not leaving. Sienna does go a little crazy when she finds out something that she didn't know and gets angry with Dewayne for not telling her, though she won't let him talk to explain how he was trying to protect her. It was in the past, why should she have to be hurt now? I loved how he just didn't give up. There was no giving up even for a second, no running away and trying to figure out what to do, he was just like sure you can be angry with me but I am not going anywhere. Loved it. Loved it so much. And the kid was so cute! I loved him too. Really a great story. Much better than I expected.

Rating: ★★★★1/2

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