Falling Stars by H.D. Gordon

Falling Stars (The Surah Stormsong Novels)


Surah Stormsong’s life has fallen down around her in the past week. Her father is in a coma induced by demon poison, two Highborn Sorceresses have been murdered, and a crazed Sorcerer by the name of Black Heart has made it his mission to take the kingdom for his own. As princess, and next in line to the throne, Surah is his primary target. But he’s not the only one she has to look out for. 
Now, Surah is on the run, having just helped Charlie Redmine escape from the castle dungeons. This makes her a traitor in the eyes of many, as Charlie is not only a common man suspected of murder and treason, but also Black Heart’s younger brother.

The stars are crossed against the two lovers, the universe trying to keep them apart. In the end, will the stars align for Surah and Charlie, or will they fall from the heavens, dead and lifeless, like the tears of angels?


Falling Stars is the second book in the Surah Stormsong series and I think it is even better than the first. I really enjoyed reading this book even though Surah was annoying at times. Really I got annoyed with her a lot, but for some reason that didn't make me dislike the book (which it usually does). She was written in such a way that I didn't always like her but it was still fun to read. She was a little too reactionary for me. Like she would see something or someone would tell her something and she would just go with her first reaction instead of stopping to think things through. She also didn't listen to Charlie when he was tying to keep her safe. She is the princess she knows everything! Except he is the one who lives in the outside world and knows how it works. Especially if they need to keep a low profile. Ugh. But I still didn't hate it and even enjoyed reading this story.

*Note there may be some spoilers ahead*

So this book picks up right where the first one left off. Surah has transported Charlie out of his prison cell when Theo catches them kissing. Charlie takes her to his spot he goes when he doesn't want anyone to find them. He is so cute and I liked him a lot. He is so hard on himself and his past. He really doesn't think he deserves much even though he served his time for his past crimes. He has secrets he needs to tell Surah, but he is afraid that she will hate him once she knows everything he did when he was younger.

Surah is kind of all over the place. She still doesn't know if she can trust Charlie. Then she decides she can and they have to be together and everything will be sunshine and roses as long as she has him. The magic goes away and some bad people are told the king, who is in a coma, must die to get the magic back. Surah and Charlie are attacked by the Fae and then, since there is no magic, they decide they need to get back to the castle to see if Surah's dad is okay. Well this is when she starts being really dumb and not listening to Charlie who is a) more familiar with the land and its ways and b) more familiar with doing things without the use of magic. Surah was just really annoying at times.

Theo has been at the castle this whole time and in this book it seems like he might really love Surah, but he is just not a great person. It is revealed to Surah a lot of terrible, unlawful things he has done in the past. Really it is revealed how he is just not good, but he does really think he loves Surah. He will kill Charlie and then she will be his. Easy peasy.

Oh course since there are some issues. Since there is no magic there is a big gathering of all the people at the castle when they get there. That is not good for Surah or Charlie since they are both wanted by Theo and everyone else. Everyone wants Charlie head since they think he is working with his brother. It was pretty intense, and Samuel, Shura's giant beast friend, can't even go help her unless he absolutely has to. He needs to watch her father so no one kills him. Things get out of control and man the end was so sad. I just felt so bad for Charlie. He is trying to be good and do the right thing now, but once his stupid brother tells her his big secret she reacts instantly with I hate you! and leaves him there for his brother to do whatever with. Black Heart, Charlie's brother, is really crazy. I want the next book to see what happens next! I mean I am sure Surah and Charlie can work it out if Shurah can stop and think for two seconds. She better not get with Theo, especially since she has never liked him and now knows how horrible he really is. I understand he was there when she needed comfort, but what about Samuel? I just want Surah and Charlie to fix everything and live happily ever after. Oh well, I supposed I shall have to wait and see what happens. A great read, even if Surah was annoying and the end made me so sad.

Rating: 4.5/5

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