Night Fury: First Act by Belle Aurora

Night Fury: First Act


My name is Catarina.
Or, that’s who I was christened to be, anyways.
I live in a convent. I am a nun in training. A postulant.
I am eighteen years old.

I am a predator.
No one is safe from me.

I am protected.
No one can get to me.

By day one way, by night another. They call on me.

My name is Catarina.
Codename: Night Fury.

No one is safe from me.

I will come for you.


*Note: I was give a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

I don't think there is much that Belle Aurora can't do. Every book of hers I have read has been so different from the others it is kind of amazing. I never know what I am going to get when I read one of her books. Night Fury: First Act was a quick fun read. It is not very long and ends leaving you with more questions than when you started. It was an interesting read because from the first page I was trying to figure out what exactly was going on. It was like page one, oh so maybe this is what it is? Next page, no, not that what about this? And so on with it slowly being revealed what Night Fury does. Plus every time you figure something out, you learn what something is, you are left with even more questions about something else you didn't even know about. It was fun, though too short! It just means I have to wait now to see what happens next...

I can't really talk about the plot without giving away something. And that would just ruin it a bit. You wouldn't have the fun of trying to figure everything out. The characters seemed good, but you don't get to know most of them that well. You are left with more questions again as to who they are and where they came from and why they are doing this. It was an interesting read, much different from the other works I have read by this author. Even though I am not sure what to think about what is really going on, what Night Fury really does, I still enjoyed the book. I kept thinking that once I know the whole story maybe I will be okay with it. We shall see. An interesting read. Definitely check out Night Fury: First Act, but be warned it ends in a sort of cliffhanger.

Rating: 3.5/5

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