Safe With You by Kirsten DeMuzio

Safe With You


After overcoming a difficult childhood, Taryn Ross has a fairy tale life - her father is a Senator contemplating a run for President, her mother loves to take her shopping for ridiculously expensive clothes, and she is finishing up her junior year at NYU.

What she doesn’t have is love - the heart pounding, mind blowing, passion filled love that she reads about in her collection of steamy romance novels. But that might change when she accepts a cup of coffee from a sexy mysterious stranger.

Wyatt Hunter has experienced a loss that has him living each day just going through the motions. His world is in dull shades of gray - until the day he meets Taryn. She brings vibrant brilliant color back into his life, and he can’t stand the thought of going on without her.

But Wyatt is holding a secret that could send Taryn running when she finds out.


I am really glad I did not read Safe With You, the first book in this series, first. It is actually the third book by this author I have read. The writing and the story were just not good. If I would have read this first I would not have searched for the rest of the authors books and I would have missed out. Luckily I read Just One Reason before this one and loved it.

The biggest issue with Safe With You was the writing. Everything happened instantly, nothing was really developed that well. I didn't really care about any of the characters as I didn't get to bond with them at all. At first I thought this could be interesting, bodyguard and girl he is protecting, but the lack of development, except for telling not showing, kept me from caring. It was really not good. I'm going to go back and read Just One Reason after this to see how the writing in that one was. You can definitely see a difference between Fourth Down and this book. Fourth Down is much better written and the story is actually developed.

Taryn is the adopted daughter of the senator who is thinking of running for president (though she doesn't know this at first). She had a bad home life, but got lucky with amazing adopted parents. Every day between classes she stops at Starbucks and see always notices the sexy guy who has been there every day for the last few weeks. One day she has a run in with an ex, who still wants to be with her, and sexy guy steps in. From then on they start having coffee every day. Sexy coffee guy, Wyatt, tells her they can't be more than friends even though it is obvious he is attracted to her. So they try to be friends for a minute. Then she find out he is really her bodyguard and then they get together and are so in love. They have to tell her parents eventually and they are fine with it. It was just...everything was way too easy and quick.

There is one small issue with the ex. He still wants her for some reason, and at some point he had put a hidden camera on her balcony. He films Taryn and Wyatt fooling around in the pool and uses that to blackmail her into coming to his families event and trying to get her back. She doesn't tell Wyatt, Wyatt who is her bodyguard and is supposed to handle things like this, what is going on. She goes to the event, then goes alone off with the ex to his bedroom. Really girlie? You think that is smart? He is blackmailing you and he seems angry that you are with someone else so you go off alone with him? When you didn't even tell your big bodyguard boyfriend what you were doing? You are a smart one. Luckily this situation is also instantly resolved and everything is fine. That is the way the entire book is. Things happen but they are just over and done with before you even get involved. You are told things, but not shows. We are told Taryn has trust issues, but I never saw it. She said she did, but she didn't act like she did. It was just not a very good read. So if you have read this one and didn't like it definitely give the author another try. Her other books are way better than this one, at least Fourth Down and Just One Reason were.

Rating: ★1/2

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