#BookBlogWriMo Day 8 & 9 - #SuperSunday - What Makes a Book Blog Work & #MotivationMonday - How I Make Sure to Post to My Blog

Dat 8 - #SuperSunday - What makes a book blog successful?

For day 8 I am not really sure what to write. What makes a book blog successful? I don't know. My blog is not of the big super popular ones. I like it though. It is what I want so it works for me.

Day 9 - #MotivationMonday - How do you make sure you stay consistent and post on your blog? Do you schedule? Go with the flow?

How do I stay motivated to post on my blog? How do I post something every day? Well when I first started the blog I just told myself I was going to post something every day. And that works for me. I have in my head that I have to, like a job task that needs to be completed, so I do. As long as I don't miss a day, don't leave the blog empty for one day, then I will continue doing it. If I do stop posting, do go a few days, then it will just spiral down and I will get lazy and it will be very infrequent or never posting anymore. I know myself. As long as I have in my head that I have to do it then I will. I want to write reviews for everything I read and this makes me stick to that. I don't really have a schedule or anything. Well that is not completely true. I have a schedule of books I have signed up to review to make sure I have them read and reviewed by the time I need to post them, but otherwise I just do whatever I would like. That is the great thing about having this blog for me. I love it writing posts, I want to write them, I love talking about books, I just enjoy it. So it works for me. Sure some days I don't feel like writing, but if I need something up on the blog then I do anyways. They might not be the best reviews or whatever, but it is what it is.


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