#BookBlogWriMo Day 18 - Book Wishlist

Day 18 - What books are on your wishlist that you haven’t purchased yet?

What books are on my wishlist that I don't have yet? Well that is easy - most all of my favorites. In paperback. I love paperbacks just as much as my Kindle. I want copies of my favorite books to put on my bookshelf. When we lived in the states I had a huge book collection. Bookcases upon bookcases of books. Everything I loved was in there. When we moved to Berlin a few years ago I had to give up almost all of them. We got rid of most of our possessions, but books were definitely the hardest to part with. I have picked up one or two of my favorites, a few from the author signing I went to last year, but not many so most of my favorite books I still need.


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