#BookBlogWriMo Day 17 - Your Review Process

Day 17 - What is your review process? Do you have a system? How do you come up with your ratings?

Today is another prompt that we had last year as well. As such I already wrote about my review process here. I'll just recap and then talk a bit about how I come up with the ratings.

First you have to read the book of course. Well maybe not of course since I see things sometimes about fake reviews and people not actually reading said book they are reviewing. But that is super lame and a big no no. Really not cool. Thankfully I haven't had experience with this personally.

After finishing a book I usually do nothing for at least a day. I like to sleep on it before writing up anything. Unless as I said earlier in the month it is a negative review then I rant my heart out. That never makes it to be published. It just helps me to get it out so I can sleep. I need that at times.

Once I have waited at least a day I sit down and write what I thought. This is not planned out or anything I just write what I feel like. In reality I usually write up reviews about once a week. I sit down on a day when I feel like writing and try to catch up. I usually am ahead of schedule so I have plenty of time between when I finish reading and when I post a book review.

Once the reviews are written they usually sit at least another day. Then I go back and format them, add the book covers and synopsis and everything, busy work that I can do at anytime. I also read through the reviews again before posting and scheduling them on the blog. Pretty simple.

So how do I decide what to rate a book? It is just whatever I feel it deserves. I know that is not helpful, but honestly I don't know. I know after finishing that it is an x-star book, but how do I decide that? It is just what I feel after finishing a story. Was it amazing? Was it just okay? Did I hate it? I just know that it is however many stars.  How it made me feel, how the writing is, how much I loved or hated the character, everything gets combine to rate how the story is overall. I don't give out a lot of five star  reviews and I am not always sure why something is only a 4.5 instead of 5 for me. It is just what my gut is telling me and I have to go with that. So that is my review process.


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