#BookBlogWriMo - Day 1 - What has changed since last year

Wow so it is November already which means another BookBlogWriMo! I had forgotten all about it until I got the email yesterday with all the details. Yes it is a bit late due to scheduling issues, but I am happy to play catch up and continue on from here. You'll have to bear with me as I try to post everything I missed, but I am really excited to be participating again this year. I love having the prompts for different things to write about as I am terrible at coming up with these things by myself. So on to the first post!

Day 1: History of your blog/what has changed since BookBlogWriMo 2014

Since I participated last year I already wrote up the history of my blog here. Unfortunately after BookBlogWriMo 2014 I had all these grand plans for different things I would post, like new releases I am looking forward to or favorite books in a specific genre, but I didn't get around to any of that. I also have plans to redo the layout of the blog, add a different header and such, but again no go there.

Why didn't I get anything done in the past year? Why didn't I do anything I planned? Well mainly because I was just much busier than I thought I would be. I have more things I do during the week, things that take up the time during the day like German classes and studying, that mean less time for working on my blog. It kind of gets relegated to the bottom of the list in regards to importance so it never got done.

I also love to travel and have people stay with us which means even less time for blog related things. As it is I have my self imposed rule to post something every day so when we are traveling or entertaining guests I have to have all of those posts already scheduled so I don't miss a day. So I have to read 2+ books a day beforehand in addition to getting ready for our trips so not much time for the blog updates. When we are traveling I also don't read, unless it is on the plane or train. My husband always says "No working on vacation!" It is just time for us to spend time together exploring or relaxing or whatever we are doing. This all just means that when I do have free time it is read or work on the blog and reading wins out. Reading and traveling are my two loves so it works for me. Maybe next year I will get to some of it, but I don't know that it will be any less busy than this year so probably not. I would need to prioritize changing the blog and that is just not that important to me since it is good enough as it is.

So to recap - not much has changed. Not much time to work on the blog when there are so many books to read and places to visit.


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