#BookBlogWriMo Day 6 & 7: Most Memorable Book Quotes & Favorite/Least Favorite Things To Read About

Day 6 - Most memorable book quotes

When I first saw the prompt for day 6 all I could think of was the following quote:

"Two letters combine to make a tiny word whose connotation is massive. There is an us here. He and I, we're partners. We are also part of the Society and have a shared sense of being misunderstood characters in beloved books. But when he says this word, when these two letters combine to make a single syllable from his mouth, it feels more than that, It feels both broader, more significant. And yet smaller and exclusive all at once." - The Collector's Society by Heather Lyons

I really enjoy that one and it is a more recent read for me. Then I went through a few of my favorite books to see if there were any good quotes highlighted to add to the list. Enjoy!

"Sometimes my life felt so small. And I had to wonder why those of us who were given small lives still had to feel pain so big." - Kyland by Mia Sheridan

"We had everything we needed. None of it was big. Most of it was simple. But what I knew in that moment was that the size of your home, your car, your wallet, doesn't have one single thing to do with the size of your life." - Kyland by Mia Sheridan

"The instinct ground to a halt, this great, screeching of brakes and rebellion against having to say those last words. Against having to defend himself against her assumption that he was a heartless asshole. Even after he'd held his own heart out to her like...
...like a pitiful bouquet of wildflowers." -  A Wish Upon Jasmine by Laura Florand

"Maybe Park had paralyzed her with his ninja magic, his Vulcan handhold, and now he was going to eat her. 
That would be awesome." - Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

"Since I first laid eyes on you and felt sorry for every beautiful thing that was made no longer resplendent, nullified by your being." - Beauty & the Mustache by Penny Reid

"You underestimate how deeply you cut when your intentions carry no knives." - Beauty & the Mustache by Penny Reid

Day 7: Favorite and least favorite things to read about

Favorite and least favorite things to read? Well that is a hard one. Mainly the least favorite. I will preface this by saying that if you are an amazing author you can write about anything and I will enjoy it. Even if it is something I normally don't like.

So what don't I like in general? Famous/rich people. No rock stars or actors or anything like that. I don't care for famous people in my stories. I am not sure why. Maybe because I think it is kind of unrealistic that these super famous people would go to some small town and fall in love with a small town girl. I am sure it happens, but I just can't usually get behind that story.

Also if a book had billionaire in the title I am probably not going to read it. Step siblings as well. I am not sure why that became a thing, but that is a no go for the most part for me. No billionaire stepbrother romances for me! Though if how rich they are is not highlighted in the story, if it is not part of the title or synopsis, then that is fine. If the characters just happen to be rich I will read it. I usually just don't like the stories where it is the main characteristic of the character.

So then what do I enjoy reading about? Broken people. People who have a horrible past, but find a way to get past it or become stronger. I love people with lots of tattoos and piercings and colored hair. Any kind of dark storyline I love. They are my favorite. I don't know why, but the broken people really get me. Maybe it is because then I feel more of the feels if the story is well written. So those are what I love the most.


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