#BookBlogWriMo Day 16 - Blog Tours or Independent Reviewing

Day 16 - Do you participate in blog tours or do you review on your own schedule? What makes you review a book?

I do participate in blog tours for books I am excited about, authors I love, or anything that sounds really interesting. Though I don't usually sign up for tours if I don't know the author as I dislike reading a book for a review and hating. I always feel bad if I signed up for it, but hated it. But I do sometimes and I have found some new favorite authors that way.

I also do a lot of independent reviews. Reviews for whatever I see that sounds good and I feel like reading. I do get review requests as well and if it sounds good and I have the time I will read the book.

What makes me review a book? I know this is not what that prompt means, but if I have read a book I review it (unless it is a re-read and I already have a review up). Why do I choose the books I do? I am not sure. All I can say is they sound good. Which doesn't always mean they are good, and some books I have read for book clubs and such have sounded horrible and I have loved them. But there is really no way of telling if I would like a book unless I read it. Or if someone else who I normally agree with reads it and likes it. So it has to have something on the cover or in the synopsis that draws me in. If it has a terrible cover (like it looks like someone made it in MS Paint) then I am going to pass no matter how amazing the book sounds. I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but if it is completely terrible then I don't have much faith that the insides will be very good either. If it is just an averagely bad cover I will still read it if it sounds like it would be good.


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