Made for Us (Shaughnessy Brothers #1) by Samantha Chase

Made For Us
Made for Us (The Shaughnessy Brothers)


The Shaughnessy brothers—Aiden in particular—have spent the years since their mother’s untimely death taking care of each other and trying to make their father proud. And Aiden has managed pretty well so far. But his father is starting to worry he’s neglected himself. At the age of thirty-four, he is successful and handsome, and he still has no grandchildren!

Aiden’s met plenty of attractive women over the years, but who has the time? It isn’t until he meets Zoe, a designer on one of his jobs, that he starts realizing he wants something more...


Made for Us is the first book in the Shaughnessy Brothers series and oh did I love it. I am glad there are so many Shaughnessy siblings so I have lots of stories to look forward to! I cannot wait to read them all!

Aiden is the oldest of the Shaughnessy kids and he has taken it upon himself to be the one everyone counts on. He helped raise his siblings when his mom died when he was eighteen. He is like a second father to them and is always there when anyone needs him. He has not dated much, he likes everything to be perfect, he doesn't deal well with change, and he always thinks he knows what is best. He builds houses and is working with a design company to get his show homes perfect. Only the designer working the job did not do what he told her to and he is not a happy camper. Why couldn't she just do what he had said? 

Enter Zoe, designer extrodiaire and someone who can give Aiden a run for his money. She is called in to fix the first designers mistakes and she was amazing. She sees all the little things that are wrong, the construction things, the paint colors, etc. She knows Aiden is a tough customer, but she is more than able to keep up with him. Oh they are so perfect for each other!

That first day they meet was so great to read. Oh, I loved them both. Aiden isn't used to anyone questioning him or talking back to him. He just makes decisions and expects people to just follow him. He likes Zoe right from the start, but she is working for him so he should stay away. I loved him. I loved how he thought about everything and he was so adorable trying to figure out what is wrong at times. Like that first day he gives Zoe a ride home and asks if she has had dinner yet. She hadn't so he just assumes that a) she will eat dinner with him and b) the Italian place they are driving by will be fine. They are both hungry, here is a restaurant, what could be the problem? He was so cute! Zoe of course is not very happy that he didn't even ask her what she wanted to eat or if she would even eat with him.  I loved it. I loved the way he thought and would be confused by how Zoe didn't think the same way he did. I really did feel bad for him at times. Poor Aiden not understanding other people. It was so cute.

Zoe is not a push over. She is just as stubborn as Aiden is. She is living on the beach, loving life, and has a crush on Aiden. She saw that first night how he is not just the tightly wound jerk that he usually is on the job site. She sees there is more to him, but she doesn't think he sees anything in her. When a hurricane is expected to hit the coast things heat up for the two of them. They have a lot of issues, but it didn't take away from the story. Aiden needs to learn to talk to Zoe and share things with her and Zoe needs to learn to tell Aiden when something bothers her as he won't get it on his own. He is definitely not one of those guys that will just pick up on what is wrong. He just doesn't think the same way.  

Aiden does have a lot of issues to work through himself. He has always kept his family separate and when Zoe starts to become a part of the family it freaks him out. He doesn't like change at all and this is a big change. People are treating him differently, his family is treating him differently, and he doesn't like it. He is just so adorable! I loved him so much. Before they can find their happily ever after he needs to work through his issues and oh he was great. The end was so cute! 

Through it all you get to meet the rest of the family. There is only one girl and I cannot wait for her story. She has to put up with 5 overprotecting brothers. I cannot imagine. Really I want to see all of them happy in love. I am so glad I have another great series by this author to fall in love with. Made for Us might be my favorite of her books thus far. Aiden and Zoe were just too cute and perfect together. I just loved this book so much! 

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

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