Vengeance (The Blood Trail Chronicles #1) by AE Watson

Vengeance (The Blood Trail Chronicles Book 1)


A man once told me there are infinite places love will take you, but revenge is the business of hate and there is only one place hate will take you, the end. The end of you and the end of everything you once stood for. His words still echo in my mind, next to the images of the millions of places I might have gone. 


Amillia Morgenstein wants nothing but freedom. Freedom to choose the man she marries and the life she lives. She wants nothing but the boy she can never have, Maddox.

Her world is turned upside down when her brother betrays their whole family, in a deal to trade Amillia to a Duke name Herrick and overthrow their father. 
Broken hearted and fleeing her burning village, she rides away on the back of her closest friend, Artan.

In a neighboring city, rumors of a red-cloaked assassin flood the streets. An assassin who targets only the rich and the wicked. The trail of blood left behind leads back to the burned out doors of a once flourishing kingdom, now ruled by a tyrant.

Broken hearted and bound by vengeance, Amillia finds herself falling for something, she never thought she would have again. Grayson's blue eyes and sarcastic smile have her fighting the feelings she has, just as someone from her past reappears. She fights for her heart and the hope no one discovers her biggest secret. 

How far would you go for the ones you love, the ones you lost?


First can I say how beautiful this cover is? I absolutely love it. It is one of those covers that I don't even care what the book is about I want to read it. Beautiful. 

Unfortunately Vengeance started off well, but quickly devolved into kind of a mess for me. It did straighten itself out somewhat by the end, enough that I was considering getting the next book to see what happens, but I just don't know that I can read another one in this series. 

This is the story of Amilia and her revenge only that concept didn't really work with this story. I never felt like Amilia was this bad ass assassin like she was supposed to be. I never felt like she was really just ruled by her vengeance. She just came across as this whiny annoying weak little girl. The whole thing with Maddox got to be sooooo tedious to read. It was just like dude, have some self respect. How many times does this one guy have to turn you down and tell you he will never ever ever be with you before you give up on him? And then you add in Grayson and it just made me angry. Way to lead Grayson on when you really are still hung up on Maddox. That is not fair and not nice.

Amilia was always being told what to do growing up and so she was always acting out. She wanted to do whatever she wanted and not have dictate her life for her. Fine, but at some point you have to grow up and stop throwing temper tantrums. Maybe after your father dies and your family is in trouble that would be a good time to stop acting like you two, but no, not Amilia. She will continue being a brat right up to the end of the book. Her whole poor me, Maddox doesn't love me like I love him every two seconds annoyed me. Just get over it! This is supposed to be this girl who is this awesome assassin, not mopey whiney, poor me girl who throws temper tantrums all the time. I just really didn't care for her character at all. She was not strong and brave and heroic. She was stupid and weak and lame.

My other issue with the story? The writing. I kept getting confused as to what was going on. For example Amalia has this locket necklace that helps her. In one scene she throws the necklace away, or it is taken from her or whatever, but then two paragraphs later she is looking in the locket. I was just like wait...I thought you didn't have the necklace? Apparently she only lost the chain, not the locket, but the way it was written I never would have known that. If you say you got rid of the necklace I would take that to mean the locket and everything. There were a lot of times like that where I was just like wait....I thought x happened? Oh, I guess it was just that only part of that happened and it just wasn't clear. It was hard to read for me.

Also you spend a good chunk of time not knowing what is really going on. Amilia kind of asks for answers, but when she doesn't get them it is like no big deal. As a reader I can appreciate the slow reveal, but the way this was set up didn't work for me. It was confusing and I was constantly like what is happening? And not in a good way. You don't know what is really going on for a good chunk of the book and then all of a sudden most things are revealed. I did not like the way it played out.

So this book was just kind of a mess for me. I didn't care for the writing, I didn't care for the main character, it just wasn't for me. Apparently a lot of people did not have the same issues I did, but unfortunately it just didn't work for me.

Rating: ★1/2

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