Hansel, Part 4 by Ella James

Hansel Part 4
Hansel Part 4: An Erotic Fairy Tale




They were captives who shared a wall, and cut a hole in it so they could hold each other's hands. Until he killed their captor, Mother. Then he disappeared, and as the world swooped in to save the Children locked away in Mother's house, the girl called Gretel became...lost. No breadcrumbs. 

Finding Hansel, years later, is the shock of Leah McKenzie's adult life. Finding out how far she'll go for him - that's no surprise. 

Leah's given Hansel - Lucas, he says it is - every piece of herself. And he's been both cruel and kind. 

What they share is dangerous. 
What they feel is dark. 
Their history is twisted. 
Their hearts already broken. 
And that's before the secrets are revealed. 

*Hansel Part 4 is the final installment in this erotic fairy tale. Full disclosure: it's a dark read. If you don't enjoy mind-bending stories with disturbing twists, this story may not be for you.


*Note: you should have read the first three parts before starting this one. This is a continuation of the same story*

Oh Hansel. My heart would just break for him. I loved him, felt bad for him, wanted nothing but the best for him. This last and final chapter of the story gives you the last pieces of the puzzle. What really happened. Oh, Luke. You are simply amazing. 

When this chapter starts we are back at Mother's house. Leah wanted to go back to try and put that chapter of her life behind her. She still wants Luke, but he kept trying to send her away. She is not sure what to do once he started acting nice towards her. The two of them...they were amazing together. Leah is so good for Luke. She believes in him, wants to care for him, just wants him to be okay. She was so sweet and kind. I loved her.

This last chapter was really kind of sweet. Luke is so fragile. He still has so much to deal with and has so many secrets. I just absolutely loved him. You just want him to figure things out and find a way to be with Leah. It was a little different from the other parts, but I didn't love it any less. Really as a whole this is an amazing read. I loved all four parts. Highly recommended if you like dark reads. I can't get over how good these were. Loved it.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

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