Beast Part 3 by Ella James - 4 star review

Beast Part 3
Beast Part 3: An Erotic Fairy Tale


Return to La Rosa Prison as Annabelle tries to save Beast from his grizzly fate. Her tongue and hands are doing most of the saving. 
Okay, not really. 
There's suspense and a healthy dose of smut, too. You know that's how you like it... 

In all seriousness, this is an adult book that deals with a variety of intense and mature topics. It's also a novella. If you dislike reading stories in installments, or are a prude, a whiner, or other unsavory sort of character, this may not be a good read for you. 


Gah Beast Part 3...I don't know how they are going to get out of this in the last part. At the end of Part 2 we have Beast being drug off into solitary by the crazy DA who has a grudge against him. Uma, the model druggie from the first part that was killed in the car accident, was the DA's granddaughter. Man things don't look good for Beast and Annabelle doesn't really have a way to reach him. Her step dad is no longer employed at the jail, she can't just get in to see him like she used to, her mom is really dying now, it is a lot to handle. 

There wasn't a lot of sexy time in this chapter since the two were separated and most of it is from Annabelle's point of view. Most of this part is Annabelle trying to deal with everything. Trying to figure out what to do. She does get some help, but things are not good when it ends. Beast is in a bad place and Annabelle...she is not much better. 

Man those last few chapters, those last pages, you learn a lot and gah! We shall see what happens next! I hope they can figure everything out because I like them together, but it is not looking good. I just can't see how they can get out of the mess they are in to live happily ever after. 

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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