Torn Hearts by Claire Contreras

Torn Hearts


They were inseparable, their love was fierce, their loyalty unwavering... or so they thought...

Torn Hearts follows Mia and Jensen's story in the beginning. Like many of our own stories, theirs is not complete. Once I am finished posting this prequel, I will give you the title of Mia and Jensen's full length, standalone story, along with a release date for it. 

This is a FREE READ. 

*NOTE: You don't need to read Kaleidoscope Hearts in order to enjoy this story, as you do not need to read this story in order to enjoy Mia and Jensen's standalone either. This is just a glimpse to their past.


Torn Hearts is a little snippet of Mia and Jensen's story. It is a quick read, but it gives you a little background into who they are and what happened prior to Paper Hearts (out Sept 10). 

In this story you don't really get to see Mia and Jensen get together. You see pieces of before, pieces of during, and pieces of after with what happened to ultimately break them apart. I can't wait to read Paper Hearts and really see what happened on Jensen's side. The two of them obviously care about each other, but some things got in the way. Mia was not very secure with their relationship to begin with when they are forever apart, but she never expected what happened to happen. I get why she would be upset, but at the same time I hope in their full length book she can be a little more understanding. Things happen and...we shall see where they go from here. I am curious to see how this all works out.

Rating: ★ ★ ★

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