Beast Part 4 by Ella James - 1 star review

Beast Part 4
Beast Part 4: An Erotic Fairy Tale


If you read Beast part three, and you should have, since these are serials, I don't think I need to entice you to one-click this novella. Beast and Annabelle are f*cked - and you know they're f*ckING, too. Grab your guns and a few extra pairs of panties! We're on the lam, and it's sexier than ever.


Alright, Beast part 4. What to say about this last part of the story? Well it was kind of a mess for me. The first part I didn't like that much because the end was like he raped her which is not cool, not like he was dominating and she was into it. It got better with parts two and three and I was excited to see how they would get out of the mess they are in. Beast had been locked up in solitary and stuffed full of drugs to keep him crazy, and Annabelle was there to warn him that someone was going to try to kill him that day. Only the DA comes in to do just that and things take a bad turn with Annabelle shooting and killing the DA. So they are now on the run. How will they make it out alive? How will they survive? 

**Note some spoilers ahead**

I think my biggest issue with this part was that a lot of it just did not make sense. I can suspend disbelief to a certain degree, but the whole running and hiding and not being found? It did not work AT ALL. The way it was written was just like wait are you serious? You are really trying to tell me this is what happens? It was too much. 

So what happened? How did they do it? Okay so first of all Beast is working for the feds, only now they have no use for him and they are trying to kill him. So they get a car at the prison and speed off. Only there are cops on the way, spike strips in the road, etc. So they get around some of that, but with cops behind them and in front of them they don't have many options. Beast swerves into the woods and drives a little ways (yes, there is somehow a path wide enough for his car to drive through the woods) and he knows there is a lake ahead and he just crashes into that. They manage to get out and pull themselves to shore and there is a grove of trees that they hide out it. And NO ONE finds them. That is where it got to be too much. There are all those cops who were on the road that saw them go into the woods and they did not try and follow? They did not search for them on foot? They just gave up and went home? I mean their grove of trees was by the road so they could look out and see if anyone was coming and there was no one there by the time they got there. Sure. That makes sense. They are hiding by the road where the cops saw them go and no one looks for them. They get helicopters to circle the area instead. It just...they would have been found in two seconds! It made no sense!!

Then what do you do when you are hurt, bleeding, and running for your life? Have lots of sexy time. I know this is a dark, erotic fairy tale, but come on. You need to put the sexy time in where it works, not just have the characters have sex every two seconds because yeah. Not good to read. So disappointing. 

The final disappointment was the end. Instead of them figuring out a way to get out of everything Beast gets stabbed 13 times (!!!) goes into a coma and when he wakes up - surprise! Everything is fine. The story of what happened got out and peeps on Twitter were like dude! Let this guy live happily ever after!! So they said oh, okay. If Twitter peeps say it, we will do it. Super lame!! So disappointing. I read Hansel and loved it, but Beast, at least the first and last parts, was just not that good. So if you have read this and didn't enjoy it give Hansel a try. It is so much better. 


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