Hansel, Part 3 by Ella James

Hansel Part 3
Hansel Part 3: An Erotic Fairy Tale


In part three of Hansel's story...Limits are pushed, walls come down, and secrets are revealed. Fairy tales are cautionary tales, remember? 

*This is a dark, erotic romance, and is part three in a four-part serial series.


*Note: you should have read the first two parts before starting this one. This is a continuation of the same story*

Hansel, Part 3 is another great chapter to this amazing story. It is dark, it is hot, it is gritty, it is amazing. 

At the end of the last part Luke was trying to get Leah to go and leave him be. He has a hard time with his past and everything he did. He doesn't think Leah would want to be around him if she knew what he did. You don't know everything yet, but you get more glimpses in this one and woah. If what is implied is what happened that no wonder Luke is so messed up about it. He keeps trying to push Leah away, but she is so stubborn she won't go. She knows him. She knows he is not telling the truth. She knows he wants her, she just cannot figure out why he keeps trying to hurt her so she will go.

Leah is really strong even if she has a lot of insecure moments. Everything she has gone through and she is still here trying to help Luke and be there for him. When he pushes the most she just won't give in. I don't know what will happen next, but it is going to be emotional and intense. I am just loving this dark fairy tale. These two people have such a shared past that they really could use each other. They could help each other. But they need to know everything, which we will find out in the next chapter. Hopefully it is not too too bad. Cause I don't know how much more my heart can break for Luke. It is a hard read at times, but so so worth it. Amazing.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

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