The Scream by Amy Cross

The Scream 
The Scream


It begins early one morning in the sleepy town of Pine Ridge. A scream, desperate and piercing, filling the streets. And it never stops. 

As confused locals start to search for the source of the scream, they realize that it seems to be everywhere at once. The streets, the buildings, the public areas... No matter how long they spend trying to find the person who's screaming, they come up with nothing. 

And still, it won't stop. 

As the day continues and the scream goes on and on, people start to lose their minds. Some still frantically search for the source, while others make plans to get out of town. Even when they realize that only one person is missing, they still can't find her. It's as if the scream has come to haunt the residents of Pine Ridge, and it won't stop until they've all lost their minds. 

And then, finally, the truth becomes clear... 

The Scream is a horror novella about a small American town that wakes up one day to a terrifying scream that threatens to tear their entire community apart.


The Scream is supposed to be a horror novella, but nothing about it is very scary or terrifying. It was a let down for sure. I love horror, but it is hard to find good horror. This one I just found kind of boring and unbelievable. 

Suddenly one morning in a small town the residents start hearing screaming. Like a girl being tortured. They are not quite sure where it is coming from, but they will find the girl and help her, hopefully before it is too late. The town comes together to search for said girl, they take a census and see who is missing, who is screaming, and they search and search for her, but never find her. That is the story. 

Now the biggest issue with this story for me was the characters. None of them acted like real people. The screaming goes on for a really long time and yet the people don't react how I would have imagined they would. The phones are down so they cannot call for more help, but no one tries to drive out of town or anything. They just deal with it while trying to find the girl. Once and a while someone will be a little cranky, but overall people dealt with hearing someone being tortured remarkably well. Just everyones thoughts and reactions were off for me. The story is told from multiple points of view and I couldn't identify with any of them. The one was this guy who was trying to think like the torturer and man he was strange. It was just like who says this stuff? Is this really what he is thinking? Are we sure he is not a psycho killer? I mean really he creeped me out. 

Then suddenly you have someone who has a theory of what is going on. It was just like really? This is what we are doing? This is the explanation we get? Okay. I just found the execution of what is happening especially lame. 

Overall it was kind of a boring story. If it were not so short I am not sure that I would have read the entire thing. It was just not that good or even scary at all. 


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