Snowed Inn by Danielle Lee Zwissler

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Sometimes a little bad luck can lead to good fortune...

When Lacy Johnson made a last minute decision to head home for Christmas, she wasn't prepared as usual... Her car broke down, and that's not even the worst of her luck, well that was until she met Grayson Snow-- the sexy hilljack that came barreling down the hill in his pickup to save her...

Soon, it was apparent, that Grayson was more that what met the eye, and she started to fall for him and his charms, but she didn't fit in there, or did she?

Luckily for her, there was room at the inn...


Alright Snowed is a holiday read with that Christmas magic that makes everything wonderful all of a sudden, but it was not my favorite read. It didn't make much sense even factoring in the Christmas magic. It was a quick read though so that was a plus. 

Lacy's car breaks down on the side of the road on her way home for Christmas. She is not very excited to go back home as she hasn't been back in a long time, but now she is stuck. She was a strange one. So she is stuck in her car on the side of the road in the cold and snow. What does she do? All kinds of things like try on her fancy dress and shoes. Why? I have no idea. I mean why would you play fashion show in your car? Have you ever gotten changed in a car? It didn't make a lot of sense to me. 

Greyson shows up to help Lacy, only Lacy is not very thankful. She is really rude and not very nice from the start. She tells Greyson she was just heading to the Snowed Inn just up the road so he gives her a ride. Man she was all over the place. I have no idea why Greyson would like her. 

When they get to the Inn, which is not very far, Lacy finds out oops..Greyson's family owns it! When his mom shows up she is just like yey! I finally get to meet your fiance! Again it made no sense as Greyson didn't even have a girlfriend, why would the mom just be like yey you are getting married since there is a girl in the lobby. It couldn't be that the girl is just a guest checking in or they just go with it. And somehow fall in love and it was just a mess for me. I like the Christmas insta-love, but it has to have some semblance of plausibility. Unfortunately this one just didn't work. 

Rating: ★1/2


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