Joy is Found (Men of Ocean Beach #3) by Emma James

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Levi Donovan is best friend and wingman to Keanu Lee. He is also his business partner in Limbitless Tees. (There is a pun in there, folks.) Well, he was wingman, but now Keanu has Hope in more ways than one.

Things are changing for this sexy brotherhood … for the better.

Retro has the love of his life, which has turned him into an overprotective caveman. Keanu is a goner. Text is trying his best not to screw things up with his complicated relationship with Faith—it’s a work in progress. Harley’s ‘spidey’ senses are working overtime. And ... Slade has gone MIA, not that Phoenix cares. Not much, anyway. 

Damn Behemoth of a man.

Now the crew and the ever-expanding sisterhood are off to spend Thanksgiving in Cedar Hill, Texas with the people they love. Of course, what should have been a relaxing break away from OB turns into more than Levi bargained for.

When the girl he used to trip in elementary school with the mile-long legs and the ice blue hair crosses his path ... Let’s just say Levi is going to put his best foot forward, much to the amusement of the “inner circle.”

For once, Faith isn’t the one behind all the shenanigans; she has handed that baton over. Now she’s into matchmaking.

Oh, and of course there is that ever-pressing question:

Who is Hudson Raine?


*Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Also this is not a standalone - you should have read the prior books in the series as this is a continuation of the same stories. 

Joy is Found was a great read. It is probably my favorite of the series thus far! These books are so different from most and I love that. The author is really good at creating a story with so many different main characters and having it actually work. These are not stories where there is a couple that is the main focus and everyone else you see in the background. No, these are stories about everyone. What they are all doing through the course of the book. Sure, one of them might find their special someone, but that is just what is going on with them in the book. I really enjoy that. You get to see everyone grow and mature and find their happiness together. It is amazing. 

Since this series is not like others it actually makes it harder for me to review. Since there is so much going on, so many people to read about, it is hard for me to condense what I love about the story into something that will do it justice. Each story adds more characters for me to fall in love with and growing closer to those I already know. This story was probably my favorite because it had so many ups and downs and really showed how everyone is finally really starting to move on from what happened with Chance. Yes, it was horrible, they all still have scars, but you can't just shut yourself off forever. This story was much more emotional for me. The author got me to be very upset when I jumped to conclusions (just like some of the characters), she made me angry with people at times (in a good way - just like no!?! What is happening?!?), but then she reminded me how great everyone is. She made me fall for these guys even more than I already had. Some of the characters I had previously not liked as much even started to grow on me. I loved this read. 

So like my other reviews for this series I think I will just do a little recap of all the main characters from this story. Ah I love it. So here we go.

Harley - Now he was one that I never really liked. Not that I have to like everyone, but he was a bit too over-protective for me in the first story especially. He is growing on me though. As I see all these big, strong guys fall for amazing ladies I kind of get that caveman thing more. I can't wait to see him fall in love with someone. He has been trying to deal with his feeling for Faith since she obviously likes his brother. I saw him as being much sweeter in this story, even if he was grumpy, and you just can't help but feel a bit for him having to be around the girl he thought he had feelings for and watch her be happy with someone else.

Keanu & Hope - Oh these two are so cute together! I fell for Hope hardcore in the last book, and she is just as sweet and awesome in this one. Keanu was always one of my favorites, I love how he deals with everything even if his humor sometimes hides how he is hurting, but with Hope by his side he is just amazing. He definitely has one of the biggest hearts and oh I love the two of them. I really like seeing them grow as a couple and you do have Hope learning who Ajax is and what he has been up to since he disappeared at the end of the last book.

Retro & Birdie - They got together in the first story and it was so much fun watching where their relationship is going. They are so happy together and so perfect for each other. They are adorable and have lots of fun surprises in store for everyone.

Text & Faith - Oh Jase. He is my favorite of all the guys. Something about the not talking really gets to me. He is the kind of character that I absolutely love to read. He probably has the most issues of all the guys and I can't wait until he finally lets us know what really happened from his point of view. He carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, he feels so guilty for everything, and he is finally starting to try and find some peace. He wants to be with Faith, and she deserves more than broken Jase. Really if anyone can help him it will be Faith. She is so sweet and kind, but pushes him as well. She is not willing to accept that this is just the way he will be forever. They have a bit of a rocky relationship, what will all the lingering issues, but I know they will work everything out. They are too perfect together!

Slade & Phoenix - Slade is not really in this book since he had other things to do, and Phoenix is really almost a secondary character. I can't wait to find out her story. I want to know what makes her tick. Why does she try to hide how much she likes Slade? What happened to her to make her the way she is? One thing I do know - they are going to burn the place down when/if they get together. They are just so hot together already, and they are not even together. Slade is this big, kinda scary looking, but super sweet guy and Phoenix...she is just awesome. Ah I can't wait for the next story with them in it (maybe the next Hell's Bastard book?). It will be fun!

Levi - He was always kind of a mystery to me. He was always there, but I never really knew him which is fixed in this book. He has his injuries from what happened, but he is kind of like Keanu. He projects this image of how fine he is with everything, how he accepts what happens, even if he does have a few insecurities locked up inside. I'm really glad I got to see him open up a bit more and help Joy with everything she is going through.

Joy - She is the new addition to the story that I loved. She has more in common with Levi that he might originally have known and I really like the 'used to like each other as kids' angle. Joy used to go to school with Levi and he showed her he liked her as 10 year olds do - by pulling her hair and such. Only she disappeared one day and he never knew what happened.  Now she is back and it looks like maybe there is still something between them. Joy still has a lot of issue to deal with. She has had some trauma in the past and she is not quite to Levi and the gangs level of acceptance yet. She has been hiding out from the world, but Levi doesn't want her to. He likes her, she might be the first girl who he has ever had to pursue, and I'm glad I got to meet her. She is a great addition to the gang!

So I think that is everyone. Wrap this all up into one story of everyone coming home for Thanksgiving, secrets being revealed, some really good times that made me just so happy, and some not so good that made me a bit tense and you have a great read. Not everything is happy shiny fun, but that is what makes it a great story. The author has created such a great group of people who will always be there for each other no matter what. Sure the guys can be a bit caveman-eque with their ladies, but it is really sweet. Oh, it was a great read. Now to wait to see what is in store next!

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2


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