Night Wish: A Short Prequel to A Wish Upon Jasmine by Laura Florand

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The darkest hour is just before the dawn. But it’s in that darkest hour that you can best wish upon a star…

A struggling perfumer. 

A ruthless moneyman.

Two strangers in the dark.

And the scent of happiness.

Scents are so volatile. But sometimes a hint of them clings long after to the skin…

Author’s Note: This short prequel (about 30 pages) to A Wish Upon Jasmine was written as a gift for readers who loved Jess and Damien. The prequel started as a short story (“Be Careful What You Wish For”) which we originally made available on my website and through my newsletter, so if you subscribe to that you may have seen it. But I ended up continuing it, and it grew so long that we wanted to make an ebook available for ease of reading. In my own concept of the narrative arc, I recommend readers start with A Wish Upon Jasmine and return to this prequel if they love the characters and want more of them. But chronologically it occurs before A Wish Upon Jasmine, so of course you must make your own decisions! Happy reading, in any case.


Night Wish is a special present from Laura Florand to her readers this holiday season. If you have read A Wish Upon Jasmine you know Jess and Damien. If you are like me then you loved reading their story and would be super excited to read just a bit more. If you haven't read that book yet you should. It is amazing. Then come back and read Nigh Wish as Florand suggests, or if you start here you can go on to A Wish Upon Jasmine and finish their story.

Night Wish is the story of the first meeting of Jess and Damien. They meet one night at a perfume launch party and they are both taken with the other. If you love the way Florand tells a story you will love this. Everything is so magical and I loved seeing that first meeting though Jess' eyes. It is short and a quick read, but a perfect little extra morsel to savor of this wonderful couple.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2


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