Frozen by L.A. Casey

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There’s one must-have toy this Christmas, and Neala Clarke has told her niece Charli she’ll get it for her. Never mind that she’s got less than a week and it looks like everywhere is sold out. She’s promised Charli a Fire Princess doll—and Neala is a woman of her word.

Darcy Hart is a people-pleaser. So when his adorable six-year-old nephew, Dustin, asks for a particular doll at the last minute, he says yes. Luckily for Darcy, there’s one left in stock at the local toy store. Unluckily for Darcy, he’s not the only person who wants it—and his rival is the one woman who’s immune to his charms.

Neala and Darcy have loved to hate each other since they were kids, and they’re both willing to do whatever it takes to get that doll. This can’t possibly end well for both of them…can it?


Frozen was a fun Christmas read. Kind of like Jingle All the Way, but even more ridiculous since the two people fighting for the toy know each other. Really the beginning was almost a bit too much for me. It almost went too far and into the do not like category, but the story managed to right itself and just stay on the fun whimsical side. 

Darcy and Neala hate each other. Or so they say. It is obvious from the first pages that they both like the other, but neither will admit it. And Naela remembers what happened all those years ago to turn them from bff to enemies and it is ridiculous. Sure, young kids don't always use their words or know why they are upset or anything, but they are adults now! Naela thinks back on what happened just like see - he is a jerk! When it is like he is not. That was again an almost too much for me moment. Like I know it is supposed to be humorous, but it is not always my humor. This one toed that line for me at times, but stayed on the side of being a lot of fun. 

When Neala's niece and Darcy's nephew both want the hot toy of the season, and they both happen to be at the last store where the employee found the last one, of course they both want it. They need it for their gift since they said they would get it, but their families are super close, like family themselves. So no one would really care that much if one of them got it and the other didn't. It was ridiculous, but fun. 

Both of them are so crazy about having the doll there are lots of back and forth going on. One would steal it, then the other would try and get it back, and so on. This is nothing new for these two as they always fight with each other. Their families are getting tired of them ruining every family function with their petty feud and they see what Naela and Darcy don't - they would be perfect for each other!

When Darcy and Naela get snowed in together for a few days things heat up. They are forced to face what is going on between them and it was actually kind of cute. Of course there are still issues, these two cannot just go from fighting to loving, but it all works out in the end. A cute read for Christmastime.

Rating: ★ ★ ★1/2


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