Mrs. Scrooge (Rocky Hill Romance #1) by Barbara Bretton

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Single mother Samantha Dean doesn't have time for Christmas. Or romance, for that matter. She is weeks away from opening her own catering business, the most important part of her plan to provide her certified genius daughter Patty with all the wonderful things she deserves.

Except Patty doesn't want to go to a fancy boarding school. She wants a father and when she meets bartender Murphy O'Rourke at her fourth grade Career Day presentation, she knows she's met the man of her mother's dreams!

But can she convince her Mrs. Scrooge of a mom that it was time to give Christmas -- and love -- a second chance?


Mrs. Scrooge was a fun Christmas read. It is the story of a lady who has lost the Christmas magic, but finds it again with the help of her daughter and best friend. 

Sam is a single mom who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. She fell for a rich boy who left her alone and pregnant when she was still in high school. Since then she has not had the Christmas spirit, though she tries for her daughter Patty. She wants Patty to have everything she deserves, everything that she can't quite give her yet. Patty is a genius and she deserves more than what Sam can afford. One thing about Sam that I didn't like at the beginning was that she came across a bit snobby. She always wanted to fit in with the rich people, wanted to be one of them even though she didn't seem to care for them much. It was...I didn't like that. Why try so hard to be something you are not, something that won't make you happy? Why not try to be happy how you are? 

Patty was so cute. I loved her. She is so smart and fun and knows what she wants. This year for Christmas she wants a dad. She wants her mom to fall in love and make them a family. She wants what other kids have. When Patty first sees Murphy at career day she knows he is the one. He is perfect for her mom and perfect for her! She makes a deal with him, negotiating a really good deal for her mom to make sandwiches for his bar until they get a new cook. When Sam finds out she doesn't really want to deal with the hassle of going to the small business meeting to meet Murphy, but then again she could really use the money. Side note: Why doesn't Sam want to go to the small business meeting? She is planning on opening her own small business in a few weeks so why wouldn't she go and try to network? And when she does end up going why doesn't she make any effort at all to seem like a professional? It didn't make a lot of sense as that seems like an obvious, easy thing to do to try and help your business succeed. But I digress. 

Murphy is a great guy, but he has never really wanted to stay in his hometown and work at his dad's bar. He doesn't have the best relationship with is father, but when his dad has some health issues he steps in and runs the bar for him. He just walked out of his job as a journalist and is only planning on staying in town for a short while. Just long enough for his dad to get back on his feet and then he will be off. He has been applying for some foreign correspondence work again and he just was never the settle down type. 

When Murphy and Sam first meet it is cute. They both like the other, but Sam is really jaded and not wanting to even think about anything romantic. It was fun watching Patty and Sam's bff subtly work on Sam to open up and give Murphy a try. They were great, and slowly but surely Sam lets down her guard. Only she knows Murphy is not staying. Will there be a bit of Christmas magic that will make Murphy realize that giving up Sam and Patty and a home there in town would be a big mistake? Can he finally settle down now that he has found someone who is so perfect for him, someone he loves? Can he be a family man? Oh it was a fun read. Murphy is a sweetheart and once Sam stepped out of her shell she was great as well. A fun, quick Christmas read. 

Rating: ★ ★ ★1/2


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