My Favorite Books I Read in 2014

Wow I can't believe 2014 is already over! This year has really just flown by for me. It was a good reading year. I started off with a lot (for me) of five star reviews. It made me think am I getting lax? Or are these books just that good? Well I think it was that there were a lot of great books that came out this year. So I think I will do a top 20 books that I have read. There were a lot of great ones so it was hard to choose, but I think I have a good selection. The follow are in no particular order, except the top two reads that will be at the end. This year there were two books that just really blew me away that stick out as over and above the rest. So here we go (click the title to go to my full review of the book):

Archer's Voice by Mia Sheridan. Man I loved this book. Archer is so sweet and wonderful and amazing and I loved him. Bree was just amazing with him and oh it was so good. The scene where Archer is out in the thunderstorm on the porch...oh if I hadn't loved him by then I would have after that. If you have read the book you know what I am talking about. He is pretty swoon worthy.

Love Hacked by Penny Reid. Penny has had an amazing book year. She is the only author to make my favorites list for more than one book! That is because she is that awesome. Seriously if you have not read her books yet you really should. Love Hacked is the story of Sandra and Alex and the first book of Penny's to be released this year. It was amazingly fun and goofy just like her prior books. Alex and Sandra became my new favorite couple of Penny's for a bit after reading this book. You should really check it out. Alex is this hot, kind of quiet tech guy who doesn't trust easily and I just loved him! Sandra is so funny with her odd habits (like making and wearing ridiculous occasion t-shirts). She was just great. Alex and Sandra together are hot and silly and everything you want (or at least everything I want)!

Joe 2, White Sheets by H.D. Gordon. I love H.D. Gordon. I have yet to read a book of hers I don't love. Joe made my list of top books for last year, and Joe 2 is making the list this year. H.D. Gordon has such a great way of describing things that makes reading her books really intense. I love it! Also these books don't really have a romance element which I enjoy. It seems to be hard to find so it is nice to once and a while not have that as part of the story. This is a great read and I can't wait for more stories about Joe!

Rowdy by Jay Crownover. Rowdy was an amazing read. I love all of the Marked Men, but Rowdy is one of my absolute favorites. I love love loved him! The great thing about this book is I fell in love with Salem first. Usually I don't connect with the girls in books like I did with her. I got her, we are tight. I loved both of them and loved them together. A great, great read by Jay Crownover.

Fourth Down by Kristen DeMuzio. Poppy and Ford are great together. Ford had a career ending football injury he hasn't really moved on from, and Poppy...well Poppy is just amazing. She is a caretaker for terminally ill patients. She is so sweet and kind and caring and just what Ford needs even if he doesn't realize it. They just work and this was a great read.

Neanderthal Marries Human by Penny Reid. This is a continuation of Janie and Quinn's story and man did it make me feel all the feels. This book seriously made me cry. For real. And I don't cry usually. Sure I might get a little teary eyed, but not like tears running down my face. This one made me tear up a few times, but one scene just really got to me. Even after a few days just thinking about that one scene, even now really, could make the tears start. It is amazing. Penny Reid just keeps getting better and better. Every book seems to be better than the last which is quite an accomplishment. They are also all different, but similar enough to know it is her work This was the second book of hers to come out this year and phew! It is funny and fun, touching and a little sad, ridiculous and really it just had everything. I was laughing out loud one moment, tearing up the next, and everything in between. Loved this book, love Penny Reid.

Until Nico by Aurora Rose Reynolds. Aurora was a new author for me and she is definitely one of my favorites now. Until Nico was my favorite I read of hers as I just can't resist a tattooed caveman that she writes. Nico is sweet and caring and just perfect for Sophie. He pushes her a little bit when she needs it, and supports her through anything that might happen. He is the perfect combination of sweet and kind and dominant when he needs to be. So hot. Such a good read.

Erased by Margaret Chatwin. Erased definitely surprised me by how good it was. The basic story is this seventeen year old kid who tries to kill himself, but doesn't succeed. He can't remember anything about his life prior to waking up in the hospital so he is left trying to figure out why he did it and who he is now vs who he was. He doesn't really like who he finds out he was, so he has a lot of changing and growing to do in the book. It sounds like just an okay read, but it is so well written you are just hooked from the first page. Really a great read.

All Lined Up by Cora Carmack. This was another surprisingly great read. I thought it would be good, but I absolutely devoured it. I started and didn't stop until I got to the last page. Dallas is tired of being the football coaches daughter. When she goes away to college she is excited to start anew where nobody knows her. Only problem? Her dad starts coaching her college football team. Then you add Carson to the mix, one of the football players, and the instant attraction between the two and it is a lot of fun. They try to be just friends and the tension, the will they give in and be more, was amazing. A great read.

Trapped by Jack Kilborn. Kilborn is another new to me author this year that I absolutely love. This story is intense and horrible and just beyond anything that I could think up for ways of torturing people. It was insane in a really amazing way. It is so good. You get to some scenes and they are scenes that if they were in a movie I would cringe and look away, but you can't because you are reading. Amazing in how horrifying it is.

Rebel by Skye Jordan. Really Rebel and Reckless are both great reads, but where Reckless just wrapped you up in all the love, Rebel was just plain hot. Rubi and Wes are just on fire in this book. Rubi doesn't want a relationship, but eventually Wes wins her over. He was amazing with her and helping her deal with her issues. Loved this book.

How to Knit a Love Song by Rachael Herron. Herron is yet another new to me author this year and I found her because her one books said if you love Penny Reid you will love this series. Well since I do indeed love Penny Reid I thought I would give her a try and I did love her books as well. I love all the knitting in these books, and the community it creates and this book was my favorite of the series. Abigail and Cade are just so cute together! Cade is so against having Abigail living on the property, but it was so much fun watching them fall for each other, but try not to. Another new favorite author!

Falling for Rain by Meadow Taylor. I loved how beautifully Falling for Rain was written. I was drawn in right from the start and with a different author, a different writing style, this book could have been very tedious. It is the story of Emily and Rain and Emily learning to deal with some things that had happened in the past. Emily learning to move on and work through some things. Rain was amazing with her even when she was being not so nice to him. Really a beautiful read.

Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover. Man, Colleen Hoover managed to write a book that I should have hated but she got me to love it. I hate love triangles, but this has one. I hate a lot of things that happen in this book, but it worked. I remember being halfway through the story and thinking there is no way this is going to end well. I just couldn't think of a way that it could end that wouldn't be terrible, and yet once I got to the end it was perfect just like the rest of the book. This is the story of Sydney and Ridge and their inevitable attraction to one another and how that all plays out. Unfortunately they have to try and not act on their attraction as they can't be together, but man it was a great read. I loved Ridge and Sydney and it was a bumpy ride to get to the end. Like I said I normally would have hated this story, but the way Colleen Hoover wrote it it just worked. Loved it.

Collide by Forever. Wow, Collide sucked me in right from the first page. I was so surprised by how great this book was. Shay and Avalon meet in some unusual circumstances and they eventually fall in love, but it is not all sunshine and roses for them. They have some obstacles to overcome and for most of the book you are wondering what is really going on. A really great read and I can't wait for more from this author.

For Nick by Taylor Dean. I thought For Nick would just be a cheesy romance, but it was really much more than that. I shouldn't have loved it, but I did. I finished and couldn't get the story out of my head. Zach needs a wife, Andie needs money so when Zach proposed they get fake married she eventually accepts. They are so great together. Just silly and goofy and so adorable! Of course they really fall in love, but there are still some bumps in the road for them. A really great read.

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. This story was kind of stunning. Stunning how amazing it is, stunning what happens, stunning how beautifully it is written. I loved the main character and how she described things and I loved the writing style. I really loved this story.

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I know this is a classic, but I only just read it for the first time this year. I was surprised by how good it was and how relevant it still is. A great read and no wonder so many people love it.

And now my top two reads from 2014:

Coming in at #2: The Chocolate Touch by Laura Florand. I love Florand and how she crafts a story, love most of her works, love her style of writing, but The Chocolate Touch...phew. I think it is the hottest most sensual book I have ever read, and that is even before the main characters even kiss or do anything really! The beginning when Dom is picking out chocolates for was that hot. Like fan myself hot. I was melted into the floor. I...I just absolutely love Dom and Jamie. They are so perfect for each other and Dom is so adorable! He is this big, tough looking guy, but he is so fragile at the same time. Love love love him and Jamie. Amazing, amazing read and I will be re-reading it again and again. So hot and sweet and fun and touching and just so so amazing. I can't get enough of Dom and Jamie!

And my #1 read from 2014....Beauty and the Mustache byPenny Reid! This book seriously blew me away. I didn't think I was going to enjoy it as much as Penny's other books since it was more romantic, more serious, but somehow that made me love it even more. This was everything I thought I hated, but Penny made me want it so much. Drew....oh Drew. He is everything I never knew I wanted. He is a poet, something I usually do not like, but now I crave his poems. He is so romantic, again something I don't normally like, but man Drew...Drew is my favorite guy I have ever read. I love him so much more than anyone else that there is no comparison. There is only Drew. I wish I were Ashley so I could live forever by his side. Ashley is so sweet and kind and amazing herself and I loved her. She is a reader and loves her fictional worlds just as much as I do. And Ashley coupled with Drew...oh they killed me. I love them! I want more of them. I could read this again and again and again. It literally took me a month before I could form any coherent thoughts expressing how amazing this book is. Even now I don't feel like I can do it justice. I can't accurately express how much I loved this book. This book is definitely more serious, but it still has those lighter moments that Penny writes so well. There are some dark times, some moments that almost made me cry, and those knitting ladies? They get me every time. They make me tear up with how amazing they are with each other. Such a beautiful story, such an incredible read. I still don't know how Penny managed to pull off such an amazingly romantic story and make me love it so much, but she did. Now to try and wait patently for the Winston Brothers (Ashley's brothers) books...


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