Mistletoe in Manhattan by Talli Roland

Mistletoe in Manhattan: A Christmas Story


As Little Missington's first Christmas baby in fifty years and the daughter of 'Christmas When You Like It' party-planners, Holly West has been surrounded by the holiday spirit since birth. Trouble is, she's not exactly filled with festive cheer. In fact, Holly can't wait to ditch the tinsel and Santa suits for champagne and celebs, and become a party-planner to the stars. 

When British film star Dean Layton hires her parents' company to throw his holiday bash in Manhattan, Holly jumps at the chance to help, confident she can handle a little Christmas in exchange for access to Dean's exclusive world. 

But New York and Dean's over-the-top demands are more than Holly bargained for. Can Holly deck the halls and make it a party to be proud of, or will this Christmas be one she'll never forget . . . even if she wants to?


Mistletoe in Manhattan is a different type of Christmas story. Instead of being a romance where two people fall in love and live happily ever after in this story we learn that Christmas is all about the family, though **slight spoilers** there is a bit of a love interest that doesn't really go anywhere. It is a bit unsatisfying as I would have like it to not be there, or maybe have a follow up book or something. Oh well, it was still a fun holiday read.

Holly works for her family's Christmas party planning business. She want to break away a bit and do more parties, not just Christmas parties. She is getting tired of all the holiday things all the time. When a British film star wants to have a British Christmas party last minute in New York he hires Holly to handle it for him. She flies from her small hometown to Manhattan to plan the party that will hopefully help her family's business grow and expand across the pond.

Once Holly arrives in New York things don't go exactly as she planned. There is a lady who is not too thrilled to have Holly planning the party who pretty much is useless since she wants to see Holly fail. There are the extras that are added after she already planned most of the party that make it so she can't catch her original flight out which would have had her home on Christmas Eve. There is just a lot that Holly didn't realize, the way these people do business and run their lives is not like what she is used to. Really it makes me glad I don't have to deal with famous people.

Through all of this Holly has the help of the friendly bartender at her hotel bar. He helps her figure out where to get everything she needs and helps her explore New York a bit as well. He also helps Holly realize that if she can spend Christmas with her family she should. She shouldn't be one of those people who puts work first.

Overall it was a good read, but the slight romantic interest which didn't really do much left me wanting more, or less. Still I enjoyed the story. It had just enough holiday fun for me.

Rating: ★ ★ ★

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