Second Chance Holiday by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Second Chance Holiday. (Novella)


Mike Rouger isn't looking for love. He decided long ago that he would rather stay single than get mixed up with a woman again. Then Kathleen Mullings comes back into his life with her teenage son and changes everything. What happens when a man set in his ways meets a sassy woman who knows what she wants? Mix in the Mayson clan and the Christmas season and you’re sure to enjoy the ride of Second Chance Holiday.


I really enjoy Aurora Rose Reynold's books so when I saw she had a Christmas story I knew I had to read it. I didn't realize that this story is Novembers dad's story! I started reading Second Chance Holiday and realized it was that Mike and knew I would love this story as well.

Mike and Kathleen knew each other in high school. They both liked the other, but nothing ever really happened. After high school they went their separate ways, but now Kathleen is back with her son in tow. Neither of them are looking for a serious relationship, but they both are attracted to the other. Well of course this doesn't work for long and there are some issue, but in the end everything works out. Mike and Kathleen are great together and Mike really helps her son turn his life around. The son is not really dealing well with his dad not wanting to spend time with him and he is acting out. Kathleen has let him get away with too much because she feels bad for the dad situation, but Mike stops all that. Mike gives him a good male role model to look up to and it is great. They make a really nice family and the end is just really sweet. Really enjoyed this holiday read.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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