Letters at Christmas by Amber Lin

Letters at Christmas (Entangled Scandalous)


London, 1815

Three London Seasons. Three Christmases come and gone. Jilted Sidony Harbeck is done waiting for the inconstant Captain Hale Martin to return. Despite their whispered adolescent promises, he never wrote her a single letter. Now the scoundrel has returned, professing his love and a thoughtless bet to woo her, but she only wants him to suffer.

After three years at sea, Hale finally has the means to marry his best friend's sister and the love of his life. But he only has three days to convince her of his devotion because he stupidly proposes a wager - he'll convince Sidony to marry him by Christmas or he'll leave her alone forever. When Hale sets out to seduce her, the stakes are raised by a passion so intense that Sidony must risk her heart no matter the odds. 


Happy Holidays! For those of you who celebrate Merry Christmas! Or I hope you had a Happy Hanukkah, Kwanza, or whatever you might celebrate this time of year. Today we have my last holiday read. I'm a little sad now that it is over, but then again I always like the lead up to Christmas day better than Christmas day itself. All the anticipation and fun of the holidays that I love so much. Now onto my last book!

Letters at Christmas was not quite what I expected. I love old timey books as nothing really happens between the main characters until the end. Well, this is a more modern old timey story I suppose. There is lots of sexy time in this book! Much more than I expected for the time period it is set in. I did enjoy the story a lot.

Hale left Sidony three years ago to go make his fortune so he will be able to marry her. He promises to write every day, but she never hears from him once in all that time. When he finally comes back, Sidony is angry and doesn't want to let him back into her heart, even though she wants to at the same time. She doesn't want to be hurt again.

This is the story of Hale winning Sidony back over. It is a short, quick read and kind of fun. I enjoyed the characters and the story was just fun. Sidony and Hale are great together and everything works out in the end, just in time for Christmas! I love the last little bits of holiday magic for the season. 

Rating: ★ ★ ★1/2

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