Unwrapped (Beachwood Bay #5) by Melody Grace

Unwrapped (BEACHWOOD BAY Book 5)


You are invited to join friends and family in Beachwood Bay for the wedding of the year…

Lacey James is wild, spontaneous and up for anything.
Daniel Sullivan is careful, sensible, and mending his broken heart.

It’s a match nobody saw coming, but when the unlikely pair get stranded together on the way home for the holidays, Lacey finds her long-term crush impossible to ignore. As the snow keeps falling, and a friendly game of truth or dare gets way out of control, Daniel discovers that the one girl he wants more than anything is the last person he expected.

But when the snow melts, will their night together be more than just a memory? And will they make it to Beachwood Bay in time for the wedding? Anything can happen this holiday season!

Fall in love with the latest installment of the internationally bestselling Beachwood Bay series by Melody Grace.


I started reading Unwrapped and it seemed somewhat familiar to me so I looked and wouldn't you know it I read Unbroken before. Juliet and Emerson's story. The wedding Lacey is trying to get to in this book. While I didn't like Unbroken that much I did enjoy Unwrapped

Unwrapped starts with Lacey trying to get to Beachwood Bay for her bff Juliet's wedding. At the airport as she is frantically trying to catch her plane she runs into Daniel. Daniel whom Juliet dumped for Emerson. Daniel whom Lacey has always had a crush on. Daniel whom Lacey knows can never be hers no matter how much she might want him. She thinks it is just a simple, awkward two minute run in until she gets on the plane and find he is sitting right next to her! 

So this would be fine enough, but then they both get stranded by a snowstorm and things really heat up. They both want the other, but both think the other has never like them. Daniel thinks that Lacey has always seen him as this stuffy no fun suit, and Lacey thinks Daniel would never want someone like her as he wants that nice perfect little wife. It was really fun watching them both want to do something, but try and hold off since the other person obviously doesn't want them. Oh fun times. 

Of course stuff happens and then there are issues as they both keep assuming the other person doesn't really care about them. Add in the fact that they are trying to get Lacey to Daniel's ex's wedding and it is just like ah! Just talk you two! Stop pretending you don't care when you do! It was great. Hot and fun and yeah. Loved how it ended with a great Christmas wedding. Really a fun read and I might have to check out more in the series. Maybe I just wasn't in the right mood when I read Unbroken. We shall see. 



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