Midnight in Venice by Meadow Taylor

Midnight in Venice


From the author of The Billionaire's Secrets and Falling for Rain, Midnight in Venice is a captivating new contemporary tale of romance and suspense set in the magical city of Venice, Italy

Readers met and fell in love with Olivia Moretti in Meadow Taylor's hugely popular holiday story Christmas in Venice, where Olivia is rescued by a gorgeous Italian cop, Alessandro Rossi, during an airport bomb scare. Now, as the new year begins, her joy at having landed her dream job in Venice's thriving art world is surpassed only by the realization that she and Alessandro are falling in love--and her surprise that he turns out to be not just the son of a tycoon, but a gifted pianist and former racecar driver who is equally at home in the city's bejewelled palazzos as patrolling its streets. Olivia can't believe that her life now includes masked balls, exquisite music, romantic trips to Paris--and true love. But all this is put in jeopardy when a business trip to New York City finds her accused of a crime she didn't commit--and not even Alessandro believes she's innocent. Can her new love uncover the truth and keep Olivia's Italian dream from becoming a nightmare?

A thrilling, passion-filled story set among the dazzling palaces, canals, and piazzas of one of the world's most beautiful cities, Midnight in Venice is perfect for fans of Danielle Steel, Nora Roberts, and lovers of contemporary romance everywhere. 


After reading Christmas In Venice and seeing it was the beginning for this book, Midnight in Venice, I've been meaning to read it. But I like my Christmas stories for Christmas so I held off a bit. 

Midnight in Venice was an interesting read, but not as amazing as I was hoping. I read and loved Falling For Rain by the same author so I was hoping for something that would be just as good. Unfortunately this was not it. It is an alright story, but it is easy to see who the bad guys are pretty quick and the whole thing is just kind of a clumsily put together mystery. It just didn't work as well as it could have. I don't know what happened but it was just an alright read. 

Olivia is living and working in Venice, a dream come true. She works in the art world with her cousin and everything is great for her. She did have that run in with the handsome cop Alessandro, and he did give her his card, but she doesn't know if that means he really wants her to call him. She was instantly attracted to him and thinks of him often, but doesn't have enough courage to actually seek him out. It was kind of odd how much she thought about him and the way it was written. The same for him. They both had an instant attraction, but it was written in a way that was just kind of strange. 

Alessandro was married to a woman who just disappeared one day in an apparent kidnapping. He loved his wife and until Olivia he hasn't really been interested in anyone else. Olivia is different. He wants to see more of her so when they happen to wait out the rain at the same cafe he doesn't hesitate to take a chance on her. They quickly start hanging out and grow to really care for each other. This was fine I guess, but I never really saw them fall in love or anything. It was just right from the first they were all I want this other person and I didn't really believe it. 

Then you add in some drama and someone using Olivia to try and do illegal things without her knowledge and it just turns into this kind of zany mystery that was also not really believable. Olivia and Alessandro are worried someone will come after her so he is trying to keep her safe. They have some odd occurrences, but they think nothing of these since they are in a different country at the time and very few people knew they were there. It was an alright read, everything that happened was entertaining, but it just wasn't amazing. I knew who the one bad guy was pretty quick and figured out a lot of the other details without much trouble. It was alright, but not really as exciting as it could have been. 

Rating: ★ ★ ★

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