Eight Christmas Eves by Rachel Curtis

Eight Christmas Eves


One Christmas Eve, Cyrus Owen, the over-indulged teenage son of a wealthy businessman, finds ten-year-old Helen on the side of the road. Eleven years later, he falls in love with her.

This is how it happens...


Wow I seem to have found a few actually good Christmas stories. Usually I end up with a bunch of cheesy Hallmark like stories which I love love love at Christmastime, but I have found a few authors I will have to read more of this year which is always good. Eight Christmas Eves was one of these stories. I really enjoyed this one and will definitely have to read more by this author. This story shows what happens on eight different Christmas Eves. Not every year, sometimes it skips a year or two, but it is only that one day each time. If I really think about the storyline I think it is a little odd and something that would normally creep me out a bit, but this author was able to make me not even think of that and want more of these two people together. So it was a great read.

This books starts off when Helen is 10 and Cyrus is about eighteen. Helen has been in a car accident on the way to her new guardians house when Cyrus finds her waiting for the ambulance. Her new guardian? Cyrus' dad whom he does not get a long with very well. He has already left for college and only comes home for a visit every once and a while. Usually it is a short visit, but with Helen here now he tends to stay longer. He doesn't want her to grow up how he did with no one really caring about her. Right from that first night they were close. They started Christmas Eve traditions and they cared about each other.

As the years go by and Helen grows up they keep those traditions. There are some ups and downs, Helen gets angry with Cyrus sometimes, but they always work it out and are there for each other. Eventually, once Helen is old enough, she starts crushing on Cyrus. This is the part that I would normally not like. I mean they end up in a happily ever after situation and if you think about it he first met her when she was 10, a child, and he an adult. It is kind of...I don't know. But the way it was written was great. I didn't even really think about it. Cyrus does try to stay away for just this reason, that he thinks it would be weird if he liked her as more than a friend. They are able to work through everything and I just really enjoyed this story. A great Christmas read.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★
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