Mistletoe and Holly (Once Upon A Christmas) by Lisa Plumley

Once Upon A Christmas


Accountant Holly Aldridge scrupulously plans everything in her life—until her boyfriend gets spontaneous by dumping her right before Thanksgiving. Still, Holly's sure he'll reconsider, given a little time...and a reason to be jealous. That reason, all six-feet-plus of him, is her new roommate, Sam McKenzie. If Sam has his way, Holly will have a sizzling new romance by Christmastime...


Just a note - this story comes in the Lisa Plumley Christmas collection Once Upon A Christmas. The stories are each long enough that I am going to write a review for each of them individually, even though you have to purchase the set to read them. First up Mistletoe and Holly.

Mistletoe and Holly was a fun read. Holly is this very structured person. She has her life planned out and she wants things to fit nicely into their boxes. When her boyfriend dumps her right before Thanksgiving, well she just don't accept that. He is supposed to be perfect for her. They don't have a passionate relationship or anything, they really seem like they just co exist, but her mom approves of him so she needs to do whatever she can to win him back.

Sam is off work for the holidays from his teaching job. He has come home to work with at his family's business until it is time for classes to start again. When he needs a place to stay Sam's cousin sets him up with Holly. Sam is not so hot on the idea until he sees her, then it is love at first sight. He was fun to read. Fun to see how he tries to convince straight laces by the books nothing spontaneous Holly to trust him. Her ex had said that she wasn't spontaneous so she is trying to live a little and do some crazy things. She is attracted to Sam and likes him, but she is adamant about winning her ex back. The farther the story goes on the more you are left to wonder why in the world Holly is trying to hard. She has a great guy who claims to love her, but she wants to get the dud back who is just kind of boring.

Of course everything works out in the end. This was a great holiday read and I really enjoyed this story. Even though Holly can be frustrating at times, it was still a fun read.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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