Kissing Santa by Aithne Jarretta

Kissing Santa


Lily Johnson comes home for the Christmas holidays. There's also the potential reunion with an old flame. The storm of the century hits the little community where Lily grew up.

Christopher Crin is well known for his holiday gift giving. He even bears the nickname Cringle. This year he has a special gift to give.

Will Lily accept?


Kissing Santa is a very short holiday read. I enjoyed the story, and I would definitely read a prequel or something to see how Lily and Christopher first got together and what happened between them.

Lily is home for Christmas when a storm hits. There is a tradition of the firefighters delivering Christmas presents to all the kids as Santa on Christmas Eve, with Christopher heading the gift giving. With the weather Lily and the kids are not sure Santa will still make it, but Christopher is not willing to give up. Not only do the kids need him, he needs to see Lily before she leaves again. It is a cute, really quick read.

Rating: ★ ★ ★1/2

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