Christmas Honeymoon (Once Upon A Christmas) by Lisa Plumley

Once Upon A Christmas


Some women would consider it the perfect Christmas gift: an all-expenses-paid Vegas honeymoon. But Stacy Ames isn't some women. Actually, she's supposed to be posing as her cousin Janie. Too bad Stacy's faux hubby turns out to be her infuriatingly sexy ex, Dylan. Fortunately, mistletoe and free champagne have a way of turning "too bad" into very, very good...


Just a note - this is the second story that comes in the Lisa Plumley Christmas collection Once Upon A Christmas. These stories are each long enough that I am going to write a review for each of them individually, even though you have to purchase the set to read them. Now on to story 2, Christmas Honeymoon.

I enjoyed Christmas Honeymoon, but not as much as the first story, Mistletoe and Holly. The whole concept, Stacey has to pretend to be her just married friend so that it doesn't cause family drama, was not my favorite. I don't know why they couple didn't just tell the aunt they had a honeymoon already paid for that is nonrefundable and maybe they can use the vegas trip at another time or something. I guess the family is easy to insult or something, so I just had to go with it.

Stacy was a lot of fun. She is kind of clumsy and just I found her quite humorous. When Dylan shows up to help her pull of the rouse she is not very happy. She had dated Dylan when she was newly divorced and then he broke it off breaking her heart. For his part he thought she wasn't ready for more and was trying to protect himself. Unfortunately that didn't work out for him and he regrets it every day. He shows up to try and win Stacy back. He wants forever with her and he has been miserable without her.

Watching these two work everything out was fun. With Stacy being clumsy and not trusting Dylan, and Dylan trying to be super romantic but being misinterpreted there were some funny moments. They are also pretty hot together so it was a good read. I do wish there was a bit more Christmas fun, but all in all it was a good read.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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