Ever After (The Christmas Cottage #2) by Samantha Chase

Ever After (The Christmas Cottage)


She walked away from her fairytale wedding in search of her true happily ever after.

She hadn't counted on it coming searching for her first.

Eight months after canceling her wedding, Ava Callahan finally has her life in order and sees nothing but blue skies ahead. A chance encounter with the man responsible for ruining her wedding has her newly organized world in chaos.

Brian McCabe had preserved for eight long months seeking the woman he loves and his patience was about to expire. Purposely putting himself in every path Ava was on might not always work to his advantage, but he wanted to make sure that she truly saw him for who he was.

Her happily ever after...


I did not really enjoy Ever After. Ava frustrated me to no end. I didn't really like her in The Christmas Cottage, but her annoying traits were written off as bridezilla. I was curious to read Ever After to see what Ava was like when she wasn't so stressed out planning the perfect wedding. Well, unfortunately, she is not much different. So if you were not a fan of Ava in The Christmas Cottage you should probably skip this one. If you didn't mind her or liked her in that one than this might be the book for you.

*Note - some spoilers ahead*

Ever After starts 8 months after Ava calls off her wedding right before it is supposed to happen. Everyone knew she shouldn't get married as the guy was not right for her, but she was too stubborn and stupid to listen to anyone until the last second. Well you find out something that had happened that helped convince her Mason was not the right guy for her. Mason's best friend, Brian, is apparently in love with Ava. Why? I have no idea. They only hung out a few times, but he knew right away that she was the one for him. Unfortunately she was going to marry his friend so he couldn't do anything about it. Now Mason is engaged to be marries again so Brian feels like he can finally try and win Ava's heart.

At first Ava doesn't want to do anything with Brian because it would be odd since she was engaged to his best friend and such. Ava is also searching for a job and looking in other cities as she might need a fresh start. She keeps searching for the perfect everything, perfect job, perfect house, perfect life. She starts dating Brian and really likes him, but she is one of those people who plays stupid games to try and figure out what someone is thinking which just results in Brian and Ava fighting since he doesn't know what she is doing. I hated her. She tries to be all sneaky and figure stuff out, but only ends up making them argue. Ugh. I have no idea why Brian actually liked her. Brian was amazing, always supporting Ava and trying to not influence her decisions. He doesn't want her to move to another city, but he wants her to make a decision for herself. He wants her to figure out what she wants and they will figure out the rest after that. He was really amazing and way too good for Ava, but she is who he wants so...

Also I am not sure why Lacey is even friends with Ava. Every time they have a conversation it is Lacey lecturing Ava on how ridiculous she is being. And Ava? Well she is just incredibly stubborn so even if she agrees with what Lacey is saying she wants to be all nu uh and stomp her foot like a two year old. Frustrating.

Ava is also still obsessed with the Christmas Cottage. Man, once she started with that nonsense again I was actively hoping that she would end up sad and alone. Really, truly, I wanted Brian to break up with her, preferably after spending the night in the cottage. It was just...I don't understand her ridiculous obsession with the cottage or why she thinks it will fix everything and anything. Ava realizes she loves Brian, but she can't tell him until after the spend the night in the cottage. Why? Because then they will live happily ever after! She needs the night in the cottage to be able to tell Brian how she feels a bout him. Yeah, cause she can't do it anywhere else. Brian didn't want to go to the cottage since that was where she was supposed to spend her first night married and he didn't want to live in the past, he wants to make new memories with Ava. Well Ava is all obsessed and keeps pressuring him to stay there until he finally caves. Then the day they are supposed to leave Ava's brother tells Brian about he legend of the cottage in that oh, I thought you knew. You don't? Well here let me tell you kind of way. Ava wouldn't listen to anyone who told her how ridiculous her obsession with the cottage was, and when Brian flat out asks Ava how she feels about him what does Ava do? First she tries to convince Brian to just wait and they can talk about it at the cottage. When that doesn't work, because Brian tells her how geography won't change anything, Ava storms out and leaves Brian. It was just like really Ava? Seriously? What is wrong with you?!? I was happy that she was sad and alone, but I wanted Brian to not suffer. So Ava effectively broke up with the guy she loves because she needed to sleep in a cottage to be guaranteed a happily ever after. It was sooo frustrating! I hated Ava so much!!

So then she goes and spends some time alone up at her families place with the cottage and realizes that she was being stupid about the whole thing. She gives up her whole needing everything to be perfect thing and starts getting her life in order. I thought great! Now you can call up Brian or whatever and talk to him and get back together right? Wrong! She can't talk to Brian because he deserves better than her. She messed up once so that is it. She is no good for him. Doesn't matter what he wants, she is going to make decisions for him. I hate that! It doesn't matter that he is miserable without her, and she him, nope she is not good enough for him. She was always looking for perfect and she claims she is not anymore, but that is a big fat lie. She feels she needs to be perfect for Brian and she isn't so she is going to do nothing. Man Ava was frustrating. I hated Ava. I don't know why Brian still loved her. I don't know why Lacey was friends with her. She was frustrating me beyond belief and this book annoyed me so much. Unfortunate since I have enjoyed the authors other books. This one is just not for me.


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