Mistletoe Between Friends by Samantha Chase

Mistletoe Between Friends


All lifelong friends Lily Cavanaugh and Cameron Greene want is a chance to enjoy the Christmas season. What's stopping them? Their matchmaking parents who seem determined to set the two of them up on some of the worst blind dates in the history of dating. 

They've identified the problem and have come up with the perfect solution - they will pretend to be dating in order to get their parents off of their backs and finally have a chance to enjoy a peaceful Christmas. 

It was a simple concept; spend some extra time together pretending to like one another. But neither of them expected long-hidden desires to come to the surface or that a pretend relationship could suddenly feel very real.


Mistletoe Between Friends is one of my new favorite Christmas reads. Really I just loved this story. I will definitely be reading more from this author as I loved this story. 

Lily and Cameron have been friends forever. Lily is this carefree, fun loving person. She is just so fun and I really liked her. Cameron is this super smart genius who doesn't really know how to let loose. He doesn't always understand human interactions and what is expected of him and he is adorable. 

Lily and Cameron are both in love with the other, but think the other has never liked them like that. Neither of them wants to ruin their friendship since they really value it. When they finally get tired of their respective parents setting them up on horrible dates Cameron comes up with the great idea of pretending to date for the holidays. This will let them get through the holiday season without their parents throwing people at them and then when they break up after New Years they will get a couple month reprieve. I don't think either of them really thought about how difficult this would be to pretend to be together, especially since they both actually want to be with the other for real. 

When Cameron has a work trip before Thanksgiving he convinces Lily to come with him to New York and they can try out their couple routine away from their families prying eyes. Quickly they are forced to kiss under the mistletoe and from that first kiss things are not the same. There are a lot of ups and downs, even though things happen Cameron still doesn't think that Lily will be happy with him as she just doesn't like him like that. It is one of those stories where you are just waiting for them to realize they both want the same thing and to live happily ever after. I love that tension and will they figure it out is great to read. At the same time they have to pretend to be a happy couple for their families who are just so excited to finally see the two of them together. It is really a great read. I loved it!

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

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