Falling for Rain by Meadow Taylor

Falling for Rain


Will coming home mean heartbreak or happiness?

When Emily was eighteen, her mother died in an accident on their farm in rural Ontario. Devastated, Emily vowed never to suffer the loss of love again. She fled to Toronto and transformed herself from a farm girl into a sophisticated businesswoman. Now, ten years later, having made good in the big city, Emily is back to sell the family farm and put her past behind her forever. However, she didn’ t count on finding Ray Storm, the farmhand she had nicknamed Rain as a child, more attractive than ever. But as Emily struggles to come to terms with the tragedy of her mother’ s death and learns to trust again, Rain harbours a secret that he fears will keep them apart forever.

Falling for Rain is a classic contemporary romance in the tradition of Kristin Hannah and Nora Roberts, set against a picturesque country landscape. Meadow Taylor breathes new life into this heartwarming modern-day romance, exploring enduring themes of love, loss, healing, and trust.


Oh what a beautifully written book. Falling for Rain was just wonderful to read. The writing, the story, everything just captivated me from the start. With a different author this story could have been really tedious. With a different author I would have hated Emily and her stupid rational and reasons for doing things. Instead I loved it, I loved seeing Emily and Rain work through Emily's issues. I loved this beautiful story.

It has been ten years since Emily has been back to her family's farm. Her mom died in an accident on the farm and since then she has hated everything to do with it. She was in love with Rain back then, back before the accident, but since then she doesn't want to be tied down to a stupid farmhand. If only her mother wouldn't have given up her dancing to be with a farmer she would still be alive! These are Emily's thoughts and she is really quite ridiculous in her misplaced hatred for everything having to do with the farm. As I said above, another author would have made Emily seem too ridiculous with her hatred and anger, but in this story I got it. I understood her. I was okay with Emily.

Rain has lived on the farm since he was little. He was like a son to Emily's father and has been taking care of the place since he died. He doesn't understand how Emily could not ever come back to see her dad after she left after her mom's accident. He doesn't understand how she could cut him out of her life like that. He understands why she hates him as he has a lot of guilt over her mom's death, but her father? When she shows up again telling Rain she is selling the farm and he will have to get out it is quite a shock for him. Rain still loves Emily even though it has been so long since they last saw each other. He needs to do something to try and keep her there, to try and get her to see that the farm is not all terrible. He was really so sweet and kind at times and I really liked him.

Emily quickly starts battling with herself. On one hand she wants to stay unemotional. She wants to keep her emotions off, wants to keep not feeling anything. On the other hand she is starting to crack, starting to feel things again and doesn't know what to do about that. She is starting to feel for Rain again, but that is not how this was supposed to go. She was supposed to come back and show him how much better than him she is, how she doesn't need a stupid farmhand anymore. Again with another author I would have hated Emily and her need to show Rain how much better than him she is. I would have found that really horrible, but with this author it just was how Emily was. The writing softened it, softened Emily, so even though she was trying to be cold and calculating you could still see the kind, caring person that is inside. Really a beautiful story. I loves seeing Emily battle her own emotions, I loved seeing her come together with Rain, I really enjoyed most of this book.

So my one issue with the story? The ending. It was way too quick for me, for this story, and I wish it would have been a little different. **slight spoilers** I wish Emily would have been able to forgive Rain just because he is a good person and obviously he didn't mean to do anything terrible. I wish she would have been able to realize how terrible she has been and how she needs to let go of the past. Instead she gets something that shows her how Rain wasn't the terrible person she thought so she should go back to him. I wish she would have been able to make that choice without the new information that even Rain didn't know. That is my only complaint about the book. It would have been a 5 star book had Emily been able to get over the past and work her way back to Rain. Still a great read that I highly recommend. I look forward to reading more from this author.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★1/2

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