Bray by Effy Vaughn (aka Abbi Glines)


The Sutton Boys - those three words bring a smile to the faces of females of all ages in the small town of Malroy, Alabama. Five brothers who help their momma run their farm during the work week, while seeing how many women they can sweet talk out of their panties on the weekends.

Each brother has a story and just like with all families and small towns, their stories twist together into a tangled mess that changes each of their lives forever. Because for each brother there will come a moment when he has to make a decision to keep playing or finally become a man.

One will be given a gift that every man longs for.

One will be broken.

One will be lost.

One will find out what it means to be owned.

One will make the ultimate sacrifice.

South of The Mason Dixon, the boys get naughtier, the nights get hotter and the southern charm is down right addictive.


Finally episode two of the Boys South of the Mason Dixon series, Bray, is here! Just like the first episode this is free on Abbi Glines website. This one is all about Bray and Scarlet. I will admit Bray is not my favorite. He is a little too crass for me personally. That and I didn't really see a connection between the two of them. They apparently liked to have sexy time, but other than that...I didn't get to see it.

These Sutton boys really need to not fall in love with the same person. I can see it in this case as well...Scarlet was being really stupid. If she wanted to make Bray jealous why not find someone who is not his brother to do it with? I mean really what did she think the outcome would be? Either she gets Bray and hurts Brent (so that is would be a mess), or she loses Bray and is in a Dixie situation - she wants the one brother but is with the other brother just cause the other brother is there and loves her. Yeah, I love that. If I were the brothers I would love to come in second best. I would love to have my girl be with me only because the person they really want isn't with them. Yep, that will end wonderfully. And because they are brothers you have to deal with seeing the other one regardless of how it works out (unless you just cut all of them out of your life). Maybe it is something in the water causing the girls to be with two different brothers, caring for one of them more, and the boys falling for the same girl. I don't know.

So this second episode was not as good as the first. I still enjoyed it, but as I said above I didn't see the connection between Bray and Scarlet. Though I am eagerly awaiting the next episode! What is going on with Bray? When will we find out? When will Dixie and Asher finally get together (cause I mean they totally need to!)? Cannot wait to read more.

Rating: ★ ★ ★

Available on Abbi Glines website


  1. Hey, do you still have this original version of this book? I have been looking for it everywhere but all I can find is the newer version that Abbi Glines put out.


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