Killing Kate by Lila Veen

Killing Kate


Jenna has a split personality. As Jenna, she's reasonable. As Kate, she's dangerous.

When Jenna finds out about her abusive father's death, she couldn't care less. It does mean changes in her life, and seeing more of Kate is just one of them. It also means that someone from Jenna's past is looking for something she doesn't even realize she has, but Kate knows all about.

As Jenna slips further into her dark side by confronting her past, she needs Kate to protect her from those who hurt her before and can hurt her again. Kate is out for revenge, but Jenna isn't sure she can hang on to herself as Kate slowly takes over.

Recommended for readers 18+ due to sensitive content and mature issues.


*Note I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

Killing Kate was an interesting read, I did enjoy it, but I can't help but be a little disappointed in it at the same time. It felt like the author held back, like Jena should have been more messed up than she was. Yes she had issues, but it just wasn't as horrible as I imagine it would have been. Plus you don't get that much Kate in this book. I was expecting Kate to come out way more and for Jena to have to fight to control Kate, but it really wasn't like that. It was more here is Jena learning she can be strong and not need Kate. Yey Jena! It was that easy. While I was reading I saw I was at 75% and thought is this the first book in a series? If so this could be alright, if not this is going to end way too quickly and easily. I mean at that point it didn't really seem like Jena had made that much actual progress so...Unfortunately we got the quick and easy, even though it wasn't the ending I expected.

Jena has not had the most pleasant of upbringings so she makes Kate to deal with all of the bad things. She is doing alright though, dancing in a cage a few nights a week and drinking the rest of the time. She doesn't take care of herself or really care that much, but something about the writing and characterization of her kept me from really connecting with Jena, from really caring about her situation besides in an abstract way. There were plenty of awful scenes in this book or horrible things told to you but...they didn't have the emotional impact they should have. They were bad, but they weren't followed up for me with the characters actions afterwards. I just felt like it could have had more of an impact if written a little better.

Throughout the book Jena slowly remembers/finds out what happened to her when she was young. Kate only comes out a few times and doesn't seem to be that big of a deal. I expected Kate to get more and more out of control, but instead she just was a background character that you could almost forget about most of the time. Jena also magically finds love and it is perfect and wonderful and helps her be stronger. I don't know. Something about it was just....I enjoyed the story, I enjoyed reading it, but I am just disappointed. I wanted more of a fight, for it to really feel worse, feel like Jena has problems that are really bad, have everything be harder to resolve. It was a good read, but it could have been great if pushed a little farther. It was like the bad scenes, the uncomfortable scenes, were there to show how bad things are, but then the rest of the story didn't back that up for me. The rest of the story was just coasting and alright. Really I think if the ending would have been better, if Jena would have struggled more to reconcile everything, I would have enjoyed it more. An interesting read, not something that I have read before, but I just wanted more.

Rating: ★ ★1/2

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