The Billionaire's Secret by Meadow Taylor

The Billionaire's Secrets


Love on the Rock…

When Chloe Winters answers an advertisement seeking a private tutor for a six-year-old girl, little does she know it means relocating from metropolitan Boston to an isolated mansion on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Newfoundland. Nor does she realize the little girl's widower father is Gaelan Byrne, a billionaire alpha-male type whose brooding good looks have brought him as much fame as his wealth. But Chloe, shocked by his coldness toward his daughter, vows to remain unmoved by both his fortune and his charisma.

Gaelan Byrne has been dragged to hell and back by women before and is none too happy to discover the matronly retired teacher he hoped to hire turns out to be the beautiful, caring Chloe. But how can he fire her when the daughter he is incapable of loving adores her?

Chloe and Gaelan edge toward one another, and the attraction they feel soon engulfs them with all the intensity of a spring storm. But the secrets Gaelan keeps makes any chance for happiness seem as remote as the windswept cliffs of Newfoundland.

Reminiscent of Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre, The Billionaire’s Secrets combines classic contemporary romance in the tradition of Kristin Hannah and Nora Roberts with the dramatic Gothic landscape of Atlantic Canada, showing us the true meaning of strength, loss, and what it means to risk everything to find, and keep, true love.


After reading Falling for Rain I was really excited to read more from this author. I started The Billionaire's Secret and thought oh this is going to be so good! The opening scene where Chloe and Gaelan meet on the road was just great. I loved it. So I thought aright! This is going to be great. Gaelan will be the moody, brooding, grumpy guy and slowly Chloe will melt his heart and they will fall in love and everything will be wonderful. Unfortunately it was not really like that and it went downhill quickly.

So Chloe shows up to tutor Gaelan's daughter. As soon as she sees the daughter she is in love with her and wants to protect her. The daughter also instantly likes Chole and wants her to stay. Gaelan wants her to leave as he doesn't want a young woman as a tutor and he is rather cold and mean to Chole, and to his daughter. But Chloe somehow is still super attracted to Gaelan, and you find that Gaelan is instantly super attracted to her as well. So then everything just got out of control ridiculous and way to fast paced. It was super attraction at first sight and after speaking to each other like twice in a week they are in love. Yep. That easy.

So Gaelan has a lot of heartache in his past which is why he doesn't trust women. His ex was terrible and never cared for their daughter, and since he is good looking and rich other shallow women have tried to worm their way in. Of course this means that he cannot trust any women! So it was a quick read, but the not trusting Chloe, but then finding he can and he loves her and all the all just happened too quickly. Everything was just too unbelievable for me to get into it. It just seemed to skim over the surface and never went too deep into anything. If this would have been slower paced, if it would have taken longer for Gaelan to warm to Chloe, if everyone didn't have just an instant connection if would have been a good read.

That and by the end the whole not trusting each other or keeping secrets that almost ruin everything kind of annoyed me. I was like okay, did you really have to add in more drama lama's for no reason? It just got to be too much for me. I didn't believe anyone actually cared for anyone else and it was just disappointing. The story needed more, but it was a quick read so that was good. This is the authors first book and while I didn't enjoy it I loved Falling for Rain so much that I will pick up her latest book to see how it is. 

Rating: ★1/2

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