Wishes and Stitches (Cypress Hollow Yarns #3) by Rachael Herron

Wishes and Stitches (Cypress Hollow Yarns)


It has always been Naomi Fontaine’s dream to practice small-town medicine—an ambition that brought her to Cypress Hollow, the charming, tight-knit community her late friend, knitting guru Eliza Carpenter, loved so well. But no matter how hard she tries, Naomi can’t seem to fit in here. Then rugged Rig Keller moves in to take over half of Naomi’s medical practice, and instantly charms everyone in town . . . including Naomi.

Rig saw what a broken relationship did to his brother, and has no interest whatsoever in getting serious. But the temptation to play doctor with his new partner is just too strong to resist. Any chance they might have of being truly knit together by love, however, depends entirely on what secrets they are willing to reveal . . . and on Rig’s willingness to risk his heart and Naomi’s desire to open hers completely.


It took me a while to get into Wished & Stitches. It took like a third of the book to connect with Naomi. I didn't get her at first. I have read and enjoyed books with socially awkward females, but at first Naomi didn't come across like that. You are in her head, but I couldn't understand why she wouldn't talk to anyone. The  book opens with her in the diner and you read how she wishes people would stop by and say hello. She wishes she were a part of the community like everyone else is. Right after this we get time after time after time where people reach out to her and try to include her and she pretty much blows them off. She knits, like most everyone in town, but for some reason she keeps it secret. When someone asks if she does she says no. They still invite her to come to knitting night, and in her head she is like yes! but then she is just like thanks but no. I didn't get it. I couldn't understand why. I was reading her thoughts, but they didn't make sense to me. Someone waved to her while she is walking on the beach and she thinks I could say hello, but instead she just waves and walks on by without stopping. It didn't make any sense to me. 

Eventually you start to see Naomi interact with people and then you can see how she is a bit awkward. She over thinks things and doesn't really know how to make small talk with people. She can't really talk to people outside of patients whom she is great with them. She knows what to say to them, but if it is just a random person on the street she gets a bit tongue tied and it can get a bit uncomfortable. Her awkwardness finally started coming through and then I enjoyed her story. 

Rig is the new doctor in town. His brother lives there so the townspeople instantly welcome him with open arms. Naomi is a bit upset that he is able to fit in so easily. Prior to coming to town Rig and Naomi did share one hot night of passion, something that is unlike Naomi. She was surprised to see her one night stand walk into the diner while she is there. Then when he is the new doctor where she works she is instantly not too happy. She quickly gets over it and they work well together. There is still an attraction there and they were cute together. Naomi can talk to Rig, though she keeps trying to stay in control and not fall for him. They just worked. 

Rig was fun and outgoing, friendly with everyone, but not looking to fall in love. His dad and brother both lost their wives so he doesn't want any part of that. He can't stop thinking about Naomi though. He can't stop wanting to be with her. In the end everything works out, but there are some issues getting there. That and some surprises from Eliza. Eliza reminds me a lot of the mayor in Susan Mallery's Fool's Gold series. She kind of knows everything, sets everyone up with who they should be with even from beyond the grave. It is fun and a bit ridiculous. By the end of the book I loved Naomi and her quirky ways. I loved her with Rig and seeing them together. I only with we got a little more time with them.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

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