She's The One (Island Bliss #2) by Kim Boykin

She's the One (Island Bliss Book 2)


Melissa Bliss has just set a personal record. She's matched up 49 couples, and she’s just itching to make it 50. While most days find her working at her Isle of Palms vacation property, Island Bliss, her true passion lies with matchmaking, a gift handed down through generations. Melissa cherishes using her gift to find the perfect match for friends, lonely hearts visiting the island and anyone but herself.

Shane Carver would like to make a match with Melissa since he met her six months ago. Trouble is, Melissa’s believes Shane’s perfect match is the tall, stacked brunette who’s new in town. While Melissa admits she has strong feelings for Shane, going against her matchmaking gift when all signs point to a different soul mate for Shane, isn’t an option.

To prove that Melissa’s the one for him, Shane will have to convince her to go against everything she thinks knows about true love and perfect matches and for once to listen to her own heart.


She's the One was an alright read. It was a quick, light read, but it didn't go into some things enough. Like Melissa's matchmaking abilities, which are a major plot point, and how they work and why they might not work all the time. I just finished the book and had a lot of questions.

So let's break down the story some. Some slight spoilers I suppose, but nothing too bad. So Melissa is a matchmaker. She has matched up 49 couples and looking to make it an even 50. She doesn't want to find a match for herself though. The whole first part of the book I was like so how does this matchmaking work and why can't you find love for yourself? I mean it didn't make a lot of sense to me so...Shane obviously likes her and wants to have a relationship with her, but she is just like nope. Not going to happen even though I like you too and it didn't make sense for a while. Why are you so against something you both obviously want? Well then you find out that her aunt told her if she falls in love she might lose her matchmaking powers so she will stay single forever cause you know being lonely is totally better than not being able to fix people up! There is a better reason later in the book that made me think oh, okay I can see that, but at first it is just like you don't make any sense to me.

So Shane starts to pursue Melissa and finally gets her to agree to go on a few dates with him. She likes him, but she is adamant that she can't be with him. He is not for her. So then when she is finally about to give in to her feelings for him she sees him with his ex. She sees fireworks between them and knows that they are soul mates. He belongs with his ex, even though he wants nothing to do with her. I wish there would have been some explanation for how her gift works a little more. Like can she make a mistake or can the soul mate thing change? Do people have more than one soul mate? It just...if what she sees does not actually indicate a perfect match then what does she have? There was a scene later in the book where Melissa sees Shane and his ex and she notices the fireworks were not as strong. It is a short book, a quick read, I just wish it would have had a little more meat to it. Melissa's choices didn't make a lot of sense to me until later in the story and even then her matchmaking skills, the main premise of the story, left me with a lot of questions. It wasn't a bad read it just wasn't my favorite either. It was a fun, light summer read.

Rating: ★ ★★

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