Letters From Candy by Gerard Harrison

Letters from Candy: A Horror Story


So there is no synopsis for Letter From Candy. On Amazon it states that the author wants you to go into this book with virgin eyes which is odd right? I mean I have never seen that before. Everything has at least a small snippet of what the story will be about. But this you get nothing. I saw it was only 49 pages long so I thought alright, even if it is terrible I can make it through it. Really I just wanted to see what it was about. I'm not going to share much here since the author doesn't want people to know and I will respect that. But it was an interesting read.

I really enjoyed the way the story was written, the way things were described was kind of odd and I loved that. At the same time it didn't really fit the storyline for me. So it was this strange loving the way it is written, but not loving it for this particular story. It was very descriptive in an interesting way that I did enjoy. Here let me give you a small example that doesn't really give anything away:

"The day Larissa's life changed irrevocably the sun was screaming furiously at the whinnying earth that had been left in its care."

If you did not like that you should not read this book. There is something kind of comforting in the way that is written. It is not like most books I read, but I enjoy it, just maybe not for this story if that makes sense.

I think the biggest reason why it didn't fit this story is when describing what the people were thinking and feeling this descriptive writing made the people feel very strange to me. Like not like a normal person would react or think about something which just made it a bit confusing. As you learn more I was just like wait, this person is really like this? Really? Cause the way they think and feel seems like they are totally not like that and like this other way. So the people didn't really seem realistic to me since they came off in such a different way than they actually were supposed to be.

An odd read, but I did enjoy most of it. The letters got a bit long for me and after the first couple I did start to skim them. They weren't written in the same descriptive style, or not as much so, so they didn't hold my interest as much. They also don't seem to be written by a person of the age of the person writing them. They just felt even more off to me that the rest of the story. It is apparently supposed to be a horror story and I am not sure I would classify it as such. There were some horrible situations, but it is not really a horror story.

It is not a long book, and is pretty quick to read, and one of the better shorts I have read. Normally when I see something is less than 100 pages I don't pick it up since I usually don't enjoy novellas, but the no synopsis got me and I had to see what this story was about.  I would be curious to read more by this author, a full length book, and see if the writing style is the same and if it works out well in another situation. Really I did enjoy this read and I would recommend it just for how strange it was to me.

Rating: ★ ★ ★1/2

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